Senator Mark Warner: I’m Not a Belieber, Lets Deport Justin Bieber

Senator Mark Warner want to deport justin bieber

OMG.. Virginia Democratic Sen. Mark Warner offered to sign the petition to deport Justin Bieber on Tuesday (Feb 4), followed up with a tweet that made it clear he was “not a Belieber.”

Senator Mark Warner Justin Bieber

The Senator indicated that he thought Justin Bieber might not be the best influence on the young folk — including his own kids.

“As a dad with three daughters, is there someplace I can sign?” he asked with a laugh, when prodded by the hosts of Chesapeake-based FM99′s “Rumble in the Morning”.


A petition calling for the deportation of Justin had over 245,000 signatures by Tuesday. The petition says “we the people of the United States feel that we are being wrongly represented in the world of pop culture.” and demands Justin Bieber be removed from society.

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