Chantel Jeffries Posts Picture with Justin Bieber on Instagram, Wishing him a “Happy Birthday” in French

Justin Bieber and Chantel Jeffries Anniversary bday

Controversial Miami model Chantel Jeffries posted this pic on Instagram (later she deleted it) – wishing Justin a happy birthday.

@chanteljeffries: Joyeux anniversaire

“Joyeux anniversaire” means “happy birthday” in French.

Not sure why she deleted the pic??

  • Brianna hines

    Rumors …I don’t believe chantel jefferies death threats are a pattern with girls near justin & Justin spends a lot of time with chantel jefferiers nice pic but the thought of u Justin makes me sad & mad

  • Brianna hines

    Happy birthday in French … what a fascinating language I LUV JUSTIN BIEBER : (

    • Brianna hines

      The pictures support the rumors which makes the rumors appear to be true its annoying the bright side is Justin’s 20 years old

  • Boy belieber brandon

    She’s wearing his top?

    • Swedishbelieber


  • nicki

    Why would she delete that picture of him and her wishing him a wonderful birthday? Even though they friends.

  • Justin’s girlfriend Samantha

    Happy sexy birthday. Bizzle

  • stringbiebs

    She probably deleted it because people were giving her hate just for posting a picture, she wasn’t saying they were dating.

    • Susie

      And even if they were dating she doesn’t deserve hate.Would you rather have him be lonely?

      • Claudia

        I would rather him being lonely that someone who is just using him for fame. Not saying that Chantel is, but I’m just saying what I would rather.

    • Daphne

      But also she’s wearing his sweater but then by the time he got that sweater he already had a cross tattoo on his chest which would poke out of his tank top, you don’t see it in this picture so it makes the picture kinda questionable

  • Belieber

    Cool ! happy birthday in French, nice! :)

  • Susie

    She probably deleted it because she was getting death threats or something crazy.

  • Kiara jade

    I don’t like the idea of justin and Chantelle together. I’m sure she’s nice but I don’t think that they work

    • Kris fondnazio

      I agree they don’t deserve eachother

  • saida luvenia mahoney

    That is so sweet and adorable. i will always love justin

  • rb

    The picture was taken in Panama. Also you don’t see the new cross tattoo on his chest. Post BDay.

  • Brianna hines

    chantel I hope u did not do anything with my BOYFRIEND and I most certainly hope your not in Justin’s shirt I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER

  • tina!

    technically it should be bonne aniversaire

  • Just Saying

    It’s just so depressing that someone can’t post up a picture saying happy birthday just like everyone else is doing, without having someone up and down their throats. Smh!

    • Brianna hines

      Rumors are stupid & hurt people I don’t believe DAPHNE,RB,& BOY BELIBER BRANDON I will grant Justin’s birthday wish DON’T BELIEVE RUMORS I LUV JUSTIN BIEBER I wonder why chantel deleted the pic

  • Brianna hines

    I think the shirt fits nice I’m trying to picture that on Justin eww the shirt is fitted and fits chantel like a female fit

  • Brianna hines

    I WANT CHANTEL JEFFERIES TO STAY ALIVE but I can’t ignore my feelings Justin

    • Brianna hines

      Who are u talking to just saying

      • Just saying

        people who are throwing death threats at her for no reason obviously.

  • zari

    Tbh..I really don’t like her but that was a nice thing to do!!

  • biebs fan

    But does justin knows this gal was or is a member of taz angels a group of whores owned by a certain man called taz who fuck celebrities when they hang out in miami and its also said that she was lil twists gf yet biebs expect pple 2 to take him seriously google her name with taz angels and check out the images#GROSS and WHORISH

  • Nema

    She just wanted attention text him if u dont care about fame

  • nandra

    Its a nice relationship they have, caring each other like a bestfriend. If she could hangout with justin its means that she already habe a place in his heart, as one of his precious friends…

  • Kuhio

    Oh my goodness where’s my comment.

  • Kuhio

    Aww oh my goodness Justin

  • Diana beliber forever

    Aww that cute I wonder what French looks like I love you Justin so so so much

  • Temwa

    Any belieber supporting justin this whore is a fool especially considering her past she is a member of taz angels a group of whores based in miami who f celebs when they want it while in miami meaning the media wil always torture bieber 4 this b-ch

  • Mary

    The sad thing about this r/ship is that it is justin image thats gonna suffer since this gal was one time fuked by lil twist

  • Tacy drew

    TAZ ANGELS is where this gal worked as a dancer/hooker i pity justins image

  • Mary drew biebs

    Bieber b eating left overs from diddy’s son, lil twist that NFL player and the list continues #he cn do beta that this whore

  • drew biebs

    Why do i hv a feeling this gal might trap bieber by getting pregnant deliberately she rily wants fame considering her exes

    • tabitha.morales

      rite? I bet she didn’t get the memo dat it was his b-day on sat but true ……. tbh? b**** plz

  • Loka

    Any one supporting this gal z bull considering her being a memba of taz angels group of whores who sleep with celebs sad coz justin is doing this

  • hannah bieber

    she might’ve deleted it bcuzz the media would automatically report it or maybe beliebers were hating on her but they looked cute tho