1. omg my baby just gets sexier by the minute dont he <3 amazing , #belieber no matter what , ive got his back on anything , im here for him =) <3

  2. justin gets sexier and sexier everytime i see his abs and his hair is sooooooooooo cute and i love BELIEVER FOREVER BITCHES

  3. Omg!! My bizzle is smiling ♥
    But when is he gonna stop getting even cuter!! Each day he gets fricking cuter..gahhh I love him so muchhh

  4. I’m so sorry for judging and bashing justin beliebers hope you FORGIVE ME your right justin is amazing he does not deserve any hate whatsoever crying right now because I bashed and judged someone I care about.if I cared about justin I wouldn’t be bashing or judging him saying that he’s disgusting because of a picture I saw on the internet of justin doing something i disagreed on. I just wish I could make it up to you guys because I know you don’t like it.

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