Editing Justin Bieber ‘Inspired’ James Dean Photography by Mike Lerner (VIDEO)


Mike Lerner — official photographer on the Believe world tour, who also took the Bieber’s James Dean shots as part of a wider shoot sharing tips on how to make James Dean inspired photography. Watch below!

Mike also posted a Twitter statement that should shame those who either deliberately misinterpreted Justin’s Instagram, or are so enthralled by his ‘bad boy’ label that everything reported prisms through it. He  wrote:

The amount of butthurt is insane. Justin NEVER said he was James Dean. The photo inspired him and we mimicked it. Get over it.

Does media understand the word “inspired”?

I used my favorite @vsco preset, fuji neopan 1600+, to edit the “controversial” photo of @justinbieber

  • Hannah Bieber

    Nice and no I don’t think they do bcuzz they automatically freak out and take it as a bad thing -.-

  • Belieber

    Mike lerner is a good editor btw. And people were making a big issue on the image. Like, he said it was just inspired.

  • Talani

    Tabloids always makeup shit. That’s not even true. Just BS.

  • nicki

    Awesome! ♥

  • belall

    beliebers know that it’s not true, beliebers know justin and even if he smoke I will keep supporting him even when I’m not happy about him smoking.

  • miley Cyrus

    Do not still my boyfriend


    see it was “inspired thats all i don’t kown why people always heat on one pic it was just justin showing his inspired xoxo love u jb

  • lambor500S

    Mike or Justin would you please let
    Selena know that someone in her camp is putting her business out on the internet with pictures also.
    Who ever in her camp started that
    Exposing Smg.com