Family Vacation!


Unseen pic of Justin, his dad and siblings on vacation.

  • Averie

    aww!! jaxon and jazzy are so cute! i hope they’re all having fun!

    • _Biebersslut

      Aawww cutteeee

  • Belieber

    Jaxon & Jazmine are soo cute. I like Justin’s pants. I hope they’re having a great time!

  • here for selena

    Jasmyn and Jaxion are getting big :) justin is such a good big brother……

  • BriannaHines

    Family Guy I luv theme song ….;) nice pic

  • Cheerleader belieber

    Jazzy and Jaxon are getting big I like justin pants


    thats nice to see justin with jaxon and jazzy their are soooooooooooooo cute and his dad i love justin pants

  • Hannah bieber

    Awe jazzy and Jaxon are getting big :) I’m glad their having having fun . I wonder where patties is at tho

  • Tasha

    Justin is amazing big brother.

  • Eleni

    He’s so cute with his siblings .

  • belieber

    I don’t really watch over his personal life but them pants fly as hell

  • Nicole

    Awwwww they are Soooo Cute together :) jazzy and jaxson WoW they are getting Big and they are So adorable


    Very happy family .

  • Tabitha.Morales

    I want 2 b in that family :)

  • jelenator

    i love justin so much they are so cutie love you gays <3

  • Selena

    Where are his arm tattoos? o.o

  • Mrs.BIEBER

    They look so cute together:)
    Justin looks so HOT XD!!

  • Mrs.BIEBER

    Yea,where r his arm tattoos?
    (Weird :/ )

  • Mrs.BIEBER

    The pic was probably takin before he got the tattoo of the girl and boloon

  • boo

    awww how cute

  • Selena

    But in that pic his arms are empty

  • nicki

    This picture must been photograph before he had his full arm tattoos. But Jaxon and Jazzy is so big. Luv you Justin, Jaxon, Jazzy, and Jeremy. I like how all their names start with J’s. ♥♥♥♥


    Justin such a great big brother

  • Selena

    So…this isn’t a actual pic

  • hollie

    Its an old pic.