The Bieber Buckhead Protest is Radio Prank Jokes [Update]

Buckhead Coalition president Sam Massell has been fielding phone calls from all over the place about a move to protest Justin Bieber moving into the Buckhead neighborhood in Atlanta.

He tells AccessAtlanta:

This so-called Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition is something we’re not aware of. We’ve never heard of them.

We’ve had calls from CNN, from the UK, from the daily newspaper in Canada. It’s made international news. There are so many other things more important to concentrate on. This too shall pass.

The Bieber protest turned out to be a joke radio prank.


According to AccessAtlanta, turns out the Facebook group was all just a radio prank by radio guys via Rock 100.5/Atlanta’s The Regular Guys, although it did attract more than 500 fans and some legitimate comments from actual Buckhead residents. The handful of protesters attended the event were radio interns.

Justin Bieber Protester in Buckhead Atlanta 4

The event staged by the Regular Guys morning show. Interns dressed in suits and tie paraded around with signs. The protest was not organized by a real neighborhood group.

Regular guys on Rock 100.5

The Regular Guys host Steve Rickman told E! News:

We just sent tweets out, and that’s it—just social media. We did not send press releases or anything like that to our local affiliates. We’re really not trying to, you know, burn everybody—we’re just doing something fun.

We just did it as a fun thing. I mean it spun completely [out of control] We’re blown away. It’s a home run when you’re a morning radio show.

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