Bieber Attorneys: “The egging was a silly prank, Not a Felony”


Justin Bieber’s lawyers say “Bieber egging” was “a silly prank” and they are trying to persuade Los Angeles County prosecutors not to charge Justin with a felony in the alleged egg attack on a neighbor, reports CNN.

Via CNN:

The potential vandalism charge is what lawyers called a “wobbler,” meaning the district attorney must decide if it will be prosecuted as a felony — which has much more serious consequences — or as a misdemeanor.

There is little doubt Bieber will be charged with vandalism for the January incident and a decision should be announced soon.

Bieber attorneys Howard Weitzman and Shawn Holley met with prosecutors Tuesday to argue that since the egging was “a silly prank” and Bieber has no criminal record, it should be treated as a misdemeanor.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department detectives are pushing for a felony charge, based on the estimated $20,000 in damage caused by the eggs to the mansion next door.

Justin sold his Calabasas mansion to Khloe Kardashian earlier this month and has already moved his skateboard ramp, video games and fast cars from the home where he’s lived for the past two years, according to CNN.

Despite tabloid speculation that he planned to make Atlanta his new home, a source close to him told CNN that would not happen. He spent most of February in Atlanta, where he began his professional recording career, but in recent weeks he has flown to Florida, Texas and Canada. Justin is recently in Toronto, where he is working on new music, according to his Twitter postings.

  • Talani

    TMZ are the most dumbest people ever. There full of shit.

    • x

      This was CNN, you have to be some kind of troll.

    • Sam

      It’s CNN not TMZ. Also it’s they’re, not there.

  • Talani

    People act like they don’t do anything stupid .

  • Talani

    Justin is a good guy. The tabloids are the dumbest idiots. And should be stung by bees. Creeps

  • Talani

    The media and the tabloids are idiots. They should GTFO.

  • Talani

    I’m so in love jelena. My favorite couple.

  • nicki

    They shouldn’t never made it a prank anyway beacuse the prosecuters took it really serious. Next time the lawyers need to think about things that will happen before doing them. Luv you Brizzle.

    • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

      it “bizzle” no brizzle

  • Belieber

    If that is what happened, that it was a prank, he shouldn’t of done it as a prank anyways because the prosecuters will take it seriously.

  • K

    Let’s be honest if a person who is not famous like Justin committed this act they would get charged. Since it’s JB he was just a “joke” and should’t get charged. That’s not fair. He’n not above everyone else.

    • stringbiebs

      That’s not true. If it was anyone not famous nobody would give a crap. Kids egg houses + toilet paper houses all the time but they don’t get CHARGED for it. Maybe in trouble but nothing as serious as Justin is going thorough.

      • Just saying

        Vandalism is a crime. Some people will never understand the law. Lets say if someone egged your house that you paid good money for, and someone plays a “silly prank”, you wouldn’t like it very much. He should have done it to a friends house, if he thought it was funny. But yes, this egg thing is going overboard and just needs to be put to rest already.

    • Vicki

      If anyone that was not famous did this
      1. The police would not have been called and
      2. They would not have responded at all

    • Birk

      Justin has no criminal record, so your theory about everyone else treated the same way makes no sense. People with criminal records shouldn’t be treated the same as those who don’t have criminal records. Justin is a first time offender is what his lawyers are saying, and should be treated as such, not a hard core criminal with a rap sheet a mile long! But that won’t satisfy people like you, will it?

  • keira german

    It was a prank, indeed. I hope he will win this case too and from now on we can only read about JELENA and how happy they are together:)

    • Sam

      Yes and the neighbor has to pay all the damages to his home and to get it repaired and cleaned just because God Justin decided to play a prank. Get real. He needs to suffer the consequences of his actions like everybody else. He damaged the dudes home, he needs to pay for it.

      • Vicki

        Sam, You know for certain that Justin did this?? It has been almost 8 weeks since the supposed evidence was given to the DA
        Does this not make you wonder ??

      • Birk

        Who said Justin was God???? Don’t start with garbage like that. He made a stupid mistake, and it was not meant malicious in nature, it was a prank that went wrong. Simple as that. I’m sure that Justin can not only afford to pay for the damages but would be more than willing to do so.

  • ivan

    I always believed the neighbor deliberately had more work done than was necessary to increase the cost and have Justin charged with a felony. The work probably could have been done for much less money. The Sheriff who is probably friends with the neighbor wants to give him the max. It seems from the audio of Justin[?] by the neighbor, that Justin was angry with something he or a friend did so it could have been more than a prank for fun. The truth will come out if there is a trial. Most probably it will be settled.

    • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

      We al know he did it … you can tell..A felony by NO means..should he pay for the damage should be like vandalism …not even a misdemeanor because nothing was broke or damaged indefinitely or stolen. He did it and he needs to Pay UP for the cleaning costs..LOL

    • BriannaHines

      I think the law & the media is unfair

  • Lauranda

    It was a prank cause like really who throw egg at their neighbor now these days so yeah he just trying to be a bad a$$.

    • chuchu

      That neighbor’s children(who are teens) tpeed his house first and then he retaliated with eggs. That neighbor could’ve cleaned up and moved on especially since nothing was broken and the eggs didn’t really get on much.

  • ivan

    My hope is he pays the fine and gets probation for about a year. That should be adequate; he did not kill anyone! The Misdemeanor charge could remain on his record for one to three years I believe causing possible traveling problems. Perhaps, he will get lucky and the D.A. will make it an infraction which would be the best.

  • Hannah bieber

    Ummm I don’t think it was a prank he would’ve taken responsibility for it or do it at a friends house instead of his neighbors but hopefully nothing bad happens to him tho


    Justin ! Don’t withdraw ! Fight forever !

  • Marion

    What do we know and from whom ? Maybe Justin who had been seen with Selena in this gated community had suspicions the neighbour who hates him told someone about it and his pic with Selena ended in the news which was a steal of his privacy ? He could have had good reasons to take revenge on this neighbour ? Only Justin and the neighbour know. I don t see Justin egging this guy ‘s house if the guy was always nice to him ….

  • Bbb

    He doesn’t have a criminal record ? He got arrested in Miami and was charged with dui. So there for it should be on his criminal record also he was charged with assult in canada that to should be on his criminal record so what are they saying