Senator Mark Warner: I’m Not a Belieber, Lets Deport Justin Bieber

Senator Mark Warner want to deport justin bieber

OMG.. Virginia Democratic Sen. Mark Warner offered to sign the petition to deport Justin Bieber on Tuesday (Feb 4), followed up with a tweet that made it clear he was “not a Belieber.”

Senator Mark Warner Justin Bieber

The Senator indicated that he thought Justin Bieber might not be the best influence on the young folk — including his own kids.

“As a dad with three daughters, is there someplace I can sign?” he asked with a laugh, when prodded by the hosts of Chesapeake-based FM99′s “Rumble in the Morning”.


A WhiteHouse.gov petition calling for the deportation of Justin had over 245,000 signatures by Tuesday. The petition says “we the people of the United States feel that we are being wrongly represented in the world of pop culture.” and demands Justin Bieber be removed from society.

  • Najat

    F u then ;)

    • Kalani

      Justin is a good guy. He’s gracious

      • Kalani

        Why the hell would people deport Justin. He doesn’t deserve any of it.

  • Bonnie gibson

    Does anyone see the things justin has not for kids every where . He has given millions to kids every where and he has helped kids with there dreams and hurting themselves . I get he has done things that are bad but so have others did you depot the others for doing bad things no you didnt so look in your own families and worry about yourselves instead of trying to get rid of someone who has done alot of good for people .

  • nicki

    That doesn’t mean that this happen that he is a bad influence on kids. Justin is caring, and sweet. Justin has been giving millions to kids because he care alot.

    • Kalani

      Justin is a sweet guy. He’s just do adorable

  • Kalani

    Pls , Obama is friends with Justin. His daughters love justin.

  • H

    How pathetic that a Senator has time to sit around tweeting about Justin bieber. great job Senator; commendable. How about you being a great influence to your daughters and stop worrying about an international pop star who isn’t going anywhere.

  • stringbiebs

    One arrest and people act like he’s a terrorist. He made a huge mistake, he wasn’t even speeding. Justin isn’t the only influence on young children, I don’t think they know what a DUI is or what drugs like weed are and if they do then that’s the parents fault for not protecting them from that stuff. He didn’t even mentioned if his kids played any attention to Justin, they might not even be fans. I think it’s time parents step up and tell their own children right from wrong, not letting Justin who isn’t even a parent teach their kids what they should be doing. Chances are even without Justin in America your kids might still grow up to be stuck up people who get in trouble, actually getting into trouble is a guaranteed deal.

  • cookiefacetw

    Remember the believe movie he says they won’t stop till they want they want to make him fall we believers gotta step up and catch him if he falls or help him fly

  • hannah bieber

    wow people are still on this ??? yea he got arrested .only one time.that doesn’t mean hes a bad influence.other celebrities done way worse and they don’t get deported ???? wow that’s just tons of BS.its sad that people are wasting their time worrying about a young 19 year old pop star and not themselves. theres no need to sign that petition bcuzz Obama said a bunch of times that he would never deport him . so nice try senator and all u other haters ;)

  • ivan

    This guy is a complete idiot, the type that knows next to nothing about him except what he reads in the papers. He most probably has never met him, heard his music, been to his concerts, or know about his charitable activities. I would never vote for him for anything.

    • Why would he know him, he is a grown man. He is not going to like the little punk

  • Grace

    It’s sad that people like this guy are just using Justin’s name to get noticed

  • Sinthia

    Is sad to see him act this way like when he first came out few people starting to fall in love with him but now is a different story Because of his behavior and he likes Canada better so why is he in the United State when he not even american citizen an wasn’t plain to be.

    • KALANI


  • lambor500S

    It’s sad such a high profile person as a senator has time on his hands to talk about signing that stupid Bieber petition you wonder how some of these people luck up and get these positions.

  • vianka bieber

    Plz dont deport him I love justin Bieber♡♡


    Senator Mark Warner ! Don’t be jester !

  • Katy

    He is not a criminal, he is such a kind person Please don’t do this

  • Tanisha

    Justin signed a contract to make music not raise your kids. smh. There’s people killing and raping children and Mark Warner is worrying about a 19 year old boy? lol thats lame and stupid. get ur prioritizes straight

  • emile

    that’s pathetic, it have other people who does worse than him jb most be the most interesting person on this world that everyone needs to gang up on him like that. that mark warner guy needs to go away before I lose my temper.