Creator of Petition ‘Deport Justin Bieber’ Speaks: ‘Bieber Negatively influencing the children!’


Meet Roger Skrzynski, the 24-year-old native of Riverview, Michigan, claims he created Jan. 23 a “Deport Justin Bieber and revoke his green card” petition that already appears to have the federal government’s attention.

In fact, the petition posted on has already exceeded the required 100,000 backers needed to earn a response from the White House, and the petition had generated 265,000 signatures.

Skrzynski told

I’m just listening on the radio about Bieber’s problems. And thought.. ‘How funny would it be to be the first to get a petition up there real quick and get a response from the White House?’

I created this petition as a complete joke, but I am truly disappointed in today’s pop culture. It’s like the media places people like Justin Bieber in the spotlight without considering the consequences or who he might influence.

Just seeing the kids grow up, you see some starting to emulate the pop culture. And you see a real difference in the way they act compared to others.

I think they all need to reflect on themselves and realize that a good amount of children are watching them and trying to relate to them. There people with much better influence that deserve the spotlight.

Skryznski said he hasn’t received any feedback from the White House or anyone in Bieber’s camp. But if he could talk to Justin, he’d tell him it’s time for an intervention.

I would tell him to get himself some help. He needs it – obviously. And he needs to realize he’s negatively influencing the children who grew up listening to him.

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