Adidas NEO Countdown to Exciting Justin Bieber NEWS #NEObiebermix

Adidas NEO Countdown

Adidas NEO LABEL got some exciting BIEBER news coming in 2 days.

@adidasNEOLabel: NEOLIEBERS! We’ve got some exciting @justinbieber news coming in 2 days…

  • Turkey2turkey

    i hope its something like shoes because i have lot of shoes jst like justin


    I bought his gold shoes and I got the red ones I got his shoe necklace

  • nicki

    Can’t wait. Hope its something shocking. But I’m going to luv it anyway. Luv you. ♥♥♥

  • emem

    wow..so excited!!!!!biebershoes!!!!

  • Talani

    Wow, these people are idiots and stupid.

  • Diana beliber forever

    O my god can’t wait cool :) I can’t wait for the surprise I’m so so so exited I live you Justin so so so much

    • Belieber4ever

      It should be excited, dude.

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    Dang he looks really good and Grown in this Pic!

    • lambor500S

      I agree very hot

  • Belieber

    Omg can’t wait to see what the surprise is!

  • Hannah bieber

    Omg I can’t wait to see what it is. And I have a few pairs of his shoes.I have red ones and neo Adidas one haha.

  • Mrs.BIEBER#1

    He looks so hot XD
    Cant wait!

  • Talani

    Can’t believe tabloids say that justin and Selena are having twins. Full of shit.

    • TALANI


      • Belieberforevs

        Ure full of shit! Now please get out of this site if u don’t like him!!

      • Talani

        What. Uh hello, tabloids , TMZ are full of shit. Lies more lies.

  • here for selena

    I’m shocked justin might be having a baby with selena!!!!! Please let it be a rumor!!!!! I don’t want her to quit singing and acting.

    • Belieber

      that’s bs it’s probably a rumor. Like when the media said that before. It was fake.

      • here for selena

        @ belieber thanks ILY #journals

  • Krista

    I have his gold shoes but i refuse to wear them they are displayed in my room. I love him so much! I am in love with him! Love you Justin!!!!! :) <3

  • here for selena

    I really don’t believe that he is having one media lie.

  • Belieber4ever

    I hope it is something that is surprising and good at the same time.

  • taylor blieber forever

    Justin bieber I love u so much I love love love u soooo much plz give those shoes out soon plz Justin wooooo 2 morwe days I love Justin bieber so much I hope he doesn’t mess his new relation ship up with selena gomez again for like the fourth time uuuhg holy crap Justin quit messing up so much jeewiz

  • Belieberforevs

    Why does he have to be so sexy???

  • Birk

    Maybe shoes with Justin’s name on them? Shoes that will be a limited edition release?? I know I want a pair!!


    i love you justin bieber i 27 and i have medical problems .