Steve Arterburn: 6 Tips for Justin Bieber to Get out of Troubles

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In a recent radio broadcast, Steve Arterburn, bestselling Christian author and host of the nationally syndicated call-in radio and TV show “New Life Live”, discussed what he calls “Bieber Brain” and offered some advice to Justin, whose escapades are threatening to derail his career, if not his life.

Speaking about Justin Bieber, Steve said:

It’s one thing to sow your wild oats — it’s another thing to start a wildfire in your life.

He’s living the dream. But that dream must be very empty of any kind of real relationships or somebody to help this guy.

Steve shared some thoughts about what Justin needs to do to stop the train wreck that has become his life.

He needs a mentor, to get involved raising money for a foundation, to meet the needs of challenged children — to do something good for the world.

Michael Jackson and Elvis are dead because no one could get to them or no one was willing to tell them the truth. Obviously, Justin has no one around him who will be truthful with him and hold him accountable for his behavior.

He needs somebody to say, “Here’s the reality of your life. Accept responsibility for what has happened, and make restitution for the damage you’ve done”.

Steve also broke down his advice to Justin in six tips:

1) Have someone tell you the reality of your situation.
2) Accept responsibility for what you’ve done.
3) Make restitution.
4) Start to connect with emotionally healthy people.
5) Be accountable.
6) If you can’t do steps 1 through 5, get treatment — the sooner the better.


Steve Arterburn is the founder and chairman of New Life Ministries and host of the # 1 nationally syndicated Christian counseling talk show “New Life Live” heard and watched by millions on over 180 radio stations nationwide in addition to XM – Sirius Satellite radio and now seen on television on the Family Net network.

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