1. Woww I thought his house is like the others but no his house is a nice big mansion could tell by looking at the curtains.And beautiful roses.

  2. Beautiful bedroom, but I wonder who he is implying the bed setup to? Looks like Selena Gomez flew to London to hook up with Niall Horan. There are pics of them with fans, but no PDA’s as of yet! I could be for Chantal Jeffries, but Florida is not that far away?

  3. I wish Justin would give up the weed and become sober I miss kidrauhl so much I wish he wouldn’t be going to clubs and with girls all the time I wish Justin would go back to being himself I miss him so much it’s like I know who he really is but he’s not showing it. Always getting into trouble saying that he’s trying to cope and be better but then it gets worse because of the people he hangs around ( which aren’t that good for him) I need justin a lot but I don’t really know if he can go back to who he was before I wish Justin would find himself and realize that the mistakes that he’s making are leading him down the wrong path in the wrong direction. Justin getting arrested and ending up in jail hit me hard in the gut justin I don’t think really gets how serious these mistakes that he made HURT me caused me to doubt him several times and stop believing in him once before I realized he was human and it was always wrong to judge. I love justin and I once didn’t feel like it was worth it being a belieber but justin is part of my past and still is part of my life if he gets deported I’ll be crying my eyes out I might not act like I love justin but I do with all my heart and that will never change I just wish he’d come back :( I’m really sad and angry at the same Time because I never wanted justin to turn out this way at all I wish Justin was never pressured in the first place and things would be back to normal I wish for that to happen because even though I might not act like I care about justin deep down inside I know I still do and deep down inside even though I say I am not a belieber I still am it’s just so hard to watch justin fall I just don’t want anything to happen to him I admit he’s my dilemma I can’t ever see myself being without justin my life wouldn’t be the same we all grew up with justin and watched him grow and I can’t let go of the leftover feelings I have about justin :( I feel like I lost justin and I don’t want to feel that way again leaves myself wondering where that beautiful smile is now a days…… where are you justin????? Where is my Idol and inspiration?????? Where is the kid that would always be kind and sweet to others where are you justin??????? I just want to know????

  4. @selena is my smile ok I don’t want to get mad at u again but how many times do I have to tell u .he changed .he grew up.hes not a little kid anymore.dont expect him to be all perfect.if u don’t like it get off this page and let him do what he wants .seriously first u say your a belieber again then u say hes changed and all that stuff ??? umm no honey. if selena was like that u would agree with me.seriously just leave

    • I bet there for his mom or for his assistant. Justin turns 20 in two weeks. Hope he keeps everything private And he invites all his boys and of course his family. But separate parties

  5. @Hannah bieber I was just saying how I felt I know justin grew up and changed because he’s human I know he’s not perfect but I don’t expect him to be I understand that he’s going to make mistakes I get what you are trying to say ok I am a belieber I will let him do what he wants because he’s ALOWED TO HE does what other teenage boys do and I accept that. I don’t want to leave I was wrong ok I love being a belieber I’m not gonna leave I would agree with you if sel were like but, I didn’t mean for it to come out that way please tell me that we are even. I’m sorry if I wasn’t there through it all but I really love this fan base more than anything else in the world you tell me that a thousand times your mad aren’t you??? I don’t want you to be mad at me I PROMISE YOU LOVE YOU. YOU GUYS ARE MY FAMILY I NEVER MEANT TO LET YOU DOWN.

  6. Amazing room .. such a romantic touch , with a red roses .. !!

    He must be sleep well .. with that decoration.
    I Love justin so much ..

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