Fans Decorating Justin Bieber’s Rented Mansion gate in Atlanta!

Justin Bieber Birthday Gate Atlanta

Fans in Atlanta celebrated Justin’s 20th birthday by decorating the gate outside his rented space-ship mansion with balloons, posters and personal messages.

Fans decorating Justin Biebers house gate in atlanta

  • Aulani

    Justin must have been shocked to see his gate decorated. It’s adorable.

  • Aulani

    Justin is a good guy. Tabloids make him to be the bad guy.

    • bizzle


  • Aulani

    Wonder what his boys thought of his gate being decorated.

    • deadandbroken

      aw thats so sweet ^_^ bless their little hearts <3

  • nandra

    Wow,, so cute .. Justin must be happy about that, he has lot of love from fans.
    I wish I could do the same but I libe so far away …

    • giovanni

      but some long time fans are growing tiredif his antics.Justin please snap out of it ,and be more like your old self,witout your new friends they will drain you dry

      • Aulani

        Uh Justin is himself. It’s not like his boys are putting a gun to his head or his fans. Saying okay Justin turn back into your old self. Isn’t he maturing and getting older.

  • hannah bieber

    awwww that’s so sweet <3 I wonder what Justin and the boys thought about it.


    In spite of campaign of hate Justin’as many fans !

    • herrr

      die in a pit of lava kay??

  • kendall

    u would think it would be a bit more nice like alread made banners not some next up lard

  • kendall


  • Belieber

    That’s nice of the beliebers.

  • nicki

    Awwww that is really sweet. I bet Justin and the boys was really shocked and happy. Luv u Justin ♥

  • lambor500S

    So sweet
    now those are some true beliebers.

  • hollie

    Aulani is that you kulani

  • Belieber

    Aweee <3 that's sweet

  • Diana beliber forever

    Aww that is sweet cool I love you Justin so so so much


    thats sooo sweet of justins fans to do that i love the posters

  • Bonnie

    That was sweet. He’s loved. Wish I would of thought of it.

  • nicki

    Awww that is really sweet. I bet the boys and Justin was really shocked and happy. Luv u. ♥

  • Lyn_JBJK

    You guys Beliebers so awesome, proud of you and Jb for sure will get touched by all of these things~ Beliebers always & forever