TMZ: Selena Gomez Went to Rehab, Blames Justin Bieber for Troubles

Justin Bieber Selena gomez rehab

Justin’s ex Selena Gomez was secretly in rehab for two weeks this past January, after canceling the Australian leg of our tour.

Selena’s rep told People Mag:

Selena voluntarily spent time at Meadows but not for substance abuse.

Selena spent two weeks at Dawn at The Meadows recovery facility in Wickenburg, Arizona. Dawn is the wing of Meadows for young people aged between 18 and 26, and its website says it specializes in helping those with emotional trauma, addiction or duel diagnosis.

TMZ reports that Selena’s decision was largely based on Justin.

via TMZ:

Selena went rehab for a combination of problems, including alcohol, pot and prescription Ambien. She’s also addicted to Justin Bieber.

We’re told Selena’s decision was largely based on “that crazy boy” — aka Bieber. Selena blames a lot of her problems on the excesses she was exposed to by being around Bieber and his buddies.

Sources close to Gomez tell us … people in Selena’s camp went ballistic when they found out she was hanging out again with Justin … and saw photos of her joyriding with him on Segways. We’re told that was the final straw — she checked into rehab immediately after that.

    • Your getting so fuc**ng annoying Kalani. Stop commenting all of the time! It’s not normal..You’re a bit too obsessed with him.


      • IKR! And Kalani doesn’t even comment once, or in the same comment. There’s like 20 comments from Kalani.

      • Hey Justin I miss you baby
        And I Love you
        So much oxoxo
        And come home
        And come to my house in Mississauga Ontario
        My address is 196 voltarie crescent &my
        Postal is L5a2a4
        If you want send a valentines day

    • TMZ spread soooo much BS!! And really bad rumours to!! Y would I believe this, even if she was in rehab pretty sure it’s not for BF trouble!

  1. Well Justin Bieber is an ass and when he first came out he was alright to date any girl that he falls in love with and at that time I didn’t know they was dating but hopefully is over by now cause I don’t know what kind of a relationship is this.Selena could find some one else like she always do with the rest of them that she date.

      • @Kallani Your so disrespectful and you need watch your bad language Bitch.This not why I wanna be a JB fan but I am not anymore after he starting ti get in trouble over these years.

      • Who else and who said Justin is a bad person ….Nobody is the way that he behaving, he big and famous what does that mean to you he have so much money to do nothing than just making off of drugs and his fans buy every supplies like posters,albums all that kind of stuff.

      • Uh hello it’s the haters you stupid ignorant fool. Why do you think I have been defending him. I just adored him.

      • No he doesn’t. His uncle even says that he doesn’t do drugs. What’s your point @sinthia. He even says Justin is a good guy. He’s just exhausted.

      • Hey Justin I have to tell you
        Something boyfriend my dad he fell down his head and had a caushion
        He’s feeling ok here and there it hurts once in a while but I am crying and sad and scared Justin but I miss you boyfriend
        I Love you though always&forever

      • We like need to report and block her ass she is very rude to people on here she better not b rude to my ass

    • Justin needs his fans more than ever right now. there is something fundamentaly wrong with him. a year or so ago he wasn’t like this and now a flip flop. so what has changed. he needs councilling to get to the bottom of all this and set him straight again like the Justin we all know and love. so stick with him!!

    • Sure Selena can, cause she’s a SLUT. She purposely does stuff to get Justin to get back together with her. She deserves to be in rehab.

    • You obviously were never a belieber because if you are you would support him. Guide him to the right path. He is 19 leave him alone

    • @kalani i agree with you kinda, but calm a tad down, i mean i honestly done understand how it could be justins , but just dont make accuses for everything he does, and when someone is. bashing justin, or when you think they are, defend him and walk away, but dont get angry and over commenting snd keep fighting back

      • Kalani has one thing in her brains..Justin Bieber..I am a fan too but seriously CALM DOWN!!! everytime I navigate through the website I see your comments and its getting annoying. NOBODY is perfect and you should know that. Justin smoked pot or weed? Its sad but thats not a reason to insult everyone and act life a person with no life. God didnt make us perfect…HE wants to see were are we going.

  2. i dont like selena because justin give her everything and she just used him and he really loved her and all she did was be ass bitch hoe and i love justin and i just dont went him to be heartborken because i love him very much and i will always be a fan and if he whats selena back then i have to respect that as a believer

  3. I love selena but how the hell is it justins fault that she went to rehab ??? it was her decision not justins lol and @sinthia why the hell r u still here if your not a fan.just leave and leave us beliebers alone -.-

  4. Seriously… Rehab over a bad break-up? What’s wrong with fast-food, a few drinks and a night out with the girls? Like normal people?

    Not saying she’s a bad person or anything (honestly don’t know much about her besides that she’s his ex), it just seems very over-the-top to me.

      • @Kalani: You are so fucking rude that you have persuaded everyone that you are just a fucking troll. “Blah blah who cares” who the fuck are you to say that. You literally reply to every comment and force your opinion down our throats. I think you need to realize that mostly everyone on this site are Beliebers and that not everyone who is a Belieber has the same opinions as you. But, Jesus, don’t reply to everyone that Justin is misunderstood or some shit like that when they didn’t even say one word about him being a jerk or whatever crap that ticks you off. You can obsess over Justin all you want, but don’t force your opinion. Please.

    • @CupCake. Remember this is TMZ saying all of this. It takes two to make or break a relationship. Also, her business does not get out as fast as Justin’s whether it’s good or bad. I am quite sure both was at fault at some point.

  5. Am glad selena decided to work away i used 2 defend justin bt its 2 tiring coz al è tym h z doing bad things don’t worry selena God wil giv another man

  6. It’s not Justin fault is that Selena wanted to take a break Justin’s a good guy he knows what’s good I love you Justin so so so much

  7. @ Hannah Bieber selena went to rehab center because she needed help dealing with her and justin relationship she needed tips on how to move on while she was there she talked to a therapist regarding the issue She wasn’t there for drug abuse selena doesn’t do drugs her representative sent out a statement I’m telling the truth to you no lie sweetheart don’t believe tmz they lie about EVEYTHING believe Selena representative and believe in selena. Be happy and proud of selena that she decided to seek help without going any further with justin. Selena left rehab early because of the premeire of her movie she’s doing OK NOW selena is releasing selenator sweatpants for her dream out loud. Someone close to Selena said that she felt like she was strong enough to return home Because she felt like she was ok and didn’t need to go back don’t believe in everything the media says especially tmz they just want PUBLISITY they don’t know what the truth really is I’m being honest with you doesn’t matter if she left or didn’t leave just telling you I am not lying.


  9. All I can say about Selena and her issues is go listen to “Nothing Like Us” from Justin Bieber, listen to the words very carefully the evidence is there…seems she had a drinking problem even while they were together and think about it too she’s been heartbroken by Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner and whoever else she dated before Justin so to be honest her problems has nothing to do with justin maybe a little bit but it’s not entirely all his fault she needs to take responsibility too…remember in relationships (for all you youngins on here) it takes two in my opinion their both at fault for whatever happened in their relationship and keep in mind we are still in the dark of what really happened so stop making assumptions

  10. Wait, her rep said it wasn’t for substance abuse and then TMZ goes on saying it was pot and whatever. So believe her rep or TMZ? Justin doesn’t control what Selena does, she has her own mind, she thinks for herself. She had the choice to stay out of Justin’s life, she didn’t so she’s to blame not him.

  11. This is bs if Selena wanted to get over justin she should’ve just went to therapy not to rehab. I think there’s more to this story then justin

  12. Hello guys!!! It was not confirm by her or her rep… Tmz said it so stop hating until you hear it from her or her rep! Case close! This is just all bs

  13. Listen, Beliebers. Since when did Belieber start fighting over who Justin dates? And when did Beliebers start fighting over anything? We’re a family. We can’t let Selena or anybody break us !! But, now, we’re fighting over everything. I love all my sisters (Beliebers) out there, but I’m sick of the fighting! That’s Selena’s and Justin’s business and it’s certainly not ours. So let’s just let them go and think about making our family better. Much love sisters (and brothers)<3

  14. Selena is always playing the victim smh She needs to stop blaming Justin for her problems and own up to hers. Justin doesn’t need selena. She doesn’t even really care about him. She always shades him in interviews.

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