Report: Justin Bieber & Dad Were Abusive, Pilots Forced to Wear Gas Mask During Flight


Justin Bieber & his dad Jeremy reportedly weren’t the easiest passengers to deal with as an official report has been filed against the group claiming they were behaving inappropriately towards the crew members.

Justin hired a private jet from Toronto to New Jersey along with his father Jeremy Bieber and around 10 friends on Sunday so they could attend the Super Bowl and related after-parties last week.

The report goes on to describe how one flight attendant claimed that Justin and his father were verbally abusive during the trip. And the attendant was forced to spend much of the flight near the pilots as the plane travelled from Canada to Teterboro, N.J.

Report via NBC News:

The captain of the flight stated that he warned the passengers, including Bieber, on several occasions to stop smoking marijuana. The captain also stated he needed to request that the passengers stop their harassing behavior toward the flight attendant and after several warnings asked the flight attendant to stay with him near the cockpit to avoid any further abuse.

The flight attendant stated the passengers, including Bieber and his father, Jeremy Bieber were extremely abusive verbally and she would not work another flight with them.

According to reports – the pilots, despite a pressurized cabin, were forced to wear their oxygen masks during the flight so that they wouldn’t risk inhaling marijuana and failing any subsequent drug test, which would put their licenses at risk.

Hopefully this isn’t true. :/

81 thoughts on “Report: Justin Bieber & Dad Were Abusive, Pilots Forced to Wear Gas Mask During Flight

    1. Kalani

      Um not everything is true about them. Unless they confirmed it. Besides not like justin or his dad are going to comment on this.

      1. Dante Aligheri

        How about it was confirmed by the customs officials who detained him due to a strong odor of pot. How delusional are you?

  1. Belieber

    I don’t know if its true or not. I also heard that the pilot was going to charge Justin, but then decided to not.

  2. Diana.Garrido

    Why but why I mean Justin is change he’s a very good guy I love you Justin no matter what big kisses and hugs for you love you so so so much

    1. M

      That doesn’t prove that this is all lies. When you smoke weed it completely burns away so obviously there wouldn’t be any left in the Plame. Duh!

      1. Kalani

        That doesn’t mean it’s true. Uh the pilot or the flight attendant never said anything. So it’s not true

  3. beliebtionar

    They don’t have proof so I don’t believe it …. give me proof and I will believe ..but till then FCK THEM

  4. Sinthia

    I don’t think is a lie if they talked about it on t.v. and first of all what kind of father is he im tired of this non scene everyday hearing celebrity doing drugs.

    1. ALee

      Are you saying since someone’s famous their not suppose to do drugs that’s like saying if someone’s a talented athlete is suppose to be dumb

  5. ivan

    It looks like the main source of that police report is that airline woman who probably is exaggerating. First the there was no report the week before of a lot of smoke in the plane, she and the pilot wearing gas masks, finding any drugs on the plane; furthermore TZM has not reported it yet which is strange. It’s possible there was some pot smoking; remember there were about 12 persons in the plane. some people may be very sensitive to smoke and exaggerate how much smoke there was.

  6. Bbb

    Ok u people can think its a lie because it’s not. I saw a video where justin was walking in miami the day he got arrested . Justin told the lady a better job . Being disrespectful towards her . The lady asked Justin u think your job is better than mine? Then he says ummm . He is not a good guy

    1. Mirela

      Thank you! He is just an asshole with no goals in life anymore. I am tired of seeing him. He thinks he is better than everybody. Well, he is not because I am much smarter than him. He needs to get his life straight in Canada. He got Selena addicted to drugs and alcohol. WTF?!? WHAT KIND OF A BOYFRIEND IS HE?

      1. stringbiebs

        Where the Hell are you getting your information from? Justin has nothing to do with what Selena did. There is no report of her doing drugs or alcohol. You’re bringing up false assumptions. No matter where Justin lives, the world will be the same, get over it. How do you know how smart he is considering you know nothing about him.

      2. Mirela

        Selena went to rehab for addiction to pot, alcohol and Amiden. Her rep confirmed this statement. She went to rehab in January. And yes, Justin is the main reason how she got addicted to the bad side of Hollywood meaning booze and drugs. I, the least, don’t do drugs unlike Justin. If he is a good guy, why is he giving me the assumption that he is a bad guy. He needs to figure out himself. My facts are right, and you are just in denial.

      3. stringbiebs

        She went for anxiety, depression and exhaustion. I’m not in denial, I’m going by what sources Harvard. She only went for 2 weeks, no biggie. He didn’t smoke pot when he was with her so she couldn’t have gotten it from him.

      4. Sinthia

        They said Selena wasn’t on drugs and alcohol the reason that she going to Rehab is because she wants time for her self and Seems like she wants to get rid of Justin Bieber for him not to be in her life.

  7. Emily loves biebz

    i dont think that this is true, Justin wouldnt be mean to a flight attendant, or smoke marijuana on a private jet, i think that the flight crew was just out to get Justin. How much do you wanna bet that they were all jealous of him?

  8. Jay

    Jesus, you all act like you know him personally. Sorry, you don’t know Bieber personally. You know the face he puts on in public, you know his image, but you do not know the man. Many stars and celebrities put on a happy face but are tortured people. And really, we all know Justin smokes weed, do we really think he wouldn’t smoke on a plane? A plane he paid for with his own money? Come on now. Be realistic.

  9. skeptical

    I used to think he’d never let his fame get to his head, but I guess I was wrong.There’s no excuse for acting like this. Endangering his life and others…and also being a terrible role model.

    He gets jesus tattoos, tries to get christened, and praises god on twitter as if doing those things will counter the fact that he’s turning into a jerk.

    Such a let down.

    1. ivan

      First of all, your parents are your role model not any pop star. He does certain things privately but the media posts those things so the whole world sees. No one is perfect; Bill Clinton was a good president but also not a good role model if you wish to use that of him since he cheated on his wife various times but people have forgiven him; why can’t Justin if he changes?

      1. skeptical

        Many young people lack strong parent role models, so they actually do look up to other people they care about — celebrities included.

        Is drag racing private? Is pissing in buckets private? Is going to a brothel private? Nope, he does a lot of things quite publicly.

        But even if he never did those things, he should be aware of the kind of life he lives. Privacy is hard to come by for any celebrity, so he should realize the kind of message he’s sending out to kids.

        Change is fine. If he still sang songs like Baby, that would be weird. So I think he should grow up, but growing up doesn’t mean being cold/rude to fans, acting entitled, or being irresponsible. Growing up should mean he becomes more mature, and although it breaks my heart to say this, that is the exact opposite of what he is doing.

      2. Dante Aligheri

        The answer to your last question will be answered when and if he changes. He spoiled and has too many yes men around him supporting this crap because they don’t want the gravy train to end. If he didn’t have money, no one would put up with his crap. The first time he spit on anyone, he’d get his ass handed to him.

    2. Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      I agree …he has been so disappointing lately…Definitley going through some tough personal issues. I DO THINK HE LOVES GOD AND JESUS…I DO BELIEVE HE IS CONFUSED AND FALLIN SHORT OF THE SCRIPTURES. YES HES A SINNER AS WE ALL ARE. I dont think he is GENUINELLY EVIL. But he seems to be self medicating and acting really carelessly with his dad and new fkund freedom and such. I bet this story is a Half truth just as modt things are in Mollywood..opps I mean Hollywood. Lol

    1. ivan

      I saw that segment; Bill does poor fact checking at times and goes by what the hostile media says on this. He thinks arrest and jail would be a good thing? I taught he was for the kids? Justin is still an overgrown kid. I am sickened by the lack of compassion shown on Fox toward this kid in their reporting. Meanwhile they ignore the stars and artists that do worse. They may report on them then forget about what they did such as Alec Baldwin and Sean Penn.

  10. rb

    Pot is still an illegal substance according to the US Government. It’s illegal to smoke it on an aircraft. I don’t think Justin would risk incrementing himself.

    1. ivan

      The report makes it seem he smoked most of the pot and caused all that smoke when there were 10-12 guys on that plane. If that was true, he would have smelled like a pot plant and been high as a kite; yet this was not indicated by the Drug agents that questioned him reported earlier. I did not say the story is completely untrue but that it’s exaggerated; it, the police report, originates primarily from that woman and apparently the pilot.

      1. Justice Drew Beebs Lover

        Look we all seem him smoking it last year…since then he has been on a downhill spiral….plus he just tested positive for it…Dont doubt that hes getting high on the plane. DANG THOUGH PEOPLE ACT LIKE HE JUST MURDERED TEN PEOPLE.

  11. stringbiebs

    Justin may be young but his dad isn’t. His dad is responsible enough not to act that way, especially since he has 2 young children that he takes care of. That’s why I believe the story is fake bc his dad knows better.

  12. selena is my smile

    Hi beliebers it’s selena is my smile, listen I have found it wrong to be bashing your justin every chance I get and in that matter I owe you guys an apology I wanna say that I’m sorry to @ kalani, @Hannah bieber, and others that I have offended on this website I realized that it is not my place to be talking about justin in a mean way although I watch what I post online I feel like I went a little overboard with the way I came out to say things always talking about my idol on this website and saying how much I love being a selenator when you guys don’t even care I annoy some of u and I’m sorry. You guys are a great fan base and I’m pretty sure that you guys have an awesome idol too justin is a very special gifted kid with a lot of talent and it is my fault because I made it a point to take out my opinion about your justin all on you and I hate the way that what I’ve said has affected u. I was wrong too wrong I feel guilty enough to say that I no longer dispise justin because I believe u he’s a really good kid but,is lost in confusion of who he is and who he wants to be I feel like you guys are a very loyal, dedicated, and beautiful group of girls that love and care about justin because he’s yours only yours even though I am not a fan anymore because I chose not to be I respect you girls as well as justin and I will never ever do this again….. hope u girls really accept my apology because I really mean it you don’t deserve the way I put things out on u.
    – selena is my smile God bless u girls . Hope you guys get to be with justin for a long time.

  13. AppleMartini

    I love how all you little girls are naive enough to think Justin is a really good guy. He could drown a puppy right in front of you and you would still say someone forced him to do it. Justin lies to you just as much as the media does to make him look wonderful to his fans. I guarantee that most of you will turn your back on him by next year. I hope you can take off your love goggles and realize that the Justin you think he is, is actually a little dbag.

    1. stringbiebs

      Um, there are celebrities that have met and actually know him, I don’t think they are in denial. They claim him to be a good kid with lots of bad people around him. He wouldn’t drowned a puppy, you’re the crazy one to even think that.

      1. AppleMartini

        I never said he would actually drown a puppy. I’m only to trying to emphasize how delusional some people can be.I’m pretty sure he can be great with his friends and Family but there has been numerous reports of him being disrespectful to people who are not part of his circle.

      2. Jay

        Of course he’d never drown a puppy. He abandons his pets at airports in other countries and gets a new pet every year. *rolls eyes* He’s even a dbag to animals.

  14. rb

    It’s safe to say that Chantel Jeffries and Justin are somewhat dating. Check out TMZ: Justin Bieber parties in Atlanta Justin & Chantel (JC)

  15. rb

    Who knows how long his relationship with Chantel Jeffries will last? He will be 20 soon, he has a long time to think about getting married, who knows maybe one day Selena might be back in his life; after all he still carries the Selena tattoo.

  16. selena is my smile

    @ mirela leave selena alone!!!!!!!!!! My idol went to rehab but is back now and seems fine FYI who are you to judge selena made a good choice to go to rehab in January because she needed extra help on personal issues!!!!!!! No one knows for sure why selena went there !!!!!!! So be quiet!!!!!!!! Selena doesn’t live the way justin does!!!!!! Justin is the one who is living his life the way he lives it. And selena doesn’t want to be a part of that lifestyle right now she has better things to do than worry about justin she’s got us selenators her friends and family to worry about let’s make this clear my idol does not smoke!!!!!!!! She’s a good role model for us fans she makes good decisions and cares about each and every one of us selenators selena doesn’t do anything bad she’s not as bad of a person you claim her to be selena is a wonderful person with a big heart and is a great influence for younger fans and US teens if you don’t see that you are wrong for what you say about selena your just misunderstood I’m so sick of all of you HATERS who hate for no reason selena is absolutely amazing she’s just a girl living her dream why can’t you just leave her be why do you have to be so mean?????? I don’t get what has selena done to you to receive so much hate nothing that’s what I thought leave selena alone it really upsets me.


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