‘Everyone’s a D*ck at That Age!’ – Rocker Black Lips Defends Justin Bieber


American rock band Black Lips defends Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus’ ‘bad boy’ behavior. Speaking to Paste Magazine, the band bassist Jared Swilley says he has gained respect for Justin.

I love Justin Bieber now. I have a completely new respect for him.

You know what I did when I was his age? I used to break into my school and just smash shit. Everyone’s a d*ck at that age. When you add a billion dollars and tons of drugs and Lamborghinis… I just completely flipped on him.

When I saw him on camera, I felt empathetic. I was like, “Okay, you’re just like I was in high school.”

Leave those kids alone. And Miley Cyrus? Tons of girls wear short shorts. Why are there 40-year-olds talking about how a 20-year-old shouldn’t show their ass? I just think it’s lame that there are 45-year-olds in their office saying, “Oh, I can’t believe what that girl did.”

  • Darius

    But when you are a role model to teenagers you must behave like one :) God Bless you Justin! I hope you may find the right path :)

    • Talani

      Seriously, why the Fuck would any old people or young adults care what a teenager wears or does. Are they that stupid.

  • Hannah Bieber

    I completely agree with him like come on like she isnt the only one twerking and Justin isnt the only one who got arrested. I have total respect for him

  • Talani

    Justin is young but not a idiot or arrogant. He’s just naive

  • Talani

    He’s like oh my goodness hottie.

  • Belieber

    yeah, i agree. but he didnt need to call him a d*ck

  • nicki

    I agree with him. Luv you JB, Miley, and Black lips. ♥

  • Diana beliber forever

    Wow I hope Justin lives his life good I hope he goes to the right path :) I love you Justin so so so much beliber forever and ever

  • ivan

    Rock guys like them are more honest than a lot of stars who did bad things when young but now throw stones at Justin because they went through the same phase as teenagers. They ridicule Justin and put him down instead of offering advice in a respectful and nice way. EVERYONE makes mistakes.

    • ??

      Ivan you are pretty annoying the way you say things. You keep treating him like a victim. Getting criticism is the price of fame, you’re going to get people that will either love you or hate you. You act like no other celebrities ever get this much criticism, but guess what ? They DO. The only difference is that there is social media unlike in the past. In the past all there was were tadbloid magazines.


    Ive never heard of Black Lips but Im starting to like them:)

  • nigga blieber

    hey u niggas need to believe that Justin is a d bc of that age everyone is believe me ok bc one ima acting like a d right now

  • Talani

    Why would a 40 something old care what Justin does

  • Dorika

    Justin is amazing, everybody makes mistakes and learn from it. Beliebers wil STAY beliebers. We love justin, no matter what. (: