Artist Banksy Reacts to Justin Bieber’s ‘Balloon Girl’ Graffiti Tattoo

Banksy graffiti tattoo reaction bieber

British street graffiti artist Banksy reacts to Justin Bieber’s latest tattoo the “Balloon Girl.”

Official Banksy’s Facebook page has posted a snap of the tatt accompanied by a single word comment: “Controversial”. Is the artist not too impressed??

Banksy’s fans were even less tolerant of Justin’s ink and one jokey comment stating “Amputate under copyright laws” has over 2,600 likes.

Banksy balloon

The iconic Balloon Girl image was first graffitied onto a wall in London neighborhood Hoxton back in 2002, however the section of wall bearing the etching is set to be removed and sold in coming months.

  • swaagg

    he should be happy and honored bieber likes his work

  • Hannah bieber

    Wow it’s just a tattoo like come on.that person should be glad and happy that he admires his art work . I do have to admit it’s very nice

  • Talani

    Wow, justin loves getting tats. He’s smoking hot.

  • Belieber

    Well, he could atleast be appreciative that Justin likes his artwork.

  • nicki

    Well, he should be happy that Justin admired his artwork. I have to say that its amazing. Luv you Justin.

  • ivan

    Those people don’t realize there are pictures of other guys who have the same tattoo and others by that artist. You could google them by typing: guys with Banksy tattoos; why did they not go after them? Also, Justin, yesterday tweeted a nice compliment to the artist promoting his art

  • Mrs.BIEBER#1

    I think the tattoo is really nice.And i like the way his tatoos have nice meanings for them unlike Harry styles and his crappy tatoos(even if Harry does have crappy tatoos doesnt mean i still dont like him,cuz i STILL ♡ him but i will NEVER stop ♥ing Justin :) ).anyway who cares what Bansky says i think justins tattoos
    are ausome :)

    • The artist is against everything that Justin stands for you uncultured pig. Your and his ignorance to what Bansky is about is disgusting and you should be ashamed.

  • You don’t get it

    It’s not bc it’s justin bieber. It’s bc pop sensations / celebrities are everything bansky is against. Therefore it is an insult to him that he has no say of who can have his work on them. It sounds stupid and he’s ungrateful and lashing out at just bieber. But it’s bc bieber stands for everything bans my does not stand for. Case closed.

  • x

    The original work itself was controversial. What the hell is wrong with you people all on Biebers nuts. Grow up and learn something.

  • Susie

    Ew sorry babe but I really don’t like that tat.