Deposition Round 2? Justin Bieber To Be Questioned About Selena Gomez Again


Justin Bieber may have to prepare himself to answer questions about Selena Gomez again.

The attorney representing the paparazzo (Jeffrey Binion) who’s suing Justin for battery has filed a motion to depose him again, after Justin proved less than cooperative the first time around.

Jeffrey Binion’s lawyer, Mark DiCowden tells E! News:

I’m looking for Bieber’s reappearance in a deposition to be answered truthfully, honestly, and provide his recollections as to incidents that occurred between him and his bodyguards, including the Selena Gomez incident.

As previously reported, Justin wasn’t too happy when asked if he had dated Selena Gomez. In fact, Justin told paparazzo’s lawyer DiCowden “don’t ask me about her again” several times before getting up and walking out.

DiCowden has also filed to have Justin’s California-based attorneys Howard Weitzman and Jeremiah Reynolds kicked off the case. He said:

In the other motion, I’m also looking for his California [attorneys] to be sanctioned and removed from representing Justin Bieber in this case for their conduct in the March 6 deposition by refusing to allow Bieber to answer questions that were reasonably calculated to lead to admissible evidence in this case.

A hearing on DiCowden’s motions has been set for June 30.

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  • nicki

    They need to just leave him alone and stop asking dumb questions. And Selena is not that important either. Luv you Brizzle.

  • Belieber

    What? another deposition video of stupid & un neccesary questions?. and selena is not even involved with the whole thing. so wtf. gonna hear this whole thing in the news again. it’s stupid.

  • Talani

    Justin is very protective of Selena.

  • Talani

    Justin and Selena are so aww together

  • Talani

    Justin loves Selena. You can tell he’s very protective of her.

  • Talani

    I’m so aww of them together. He’s to cute

  • Hannah Bieber

    ok first of all they shouldn’t be asking about her in the first place bcuzz she has nothing to deal with the case and its none of their business to know about his relationship with selena.

  • m l

    they want to question selena and trick her into saying something they can twist around to go against Justin. incidents where the paps were more than obnoxious such as several cars chasing Justin at a high rate of speed on the highway are one of many reasons why it’s high time the law did something about the paps.

  • BriannaHines


  • Belieber 4ever!!

    They need to leave him alone and stop asking him dumb questions. Like, why the heck will u ask him about selena??? that’s his private life and they have no right to question that!!

    • Talani

      Why the hell would they ask justin about Selena. He’s very protective of her.

  • BriannaHines


  • stringbiebs

    He could just refuse. I would. He has to be able to have an attorney of some sort present, they can’t deny him of one. It’s wrong. Selena has nothing to do with what happened. They just want him to get mad again like last time. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got him alone and asked about her and he did more than just say “Don’t ask me about her again”

  • Birk

    They don’t have a chance of getting Justin’s lawyers kicked off this case, and even if it happened, who’s to say his new lawyers won’t do the same thing and then this paparazzi’s lawyer will complain of it happening again? How many times can Justin be told to do a deposition?

  • Patti


  • Mrs.BIEBER#1

    Omg whats wrong with them.he doesnt have to answer all those stupid personal questions
    Poor Justin :(
    #stay strong JB

  • Joyce Senft

    Lovely pic. of Justin & Selena Look so happy!!

  • ivone

    Publicity,,, that is what TMZ is always after!!

  • Kayla Caniff

    Well then maybe they shouldnt record it post it to the media


    Justin & Selena forever together !

  • ivan

    This lawyer is out to get 7 million for a photographer that was not injured but merely had pics removed from his camera [don't know if the camera was returned] and was roughed up a little by Justin’s security. He also wants the Judge to punish him for not answering some questions and his behavior with a fine from the Judge. Gomez was present in only one pap incident in L.A. That was rejected due to lack of evidence Justin hit him. Now that guy is also suing-they want his millions!

  • ivan

    Regarding the last statement: that guy lost in his complaint to the police but is now looking to get money by suing personally in a civil suit. He has little or no chance in his case.

  • Azaria

    These incidents are unrelated to his arrest. I feel like they’re just trying to steal his fame and use it to get their fifteen minutes as much as they can. You’re a police station, act professional. None of this information should be out there like this.

  • Lailani

    They have to be the most dumbest people ever.