SHARON Osbourne to Save Justin Bieber? Scooter Can’t Handle the Bizzle, Report Says


Manager Scooter Braun has asked Sharon Osbourne to help “save” Justin Bieber, reports the National Enquirer.

According to the site, Scooter allegedly reached out to Sharon and begged her to “help him handle the troubled singer.”

A purported “insider” for the tabloid says:

Scooter is at his wit’s end over Justin. He feels like he’s lost all control and, knowing Sharon’s history with keeping Ozzy [Osbourne] in line, he called her.

Scooter can’t act as Justin’s baby sitter anymore. Sharon suggested that Scooter turn over management of Justin to her, at least temporarily.

She promised that she’d take a hands-on, tough-love approach with Justin, and she’d also utilize her amazing list of contacts in the music business to keep him on top.

She’d get the troubled entertainer into therapy, and then keep him in the studio with the industry’s top producers until he churns out a hit album. She’s so sure she can turn Justin around that she’s told his handlers she won’t take a dime in payment until he’s back on the straight and narrow.

Sharon loves a challenge — and making Justin Bieber hot again is the ultimate one.

  • Tanisha

    lol this seems fake..I dont think sharon even likes Justin but whatever keeps him in line….we will see later

  • beliebernumber1

    Like Justin is gonna listen to her. What a bunch of nonsense ) . And no way is Scooter gives up control of his main cash cow, he is nobody without Bieber, despite all his other “projects”.

    • Belieber #1

      i agree with u

  • Belieber #1

    mah juju was bestest, is bestest & will b bestest always….. Luv u justin… M d biggest belieber… Luv u luv luv u luv u luv u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much….

  • Robert

    Don’t believe anything the National Enquirer puts on either their site or on their magazines in the supermarkets. Most of their stories are all garbage and no proof. The only magazine that is good to read about celebrities is People.

  • nicki

    How can she say that because I don’t even think she like Justin. But Justin is doing much better.

  • ivan

    Sharon has trashed Justin all year. Scooter would be nuts to think Justin would work with her. No gonna happen. Bullshit from The Enquirer.

  • zari

    This is such bullshit!

    • Aulani

      Yep, I tots Agree. Lies and more rumors

  • Belieber

    I think its fake, cuz’ the enquirer talks bullshit and i don’t think sharon even likes Justin. so why would she be there?

  • stringbiebs

    Scooter isn’t telling anyone to “fix” Justin, that’s just a stupid thing to say in the first place. I don’t believe anything completely unless Justin, Scooter or anyone CLOSE to Justin says so themselves. “According” isn’t the proof I want to see