Steve Arterburn: 6 Tips for Justin Bieber to Get out of Troubles

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In a recent radio broadcast, Steve Arterburn, bestselling Christian author and host of the nationally syndicated call-in radio and TV show “New Life Live”, discussed what he calls “Bieber Brain” and offered some advice to Justin, whose escapades are threatening to derail his career, if not his life.

Speaking about Justin Bieber, Steve said:

It’s one thing to sow your wild oats — it’s another thing to start a wildfire in your life.

He’s living the dream. But that dream must be very empty of any kind of real relationships or somebody to help this guy.

Steve shared some thoughts about what Justin needs to do to stop the train wreck that has become his life.

He needs a mentor, to get involved raising money for a foundation, to meet the needs of challenged children — to do something good for the world.

Michael Jackson and Elvis are dead because no one could get to them or no one was willing to tell them the truth. Obviously, Justin has no one around him who will be truthful with him and hold him accountable for his behavior.

He needs somebody to say, “Here’s the reality of your life. Accept responsibility for what has happened, and make restitution for the damage you’ve done”.

Steve also broke down his advice to Justin in six tips:

1) Have someone tell you the reality of your situation.
2) Accept responsibility for what you’ve done.
3) Make restitution.
4) Start to connect with emotionally healthy people.
5) Be accountable.
6) If you can’t do steps 1 through 5, get treatment — the sooner the better.

Source: newlife.com

Steve Arterburn is the founder and chairman of New Life Ministries and host of the # 1 nationally syndicated Christian counseling talk show “New Life Live” heard and watched by millions on over 180 radio stations nationwide in addition to XM ā€“ Sirius Satellite radio and now seen on television on the Family Net network.

  • Kalani

    Um he has scooter. He also has his Judah smith his minister. And course will smith.,

    • ALee

      That guy needs to do research or something that’s how you know he just reading the headlines. Hello pencils of promise anyone complete idiot he just commented for attention

  • Kalani

    Justin does have people around him, he has his uncle, will smith and of course his mom.

  • Kalani

    We just don’t know what really goes on behind close doors.

  • Kalani

    Besides I bet Justin does have good people around him.,

  • Kalani

    I don’t think Justin is a train wreck. Pls what does he know. He’s not in Justin’s shoes.

  • Kalani

    Justin has a mentor, usher and of course Will Smith.

  • Kalani

    I’m sure Justin has Judah smith his pastor that he calls for advice or just to talk.

  • braveheartxoxd

    All this is what I’m talking about. I’m not trying to be mean but every time on these updates, you’re either the first one to comment or you just try to make excuses for him and says everything he does is okay and not a big deal and when there is a bunch of information that he did do something or he says it HIMSELF, you just blow it off and says it’s just a rumor. I get you’re a fan. I am too and I get you love him because I do to but face facts he’s going through stuff and stop commenting so much. Not trying to be mean but God damn!

    • braveheartxoxd

      @kalani is who I’m talking to.

      • Kalani

        Yeah, who else would you be talking to my poser.

    • Kalani

      Yeah IDGF what you say. Seriously I love Justin. Who gives what you have to say.

      • bieberfever#1

        i’m sorry but i have to agree with @Braveheartxoxod with this you keep commenting on every single page and its kinda getting annoying

      • braveheartxoxd

        Girl STFU and get a God damn life. Ur the poser u damn fanatic. Justin don’t know u. Luv him from a distance not go over obsessed with him.

    • Kalani

      Yeah I don’t think so. Who are you to tell me not to comment on Justin. Can’t take the heat get out of the f kitchen freak

  • nicki

    Justin has support alot of foundations. That is not a tip that they need to say.

  • Isabel

    Okay first of all I know this guy means well but instead of listening and watching the news about justin do some research first….Justin has a lot of people mentoring him: scooter, judah (his minister), usher (who shared similar issues as well of public scrutiny), his mother, his father and of course his beliebers (the real ones who will look out for him).

    He’s also an advocate for the Make-A-Wish Foundation (first musician to grant 200 wishes to patients who needs them), went to phillipines to do a private concert while they were going through a crisis, he is a part of a foundation called Pencils of Promise where he himself went to guatamala to build a school for the needy with his own two hands and spent extra time to play with the children

    so don’t go and say that Justin needs to do charity work because he’s been doing that ever since the beginning of his career you don’t know that because Justin is not the type of guy to let the press know what he is doing because people are going to automatically think it’s just for publicity stunt that is why he always says “No Cameras” “No Press” just him and his entourage and the people he is helping

    Right now I am very mad because every day there’s always something being said about Justin in a negative way….yo check this out He don’t give a fuck…he is doing him, he is doing what makes him happy…that doesn’t mean he is going to become like Lindsay Lohan….he is fine, he is stable, he is a FUCKING TEENAGER about to be an adult next month

    I see haters be commenting on every video of Justin “He’s Gay” Newsflash: You’re GAY motherfucker because y’all are always on his DICK!!!! That’s for Chantel Jeffries…now SHUT THE FUCK UP and let the girl enjoy Justin’s dick until he doesn’t want her anymore okay

    Thank you Goodnight

  • Belieber

    Justin has scooter who is there for him, and to help him

    • Kalani

      Thank you I agree. He also has usher, Will smith and of course his good friend Sean Kingston

      • stringbiebs

        Are you people stuck in freaking 2009-2010? He doesn’t ever see Will Smith or Sean Kingston much anymore. He barely is with Usher or Scooter, he’s losing anyone who has real meaning in his life, be needs to back track to the people that REALLY care about him.

      • Kalani

        There friends doesn’t mean he has to be seen with them. Your are deranged fool.

  • belall

    he needs to do something good for the world!!!
    Justin already did a lot of good things, he donated a lot of money.

  • beliebtionar

    Justin does have people like that around him but they think he should make his own choices.. but what I think is he is going to make a wrong choice and end up more then jail.

  • Justine

    Look justin simply needs to settle down both emotionally, and physically..the amount of tattoos he has gotten within the past few months has exceeded anyother time he got some put in place. There are days where he is getting two or three tattoos like it’s not a piece of art that will be embedded within his skin…FOREVER! How will his wife feel about that stuff? He is not thinking of his future, we all know for a fact that when he has children he will look back to these day’s and mentally slap himself in the face. He really does need to get his priorities put in order, and check himself..before he wrecks himself.

  • stringbiebs

    How often do you actually see Justin with Will Smith, Scooter, Usher or even his mom. His friends he hang around with are trying to push all the good influences out of his life so he won’t have anyone to tell him what’s wrong or right. Lil Za, Khalil, Milk, Chantel and whoever else are not the people Justin needs to be surounded with. He needs to retrace his steps and go back to what made him a great guy. Not saying he’s a bad person or that he’s evil but he needs to change his life in a big way, find people with real experiences to show him the right path before it gets bad.

  • ivan

    Good advice but he IS engaged in charitable activities and helping children-but IT’S NEVER REPORTED IN THE MEDIA. So People are hearing only of his mistakes or exaggerated stories or lies. It is that simple. The media is ruining his reputation with some help from him we have to admit.

  • ivan

    Another thing is he is practically on his own; nobody seems to give him advice such as make sure you or your friends DO NOT have or carry any drug traveling anywhere in an airplane,bus, or car. Also, make sure you don’t do anything for which you will be criticized such as look like you are drinking alcohol in a club where you have to be 21. People carry cameras everywhere and sneek pics of people who are not aware of it.

  • Nina

    I nw think he is possesed by the illuminate demons

  • Lose biebs

    His mom z shit hw cd he let his kid hang out with rick ross lyk rily

    • ALee

      Speak English

  • Lose biebs

    I hope h z using protection coz this guy is sleeping with whores

  • hannah bieber

    I agree with him .I love Justin and all but hes not going anywhere with his career if he keeps acting like this.he knows that he has beliebers who are looking up to him and who love him.hes hanging around with the wrong people and doing bad things doesn’t make him cool at all.i miss the old Justin.he needs to find himself again and hang be with the people who really care about him not those other people cuzz their just poisoning him .I still love him tho but im just saying

  • Sassy

    I too am a big fan, but am not blind to his behaviour. I have no doubt that some of the media is untruths, but some of it would be real. He isn’t helping himself and keeps adding fuel to the fire.

    He has, and does do so much charity work, that is overshadowed by his bad press.

    I’m sure his Mom, Scooter, Usher, Ryan, Ryan G, his Pastor and even as late as the end of last year, he was still keeping in touch with Will Smith, have all tried to guide him in the right course in life. He’s obviously not listening.

    I left his father out of that group because he has been with him on some of the recent occasions he has ended up in trouble and that can’t be a coincidence.

    Ever noticed that he is NEVER without the hangers on?
    Whether is Za, Khalil, Chantel, or others?

    Even Fredo isn’t hanging with him at all, and he lives with him!

    Selena can’t be blamed for it either, as it looks like she was giving him another chance and from what we see, he’s screwed that up.

    The vast difference in his behaviour/intentions since Believe was actually filmed, till now, is enough to prove his decline.

    I’m just tired of Beliebers not seeing it for what it is.

    He’s a 19 year old in trouble and he needs to realise it and seek help before he completely alienates those around him and loses his career.

  • A x

    This article really pissed me off because the guy has done no research whatsoever!! If your gonna speak out about someone he should be making sure he has the facts right in the first place. He does so much good in the world and its so frustrating no one ever takes notice. This idiot obviously has never heard of Pencils of promise, has not been aware that Justin broke the record for make a wish, granting more wishes than any other recording artist, put on a private concert for a belieber who couldn’t attend his shows due to a horrific car crash, then went to Tacloban in the Philippines to shed a little light on a very dark time and sang for the typhoon victims there and the countless hospital visits he pays in every city he goes to. In conclusion he knows jack s**t and his comments should pass through one ear and out the other.

  • Tanisha

    That steve dude doesn’t even know what he is talking about. JUSTIN HAS GAVE MILLIONS TO CHARITY ALREADY