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@justinbieber: Still working

  • nicole

    I saw this and I said. That he should take a break and should not be working on Valentine’s Day

  • Kalani

    Aww what a cutie. Justin is Amazing

  • Kalani

    Amazing and still a cutie

  • nandra

    His working so hard …thats why I adore him so much.,

  • Diana.Garrido

    Cool justin I love you so so so much beliber forever and ever :)

  • Sinthia

    It takes like a year or so for him to finish creating his music.Don’t disturb.

  • veronica

    working long hours i miss u sweetheart

  • hannah bieber

    awwww im glad hes making new music and not worrying about the media .keep it up justin your doing good

  • lambor500S

    Happy Valentine Day

    Much Love!

  • Belieber

    Aw! that’s nice. He make us happy, and is working hard doing what he loves for us

  • Rebecca ”Aka” Mrs.bieber

    Working hard for us awwww Justin that’s sweet and cute

  • nicki

    Bizzle u should be taking a break on Valentines Day. And spend time with your family and friends. Luv u ♥

  • nicki

    Also Happy Valentines Day Justin, Pattie, Jeremy, Jaxon, and Jasmine.

  • Birk

    As much as I want to hear new music from Justin, and appreciates that he is working hard on his new album, I still want him to take a well deserved vacation so he can unwind from all the pressures on him..