Bieber Team Believes Deposition Video was a ‘Set Up’


Justin Bieber believes he was set up in his videotaped deposition by lawyers who baited him with insulting questions and planned all along to leak the tape to humiliate him.

In the deposition video, Justin was shown acting angry during the taped deposition in the Miami lawsuit over his bodyguard allegedly beating up photographer Jeffrey Binion, and took the camera.

Just two days after the deposition, the tape was leaked to TMZ, and Bieber team is reportedly demanding to know if a payment was made in exchange for the tape.

A source tells Page Six:

The video was leaked so quickly that Justin’s legal team believes it was all a setup. The questions Justin was being asked, including questions about Usher, had nothing to do with the case.

He was being harassed with extremely strange questions, and the chosen clips that were released, which show Justin to be frustrated, happened four and a half hours into the deposition.

Justin’s team is considering making a request to the judge to order an audit to see if a payment was received by anybody on Binion’s side for the tape, which they believe is serious malpractice.

According to the site, Justin was seen behaving “like a brat” as he was being grilled in the bodyguard-beatdown case. He appeared to be disrespectful of Usher, the man who made him a superstar. When quizzed if he even knew Usher, he was nonchalant: “Yeah, Usher. Thatsounds familiar.”

Then, asked directly if Usher discovered him and was “instrumental” to his career, Bieber took all the credit, with one slip-up: “I was found on YouTube. I think I was detrimental to my own career.”

Bieber’s deposition video (FULL)

At another point, Justin almost lost it when asked about off-again, on-again flame Selena Gomez. With a stone-cold, angry glare, he said, “Don’t ask me about her again.”

Binion’s lawyer, Russell S. Adler, did not return our calls or e-mails Tuesday night, nor did Mark G. DiCowden, a personal injury lawyer identified as asking Justin questions on the taped deposition. Reps for Bieber declined to comment.

  • meann

    its called human nature….i love you justinnnn<3<3<3

    • Which part

      Which part the reactions or the greed by whoever leaked the videos?

      Even if it wasn’t for money and just to help their case……I think they need to be held accountable. It’s possible a judge wouldn’t have let the deposition be used as evidence. Now good luck finding someone who hasn’t seen it.

  • Annika

    I think the video is funny this just makes me love him more and I didn’t know that was possible

    • Tahani

      Yes it does. It makes me love him even more.

    • Ariella

      Justin’s amazing and he may be just a little bit bad but I still love him.Whenever Justin says don’t ask me that question then don’t because he’ll get upset and that’s not right.My JBieber is the greatest and he loves us Beliebers wether you peps on that video like it or not.I’ll always Believe.And that’s what us Beliebers do just for Justin.I love him no matter what.

  • Diana

    Aww thats my baby

  • Tahani

    Justin is very protective of Selena.

  • Tahani

    I do think Justin was set up.

  • Tahani

    Justin is not a brat. Or arrogant.

  • Tahani

    Why the hell would they bring up Selena. She has nothing to do with it.

  • nicki

    If that was a set-up, why the hell would they ask him them strange questions that haven’t had nothing to do with the case. They are a**holes. Luv u Justin. ♥

  • here for selena

    I love you justin so much!!!!! Are you okay after what happened last year and the start of this year????? Do you need someone to be there for u?????? Because I am here if you need me to be. I’m right here by your side. I understand all you’ve been through but I’m really starting to worry and get upset about you because of all the things that have been going on I’m concerned a lot and I just feel like everything they put against you is very unfair. I want you to know that I will never ever ever lie to you I care a lot about you and its just so hard to see you suffer in the position you are now in I want to help you find your way back I don’t ever want to loose you, you mean the world to me as much as selena does I’m soooooooooooo MAD about you getting arrested for something you didn’t partly do when your hurt I’m hurt. Your broken inside and its really frustrating to see that. I’m mad at the media you get hated on for everything you do and I’m sick of it. I just wish that everyone would just stop acting like fools and see who you really are. A Sweet kind generous person that loves making music I wish people would report on the good things that you do everyday like what you did for avalanna I wish people would see your heart. Justin,can I ask you something? Do you ever feel like you want to give up? Because today I felt that way. I was kinda really letting my guard down with negitivity comments about something that was really bothering me while my friend was reading hate comments about you getting deported out of the US, with me sitting right there in tears I told her to stop and she did but, then started laughing. I couldn’t sleep that night because I didn’t want anything bad to happen to you. So I just felt like I wanted to give up not on you but on myself. I needed closure cause I couldn’t let go of the feeling that you were in jail. And I still can’t. I love u so much. I have very deep feeling for you.

  • Belieber

    Ikr it was weird because the usher question had nothing to do about it. maybe.

    • me

      yah bt y did he say that his name sounded familiar thats was kinda rude nd the crap about he made himself famous.. ouch justin love u but u are getting very messsed up.. everybody worked so hard so u could be where u are.. nd u werent even the one that put the videos up it was your mom so..

      • HaylieDrewSwag

        He was playing hard to get and I think that it was right that he behaved that way because the questions were so out the case.

      • Memory

        He was there a long time because they were asking questions that made no sense and they knew he would get tired of being there and i think he said that because he has already had two movies and they more than likely already knew the answer they just wanted to make a fool of him, but i probably would have acted the same way if i was him, and im pretty sure that he was harassed, and its true it was a DEPOSITION NOT A INTERVIEW, he sounded like a love sick justin bieber fan.

  • hannah bieber

    I agree it was a set up bcuzz they were asking him questions that had nothing to deal with the case.like really what does usher, scooter, Australia, or selena had to deal with the case ??? But I do agree if he were to just answer yes or no to the questions it would’ve been easier and shorter

    • Tasha

      Aww Justin

  • Boy Belieber

    Looks that douche Binion spent that paycheck on his face. Classified shit! Justin can’t be disrespectful of usher!

    • Stefanie

      It was a set up you asshole!

  • here for selena

    People are accusing you of violence against paps @ bizzle. My comment above is supposed to go to you too.

  • ivan

    The lawyer indicated the opposition might have been selling vids to TMZ since they showed the clips almost immediately after they were released. They were edited to make him look bad even leaving out the apology to the stenographer indicating he was really angry with the attorny or the pap who wants over 7 million dallars which is stupid. As for Usher, he did not mean to disrespect him; he was angry at the questions and answered that way in anger at the lawyer. If you see the full video you will see he did remain calm and answered the questions as far as he could without giving out too much information. Now they want him back to question him about Gomez which would be terrible and an effort to make him look bad again by trying to make him act out.

    • Daphne

      where can you watch the full video?

  • ivan

    TMZ has almost always been the first to have vids and pics of incidents in L.A. and other places; I could list a whole bunch of such to show it. That’s why there is suspicion on the part of Justin’s lawyer that TMZ paid the opposition for those clips.

    • Tahani

      TMZ are the most dumbest people. There preverted and are stalkers.

      • Not A Fan

        There is way too many grammatical errors in that sentence for you to be able to call anyone dumb. Justin Bieber hates you.

    • Tahani

      TMZ are the dumbest people. No wonder celebs can’t stand there asses. They should be shot in the head

      • Birk

        @NOT A FAN.. So you came on this site just to bash Justin Bieber? Why not stay on TMZ where you usually troll with Justin’s other haters?

  • lambor500S

    Justin, I just want to apologized for my comment on your deposition. Everyone including me only went by what we have seen and heard which was negative footaage of your deposition. Not knowing you did not start off your deposition acting rude and disrespectful and not knowing there is more footage of you being very polite and cooperative. It was only at the very end when you start getting upset because of the questions that were asked had nothing to do with the case. I am so sorry for thinking you went in acting disrespecful.

  • Daphne

    It’s honestly so obvious that it was a set up, and you can tell he knew by the end of it when he winked at the camera, it was obvious he knew this was gonna be “leaked.” It honestly doesn’t surprise me anyway, it seems like anyone who’s not a Bᴇʟɪᴇʙᴇʀ is out to make him look bad and anyone who has the chance to interact with him in anyway is just using him money these days. I think the way he reacts in the clips on TMZ’s website are completely called for and understandable considering the questions he was being asked. The lawyer was flat out harassing him, none of the questions were relevant at all, especially the ones about Selena.

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    He is a brat at times…I would be too…going through all that Drama…
    Everyone always wants him to do bad and Hates on him because hes so young and Rich…effin HATErssss

  • Belieber 4ever!!

    LOL when he said is this a deposition or an interview. soooo true

    love u jb xxxx



  • leo

    why everything related to justin is leaked.He has right to have some privacy ……..
    They want him to behave like that…so that they can turn us against him…by leaking these videos

  • Belieber

    If TMZ wanted us to hate Justin after this,hahah they just made us love him even more.

  • aleena

    first of all Justin is not arrogant or a brat he is a really good person ,he got angry bcuz he was being asked the type of questions that weren`t even related to the case ,he is already been through a lot and the way he behaved was awesome bcuz he wasn`t yelling bad words at them even though they were asking the wrong questions and the point when he said that is this a deposition or a 60 minute interview? that really made sense bcuz it all seemed like an interview . Selena ,usher,scooter they weren`t related to the case .and last of all i really think that it was a setup actually.people do anything for popularity!

  • aleena

    well he was looking super cute in that behaviour!

  • Mrs.BIEBER

    I found that funny:)
    But why would they ask such wierd questions?
    I just dont understand.
    And if i were them id feel like i was being set up too.#BELIEBERS FOREVER :)

  • Tabitha.Morales

    Hey babe don’t sweat it………… calm down

  • Stefanie

    I knew it was a setup! Justin would never do that if he knew something was up.

  • kikca 6


  • josh

    stop deffending him and stop backing him up

  • Krista

    Justin I am so sorry that you are feeling like you were set up. Just remebr all they are is haters. You don’t need to worry about them. As long as you stay true to yourself and your fans you are perfectly fine. I have been watching your viedos since you started making them before you were famous. I have been here every step of the way and I will be with you your whole life. I will be 95 trying to dougie to boyfriend. I love you so much and I am here for you if you need me.