Adidas NEO Countdown to Exciting Justin Bieber NEWS #NEObiebermix

Adidas NEO Countdown

Adidas NEO LABEL got some exciting BIEBER news coming in 2 days.

@adidasNEOLabel: NEOLIEBERS! We’ve got some exciting @justinbieber news coming in 2 days…

26 thoughts on “Adidas NEO Countdown to Exciting Justin Bieber NEWS #NEObiebermix

  1. Diana beliber forever

    O my god can’t wait cool :) I can’t wait for the surprise I’m so so so exited I live you Justin so so so much

  2. Hannah bieber

    Omg I can’t wait to see what it is. And I have a few pairs of his shoes.I have red ones and neo Adidas one haha.

  3. here for selena

    I’m shocked justin might be having a baby with selena!!!!! Please let it be a rumor!!!!! I don’t want her to quit singing and acting.

  4. Krista

    I have his gold shoes but i refuse to wear them they are displayed in my room. I love him so much! I am in love with him! Love you Justin!!!!! :) <3

  5. taylor blieber forever

    Justin bieber I love u so much I love love love u soooo much plz give those shoes out soon plz Justin wooooo 2 morwe days I love Justin bieber so much I hope he doesn’t mess his new relation ship up with selena gomez again for like the fourth time uuuhg holy crap Justin quit messing up so much jeewiz

  6. Birk

    Maybe shoes with Justin’s name on them? Shoes that will be a limited edition release?? I know I want a pair!!


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