Creator of Petition ‘Deport Justin Bieber’ Speaks: ‘Bieber Negatively influencing the children!’


Meet Roger Skrzynski, the 24-year-old native of Riverview, Michigan, claims he created Jan. 23 a “Deport Justin Bieber and revoke his green card” petition that already appears to have the federal government’s attention.

In fact, the petition posted on WhiteHouse.gov has already exceeded the required 100,000 backers needed to earn a response from the White House, and the petition had generated 265,000 signatures.

Skrzynski told MLive.com:

I’m just listening on the radio about Bieber’s problems. And thought.. ‘How funny would it be to be the first to get a petition up there real quick and get a response from the White House?’

I created this petition as a complete joke, but I am truly disappointed in today’s pop culture. It’s like the media places people like Justin Bieber in the spotlight without considering the consequences or who he might influence.

Just seeing the kids grow up, you see some starting to emulate the pop culture. And you see a real difference in the way they act compared to others.

I think they all need to reflect on themselves and realize that a good amount of children are watching them and trying to relate to them. There people with much better influence that deserve the spotlight.

Skryznski said he hasn’t received any feedback from the White House or anyone in Bieber’s camp. But if he could talk to Justin, he’d tell him it’s time for an intervention.

I would tell him to get himself some help. He needs it – obviously. And he needs to realize he’s negatively influencing the children who grew up listening to him.

  • Melissa

    “Justin’s influencing us to do bad stuff” like no if anything he’s helping us. He has inspired so many of us!Justin is trying to learn from his mistakes, we could even be leaning from his mistakes and the one we ourselves have made. This petition is repulsive and just to think how much money the us would loose if Justin left should also be considered.

    • Shalu

      U r the most wonder starB-)… I love you:-*

      • Nikki Appu beliebers

        absolutely correct, shalu

  • Belieber

    Seriously, a joke? wow that was stupid. And Justin ‘influences fans in a bad way’? He influences us beliebers in a good way. Like to help with charity, and other things.

    • Mrs Bieber

      YOUR true, ‘belieber’ haters are getting influenced bad us beliebers are influenced a better,good way.Where is media when he visits hospitals and meets children and started pencils of promise??OK you haters feel that he smokes drinks so he is bad NO ur wrong haters !!

  • hannah bieber

    Influencing negatively to children ???? Umm I’m sorry as far as I know he’s not taking care of your kids so umm yea its their choice if they do something bad not Justin. Stfu and a joke really ??? Wow that’s stupid.lol I can’t believe haters still think he’s getting deported

    • Marissa

      Exactly! Worry about your own children before you go blaming him.

  • ragini

    its d way u see mr. petitioner….justin is a good guy n is not at all being a bad influence….he has taught all of d beliebers to believe in our dreams n never say never (by a die hard indian belieber)

  • lambor500S

    I cannot believe this guy is admitting the petition for Justin to be deported was a joke. I which someone could send this to the White House and with any luck he will get slap with a serious fine. Also, Justin does not have a big influence over these kids like this guy thinks. It is up to the parents to teach there kids right from wrong.

  • Lauranda

    Im not going to say he wrong Because I kinda agree on everything of what he just said but I doubt this deport thing wouldn’t happen I think is just for to get us some of us sad or happy who knows.

  • MellyBieber

    Defending Justin and beliebers has help us tand up for others!!

  • Kristine Bieber

    This is bs, because it obiously isn’t Justins job to raise your kids!

  • thareen tajamul

    justin has never influenced us in a bad way….hes always thr too help us…infact he influences us a lot in a positive way….theres noo point in critisizing him if they dnt knw him ask thm nt too speak off him….!! LOVE YOU JUSTIN NO MATTER WHAT!

  • Tabitha.Morales


  • stringbiebs

    This guy is stupid as Hell. Seriously, Justin does INSPIRE us to live our dream, he doesn’t affect how we act. We are in control of our own life’s, Justin doesn’t determine it. It’s not a joke, why would you make a petition like that when he doesn’t affect YOU, he didn’t mention he had any kids. Kids can be raised to be perfect and still make stupid decisions ITS CALLED LIFE!

  • ivan

    This self righteous moron-notice most of them are white guys-should stop reading from gossip stories and really get to know about Justin and the millions he has donated to children’s causes; he should speak to parents of kids he has help who have praised him. The fact Justin has made some mistakes does not make him a bad person-everyone including that stiff has made mistakes in life. He should worry about his own kids first.

  • ivan

    By the way, if he tries to talk to Justin with that attitude, i know where Justin will tell him to go.

  • bebe

    This guy is right! fans think of Justin 24 hrs a day and not thinking of more important stuff like your future.you might think he’s not affecting you but he is and he can be affecting younger children as 3 – 5 year olds who won’t understand that smoking and doing drugs and sagging your pants or putting tattoos all over your skin are bad.you Beliebers need to stop going crazy over little things, stop crying and whining when you hear something bad about Justin.he is Justin not Jesus.Justin has done many good things but he also did many bad things.if Justin was too do something bad many of you will follow him or defend him but you will never say he did something wrong.

  • Biebsunderwear

    This guy obviously doesn’t realize that justin has saved many lives including mine. He doesn’t influence anyone he isn’t raising everybody’s kids it’s the kids parents that need to control what THEIR children do not justin

  • nicki

    That is bs, because it’s not Justin fault that these kids is doing what what they doing its their parents. They parents need to put their kids in check, Justin is not raising anyone kids.

  • ivan

    Justin is not trying to get kids to take any drugs or sag their pants or get tattoos. The media is the one saying and showing these things, prying into his life. Furthermore he only has smoked pot which most kids do anyway these days but he does not go around doing it openly as Miley Cyrus and others do. Also, he has given concerts in which everything was clean-no nudity, sexual simulation on stage, or curse words unlike other music stars that do all that.

  • ivan

    Children have been to his concerts and seen him in person; they did not see any bad behavior on his part unless his getting to a concert late as he did a few times out of about 160 concerts is influencing them to do bad things witch is ridiculous.

  • Ashley

    How is justin a bad influence? The majority of his fans are around his age anyway. He is no where close to being as bad as some people influencing youth. Does this guy know that the majority of the songs on the radio now a days are all about sex or getting drunk/high and children sing these songs on a daily bases but those artist don’t get called bad influences. Justin only has a few sexual songs everything else is innocent and about love. He needs help? Sorry sir but do you know him personally do you know what goes on his everyday life? No you don’t. That’s the problem with Justin’s haters they listen to bull shit rumors that aren’t even true and use that as an excuse to hate him and say he’s a bad influence. Justin is doing nothing wrong as far as I’m concerned all he’s doing is growing up and making a few mistake along the way that’s part of growing up. There are people in this country murdering and raping but justin gets a little bad press and rumors made up about him and he instantly needs to be deported! Go ahead and try to deport him because Obama already said he’s not going to. Deport justin I’ll go to canada with him cus I don’t want to live in a country where they try to deport an innocent boy trying to grow and transition into a man.

  • violetta

    Okay, these “adults” need to realize that Justin signed up to be an artist, not to raise their kids. Why is everybody coming after him? Yeah, he went to jail but that was ONCE. I could understand if he kept returning to prison but he hasn’t, and it was proved that Justin didn’t do anything. There are people out there in the same business who are doing much worse things but they don’t get bashed on. Why does Justin always get the negative attention?

  • dchopsey

    Now this guy is 24 yrs old, Justin’s 20. So I assume this man never got into any trouble when he was “younger” LOL. Justin has given more to charity, helped others in their dreams and made so many children who are in hospitals. People only see Justin’s mistakes because Justin is the biggest star the media has to follow; so everything he does is in the spotlight; EXCEPT the GOOD that Justin does. The media does not show that. So because the media only shows his mistakes, people think he is a bad influence. SORRY to these people; BUT Justin is not a bad influence. Justin is growing up; looking for himself. I know I made numerous mistakes when I was growing up. See Justin is like everyone else; the difference his mistakes are made public by the media. Maybe if the media would concentrate on the GOOD Justin does, these ignorant people would stop ragging on Justin. GOD bless you Justin.

  • belieber4ever!!

    His face needs an intervention….its in need of some serious help


    Skrzynski ! You’re stupid !

    Skrzynski ! Ty jesteś głupi !

  • Angelika Nicole Gomes

    that’s all rubbish!!he’s an awesome AND HE’S NOT BAD AT ALLL!!

  • Nikki Appu beliebers

    wtf…. Justin is negatively influencing youngsters???? Whosoever claims dis, kindly prove it to beliebers, stupid… Take care of ur kids. I figure they r getting influenced negatively by ur acts…. & u r blaming it ovr d best person on d earth??? It’s been very well said – gud & honest people suffer d most… Luv u jb… U r bestest… Never mind such stupi people’s noncense… Belieber 4evr….

  • Birk

    Justin has inspired many fans to go for what they want in life despite the obstacles. These idiots who say he is a bad influence don’t realize that Justin was brought up in poverty and was poor most of his life until he became famous, and has now provided a better life for his family than the one he was raised in. That alone is an inspiration.


    just ok real know even influnence the fan at all just girl really like Justn Bieber BIEBER FEVER