Bieber Attorneys: “The egging was a silly prank, Not a Felony”


Justin Bieber’s lawyers say “Bieber egging” was “a silly prank” and they are trying to persuade Los Angeles County prosecutors not to charge Justin with a felony in the alleged egg attack on a neighbor, reports CNN.

Via CNN:

The potential vandalism charge is what lawyers called a “wobbler,” meaning the district attorney must decide if it will be prosecuted as a felony — which has much more serious consequences — or as a misdemeanor.

There is little doubt Bieber will be charged with vandalism for the January incident and a decision should be announced soon.

Bieber attorneys Howard Weitzman and Shawn Holley met with prosecutors Tuesday to argue that since the egging was “a silly prank” and Bieber has no criminal record, it should be treated as a misdemeanor.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department detectives are pushing for a felony charge, based on the estimated $20,000 in damage caused by the eggs to the mansion next door.

Justin sold his Calabasas mansion to Khloe Kardashian earlier this month and has already moved his skateboard ramp, video games and fast cars from the home where he’s lived for the past two years, according to CNN.

Despite tabloid speculation that he planned to make Atlanta his new home, a source close to him told CNN that would not happen. He spent most of February in Atlanta, where he began his professional recording career, but in recent weeks he has flown to Florida, Texas and Canada. Justin is recently in Toronto, where he is working on new music, according to his Twitter postings.

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