Vote for Justin Bieber – 2014 Juno Fan Choice Award

Justin Bieber Juno Awards

The 2014 JUNO Awards nominees were announced this morning (Feb4), and Justin Bieber is nominated in one category ‘JUNO Fan Choice Award’.

Click here to VOTE for Justin.

Remember, it’s all about you—the fans – the beliebers! Voting closes on Friday, March 28, 2014 at 11:59 ET.

    • Justin is headed for the 27 club. That that child celas hzve dies at 27 years oldustin is on his way down.hws got to get rid of his dad and friends.have them leae him

  1. OK Justin I voted for you and my 15yr old daughter is laughing at me as am 53yrs young lol, and she is not much of a fan of yours I try to get her to listen to more of your songs she says Noway then she said tell him to send us a new truck as ours finally went its last mile and then she would listen all the time lol so plz send us that truck .PS she was watching me write this and is laughing at me so hard oh well be good Justin am praying for you. Oh just send the truck to p.armer in a.c. Kansas 67005. Now she really gonna choke by.

  2. yea! i voted you..and its obvious that you deserve to win..and i will pray that you win not only the award but also the heart of all those who hate you…you are the deserving one…love you so much..

  3. i also hope that all the problems which you are facing right now..should quickly get over..coz i cant see you more in trouble..hope everthing is gonna be okay very soon beiber… i akshata a cute little belieber fan foreva…love you

    • i voted for justin and i hope he wins alot of awards because he works sooooooo hard to make us good music and we believers love justin and i just love JB SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH and as for tmz you need to SHUT THE f UP

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