Gallery: Justin Bieber ‘Bad Boy’ Rolling Stone Magazine Scans February 2014

Rollingstone magazine scans february 2014

The issue “Bad Boy – Justin Bieber” on stands and in the iTunes App Store on Friday, February 28th.

We believe the stories aren’t 100% true.

  • Belieber

    yep. making him look bad -_-

  • nandra

    Most people may thinking bad about Justin, But his the one who never only think of him self, his so generous to share what he has to the people who need ..

    so, dont only look at the bad side, but please look the positive .. too

  • nicki

    They might be true. But Justin is not that same person. Justin have change. And they need to leave him alone.

  • hannah bieber

    ugh why cant they just leave him alone -.-

    • Brianna hines

      I think the media has went too far everyone makes mistakes to label Justin a “bad boy”is unfair because nobodys perfect

  • Brianna hines

    Happy 20th birthday J.bizzle lol ;) may your best wishes come true my gift to you is not to BELIEVE rumors I BELIEVE IN U

  • Brianna hines


  • JB girlfriend

    Justin u r soo sexy