Create your own Justin Bieber Adidas NEO Music video! #NEObiebermix #Contest


Adidas Neo Label challenges beliebers to create your very own Justin Bieber Neo Music Video #NEOBIEBERMIX for the Spring Summer Collection.

You can now create your very own Justin Bieber Neo Music Video for NEO’s Spring Summer Collection.


1. Visit the Adidas NEO site, sign up below to start mixing.
2. Drag and drop the exclusive clips of Justin into the timeline to make your video.
3. Add effects to stand out from the crowd.
4. Submit your best mix and share it with your friends.

The winning video will be the OFFICIAL NEO’s CAMPAIGN VIDEO. And Oh.. you’ll also get a shout out from @justinbieber!

Good luck!

  • me

    i made one :) check it out on my twitter @crazy_cen

    • April Jimenez

      Where do you click to Start?

  • nicki

    That is really cool. I am going to try. Luv you. ♥

  • me 2

    can anyone help me with the video editor provided on the Adidas neo website? the song stops playing suddenly in the middle of my video :( how can I fix this so the song can continue playing throughout the whole video?

  • April Jimenez

    I don’t see how you do it Where do you start the video please help me

  • Hannah Bieber

    I would do it but idk exactly how to do it ?? :/

    • Miguel

      there’s tutorial videos actually so you’ll not get confused

  • belieber

    OOOO he has strong sexy hairy legs!

  • belieber

    JK but I love them sneakers! Best believe I am going shopping ASAP!! Not because he has them but because they fly as hell!

  • Nicole

    Made one already and I also love they’re shoes it super cute and Justin is looking Fine!!!! As Fuck OMG stop it justin your killing me to much Sexyness!!!!!

  • belieber

    I’ll give it a shot lol I love him so much!!!!! ❤

  • Jasmin Jaimes

    i tried signing up but it didnt let me i really want to win and also get to meet u in person i would love that you make me so happy i dont know what i would do if you left me please respond back…

    ~Jasmin <3

  • fatma (rim)

    hi guys i wanna make it

  • Tareah Hall

    when is it over?

  • fatima

    Done itttt!! when does the winner get a announced

  • M.Cee

    did it for fun