Brad Paisley Offers to Write Life ‘Soundtrack’ for Justin Bieber & Miley Cyrus


Popular country music star Brad Paisley offers to write life ‘soundtrack’ for Justin Bieber (and Miley too). Speaking at a press conference in the UK, Brad said:

There’s nothing to be ashamed of about being old-fashioned. I mean, I grew up on the ‘Andy Griffith Show,’ I grew up listening to Johnny Cash records and some of that’s an old-fashioned thing. But in the old-fashioned sense, we sang about stuff that’s really hip now, such as Johnny Cash sang about drug abuse, and he sang about adultery and all these things that are really popular now!

We were way ahead of the game! Have you watched Justin Bieber lately? He is living a George Jones song! If he needed a soundtrack for what’s going on with him, or Miley, let me know!

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