Watch Pattie Mallette Singing in Recording Studio [VIDEO]

pattie mallette singing

Who would’ve thought mom Pattie Mallette can sing! Guess now we know where Justin’s talent came from?

@justinbieber: Got my moms courage enough to get in the booth for the first time she sounds so good

Watch Pattie singing in the recording studio:

Pattie Mallette tried her hand at singing alongside Justin and tweeted:

@PattieMallette: That was the BEST night of my life @justinbieber you were SO sweet to me & I had so much fun #ILoveYou.

@PattieMallette: Amazing night recording my first song. Thank you so much for writing it love!

Justin Bieber and Mom Pattie Recording

Justin later posted a snapshot of the two of them hugging and captioned it: “What did I do mom, love you.”

Should Justin Bieber Duet With Mom On Next Album?

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