50 Cent Says ‘No Collaboration with Justin Bieber’


Justin Bieber and 50 Cent at Mayweather vs Cotto fight (May 2012)

During an interview with MTV & Sirius XM’s Town Hall on March 18, 2104, 50 Cents said he hopes to collaborate with Drake and Rihanna, but when asked who WAS NOT on his list, the rapper said: “I really don’t see me and Justin Bieber having a record.”

  • Hannah bieber

    Well that’s rude -.-

    • Tala I

      Wow, Justin is very adorable

      • María

        He’s the most adorable person on earth, lol.

  • Talani

    He’s amazing guy.

  • Talani

    Wonder why 50 cents doesn’t want to collobrate with Justin

  • Talani

    Justin is a hard worker. He’s just loves music

  • Talani

    Justin is just a truly talented guy.

  • lambor500S

    Not a problem. Justin music will still do just find with or without 50 cent involved. Also, when you have someone like Prince using some of your music to one of his new songs you really do not have to collaborate with anyone. For Prince to use someones lyrics or music for one of his songs you got to be awesome. Much love!

  • nicki

    Well, Justin is a good singer to work with and collaborate with. I luv you Justin. ♥

  • ivan

    5 cent is old news; Bieber does not need him. He needs Bieber to upstart his dying career.

    • huh

      oh shut up you maniac. Two different people with two different music Genere. HELLO geez

  • Talani

    Justin is so adorable

  • rb

    5 cent use a lot of expletives’ in his songs, so a collaboration would be out of the question.

  • megan bieber

    if you guys hate him then go get stuffed because seriously theres music you like and theres music i like we are to different people so why even bother when you dont know me? Just saying


    Refusal of collabration with Justin Bieber is 50Cent’s loss not Justin Bieber.

    • It is no ones loss

  • Mrs bieber

    Who wants to collab with 50 cent Anyway he sucks as a rapper and he is barely famous anymore

  • Belieber

    I dont care if he doesen’t collab with Justin

  • 50 CENT MY @$$!!

    I don’t even know who you are … ur not even THAT famous compare to Justin … This the first time i have ever heard about 50 cent something bull$#!* and i know that my friend or my neighbors don’t know YOU so i don’t care if you don’t want a collab with him … and just so u know if u ever see this Sorry but I’m not sorry on what i just said … the truth hurts right??

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    no one asked you

  • ivan

    5 cents is no longer the relevant person in hip hop. He might have to go to Justin to get attention. He is acting like some singers like Paul Maccarthy who refuse to collaborate with him because they think he is beneath them.

    • ..

      you talk alot of S!@T

  • belall

    it’s not an insult for justin or anyone, justin is better and more famous than him and also it’s his music so he can decide who want to sing with him.

  • Birk

    I don’t think 50 Cent was asked. I mean Justin is collaborating with the current big time rappers, 50 Cent is old school, and might have been insulted that nobody from Justin’s camp reached out to him before. Justin has already recorded with the biggest R&B and hip hop artists already, and has not shortage of artists who will record with him in the future.