Adidas NEO Label has released a new #NEOBIEBERMIX promotional campaign. Checkout the video below:

In the past few days, Adidas has been teasing beliebers with Justin’s promotional posters. Adidas to unveil the big news on March 19th.

@AdidasNeoLabel: On second thought, we’ll hold on to our big news for a little bit longer. JK! #NEObiebermix is happening tomorrow.

  • Talani

    Aww, he’s to adorable .

  • Talani

    Wow, Justin is to cute

  • Turkey2turkey

    lol luv this its so cute

  • Talani

    Oh my goodness Justin is a good guy.

  • Hannah bieber

    Ahhhh omg I can’t wait !!! And I love the ending <3

  • munas

    I like it

  • nicki

    I luv it. And I can’t wait until tomorrow. Luv you.

  • sara belieber

    justin bieber !!!!!!i love you uuuu and neo its cool #BELIEBER <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<

  • Belieber

    So It’s a video? cant wait till later to see it!

  • Rebecca Bieber

    I love Justin Drew Bieber so much <3 He is amazing… Im a proud Belieber and Justin thank you for everything you done… You are the best Idol i could ever had…. BELIEBER FOREVER!!!!!!! I love love love love youuuuuuuuu sooooooooo muchhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! BELIEBER 100% I love this video :) And fyi can't wait it happens today the #BieberNeoSurprise <333333

  • here for selena

    Justin, your beliebers some not all are hating on selena because your in a relationship with her. And their telling selena to go and…… also their saying to Selena she needs to quit music and acting now she’s questioning herself saying she’s ugly all that stuff selena already said she hasn’t done nothing wrong but fall for you. These haters are getting to her she hasn’t posted in a week on instagram because she has been crying a selenator words not mine Please talk to Selena and cheer her up we selenators love selena so much all we want is to see her happy we don’t want selena to quit singing at all!!!!!!!!!! She’s our idol she’s everything to us. PLEASE make her stop crying. I know u love selena don’t u????? We’re scared!!!!!! She’s depressed. Please post selena ;( that would make your selenators really happy we just want to see if you are okay ;( thanks justin :) be a good boyfriend. :)

  • Ariella

    Justin’s amazing!!He’s really talented and I love it when he’s on NEO and he does photoshoots for everyone :D.My cuttie JB is not only talented but he’s got style.I love him!!

  • here for selena

    Thanks justin:)

  • Belieberforevs

    I love that boy!! I am watching the video over and over and over and over…….

  • Belieberforevs

    Proud for justin!!;)

  • Belieberforevs


  • Belieberforevs


  • Belieberforevs

    AWEsOme!!! Baby!!

  • Belieberforevs

    Keep doing what ure doing,

    ~ Belieberforevs~

  • Diana beliber forever

    Cool video Justin loved it can’t wait to see it too I love you Justin so so so much

  • bettybeliever

    Love it