‘Everyone’s a D*ck at That Age!’ – Rocker Black Lips Defends Justin Bieber


American rock band Black Lips defends Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus’ ‘bad boy’ behavior. Speaking to Paste Magazine, the band bassist Jared Swilley says he has gained respect for Justin.

I love Justin Bieber now. I have a completely new respect for him.

You know what I did when I was his age? I used to break into my school and just smash shit. Everyone’s a d*ck at that age. When you add a billion dollars and tons of drugs and Lamborghinis… I just completely flipped on him.

When I saw him on camera, I felt empathetic. I was like, “Okay, you’re just like I was in high school.”

Leave those kids alone. And Miley Cyrus? Tons of girls wear short shorts. Why are there 40-year-olds talking about how a 20-year-old shouldn’t show their ass? I just think it’s lame that there are 45-year-olds in their office saying, “Oh, I can’t believe what that girl did.”

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