Deposition Round 2? Justin Bieber To Be Questioned About Selena Gomez Again


Justin Bieber may have to prepare himself to answer questions about Selena Gomez again.

The attorney representing the paparazzo (Jeffrey Binion) who’s suing Justin for battery has filed a motion to depose him again, after Justin proved less than cooperative the first time around.

Jeffrey Binion’s lawyer, Mark DiCowden tells E! News:

I’m looking for Bieber’s reappearance in a deposition to be answered truthfully, honestly, and provide his recollections as to incidents that occurred between him and his bodyguards, including the Selena Gomez incident.

As previously reported, Justin wasn’t too happy when asked if he had dated Selena Gomez. In fact, Justin told paparazzo’s lawyer DiCowden “don’t ask me about her again” several times before getting up and walking out.

DiCowden has also filed to have Justin’s California-based attorneys Howard Weitzman and Jeremiah Reynolds kicked off the case. He said:

In the other motion, I’m also looking for his California [attorneys] to be sanctioned and removed from representing Justin Bieber in this case for their conduct in the March 6 deposition by refusing to allow Bieber to answer questions that were reasonably calculated to lead to admissible evidence in this case.

A hearing on DiCowden’s motions has been set for June 30.

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