Can you find Justin Bieber in this pic? #TexasBasketball :)

Justin Bieber dunk his butt

@scooterbraun: Great day hoopin. Thanks to #texasbasketball and @easymoneysniper for hooking it up.

Watch Justin & Scooter playing Basketball:

  • ex belieber

    Dont care anymoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Belieber

      if you dont like him anymore, then get off

      • Rosie

        If you don’t like justin then don’t comment

    • Wapapet

      then stop commenting and STFU . jeez -_- your not a real belieber

    • HaylieDrewSwag

      A real belieber wouldn’t become an ex fan just becuz he changes a little. Everybody changes themselves when they grow up!

    • Birk

      Hit the road.. You are not wanted here hater!

  • Belieber forever

    LMAO.. Omg they just pretended they slipped or something just to get points this two… I can’t

  • nicki

    Lol. Justin is in the basketball hoops. That is hilarious. How did he get up there? Have fun. Luv you guys. ♥

  • Hannah bieber

    If u dont like him gtfo off this site.we dont need anymore fake beliebers -.- and hes in the hoop lol i wonder how get there

  • Diana beliber forever

    He’s in the hoops lol I hope you had fun playing basketball I love you Justin so so so much

    • Tahani

      What A cutie.

  • lambor500S

    Nice move justin you were good to scooter.

  • Mrs.BIEBER

    HahaXD.when i first saw pic i was where is he? hehe now i know :).but howd he get up there :/

  • Elizabeth

    Please like my page on Facebook called Smilers and Beliebers. I post things like new/old pictures. I post news on Justin Bieber and MIley Cyrus. Mostly Justin Bieber cause im a huge Justin Bieber Fan aka Belieber.

  • Belieber

    Haha he’s so fuken cute I swear mah babe cute a f >.< I couldn't find him at first lmao .. How he get up their lol ha his butt lol I love him so much #alwaysbelieving love yhu Justin

  • Belieber

    Oh and his hair cute lol

  • Stefanie

    why is he hanging up there?

  • liz

    no idea ;)

  • Birk

    LOL… How did they manage to fit Justin in that basketball net? This is the funniest picture I have ever seen.. Great sense of humor Justin has..

  • Rabi Bieber

    That is hilarious. <3