Scam Alert: ‘Justin Bieber Killed a 7-Year-Old Boy’ Facebook App


A viral Facebook post titled “Justin Bieber Killed a 7-Year-Old Boy” being distributed on Facebook claims that Justin accidentally killed a seven-year-old child while driving under the influence.

The scam post reads:

Breaking News: Justin Bieber Did it Again!! This time it’s OVER…DUI. Justine Bieber [sic] did it again! this time his CAREER is over.. He accidentally killed a 7-Year-Old Boy that was walking to school with 12-Year-Old Sister..Police Investigate that bieber is positive in DUI.

There’s no video, and it’s just a trick designed to get people to share the post. It includes a photo with a play video button over it.

Beware Beliebers! The user is asked to share the video after clicking on the post, which reveals a fake website–designed to look like Facebook–with a number of fake videos that also ask people to share them.

It’s just a SCAM! A website Hoax-Slayer said in a post about the scam:

There are several Bieber related scam messages currently being distributed, all of which lead to the same rogue app and the same dodgy video website. Some versions simply claim that Justin Bieber has again been charged with DUI. Others claim that he has been arrested on drug charges.

If one of these scam messages comes your way, do not click any links that it contains. If you have already installed the rogue app, you will need to uninstall it. You can remove the app by going to your Facebook account settings, finding the ‘App’ section and clicking the ‘X’ beside the app’s name.

On Twitter and Facebook, some wondered if the post was real.

“When the media doesn’t have anything bad to talk about him, you guys will make up stupid things smh,” one person wrote on Twitter.

  • Kalani

    Fake poser. Justin loves kids.

  • Diana Castillo

    justin wouldnt even hurt a fly

  • Kalani

    The media is stupid and ignorant. All they do is makeup stories.

  • Kalani

    That’s sick and perverted. Justin loves and adores kids

  • Kalani

    What’s next justin and his boy ryan Butler robbed a bank.

  • Kalani

    They always makeup lies. Justin bieber and Selena gomez were caught leaving a hotel. But Selena was wearing a wedding gown.

  • amyheart

    wow even post this i swear this isnt a belieber run site this is a media run site

    • stop kalani

      It’s to inform you that it isn’t real.

      • Kalani

        Pls they always make up lies about Justin.

  • Kalani

    Justin and sean Kingston robbed a liquor store in calbassas. Sources say it was sean who was the one that killed the owner.

  • Rebecca ”Aka” Mrs.bieber

    Wow such liers in this world and I am sick and tired of it leave Justin alone and he did not kill a kid so stop the lies

  • rb

    It’s obvious that there are very sick people that are just obsessed with the hate they have for Justin. If they can just put that energy to make the planet a better place to live, everyone will benefit from it.

  • Fatima

    Who Ever said that is a jerk and a fool they want to spread rumors

  • bieber153

    fake Justin loves kids

  • Belieber for life

    This is stupid Justin wouldn’t heart a fly why would he kill a 7 year old boy? He loves kids. That is what is awesome about him he is so sweet.

  • Vanessa

    I hate the media always telling lies about people. They spend so much time lying than living. They need to leave Justin alone and give him some space.

  • belieber

    Ok now this is out of control some people have no lives so when others do they want to ruin theirs(it is a shame)

  • Belieber

    wow, such a damn lie! if the media don’t have anything to say, people just make up rumors.

    • Kalani

      Sources say Justin and his boy Khalil went to the club and got into a fight with one of the girls’s boyfriend because justin was all over the girl and they were making out until her boyfriend hit Justin and he flew back hit the wall.

  • nicki

    Lies, Lies, and more Lies. This is not true. They Just want to messed up his career.

    • Kalani

      What’s next justin and nick demoura had a huge argument about something. Justin punch nick and told nick your fired.

  • hannah bieber

    wow r u kidding me ?? I knew the media was going to say something like this .yea like he would actually kill a kid.smh people need to stop all these stupid ridiculous lies .whats next Justin bieber killed his mom ??? -.-

    • Kalani

      What’s next justin is seeing a girl that has a boyfriend. But the girl loves Justin more.

  • Ebraheem abba

    I dont know why those damn people always wanna lying,

    • Rebecca ”Aka” Mrs.bieber

      Wow such liers in this world and I am sick and tired of it leave Justin alone and he did not kill a kid so stop the lies


    The haters to Hell !

  • Tanisha




  • aman

    I’d have believed if u were talkin about an ant ,but a KID his not blind .If u want to lie be a little smarter plzz…..