Give Justin Bieber Credit Where It’s Due


Blog post by Molly Fosco via HuffPost:

I hesitate to give celebrities even more attention than the obscene amount they already receive, but I feel the need to comment on the folly that is Justin Bieber. The deposition video released last week, in which the Biebs presents his best impression of a sassy, arrogant little butthole, has saturated the Internet. I bring it up not to talk about how douchey the Biebs acts in the video (very douchey) or to discuss how tragic childhood fame can be (very tragic), but to discuss more of a large-scale issue with celebrity culture — specifically, celebrity music culture. Through all the mug shot, DUI, sex tape scandal bullshit that artists go through, there is some serious talent that is not only being overlooked, but actually being diminished.

I don’t think many people realize that Justin Bieber actually does have talent. It doesn’t matter if you hate his music with a fiery passion, he possesses musical talent in the most fundamental sense of the term. He sings well, he can play several instruments, and he can write lyrics and music that resonate with a large group of people. Regardless of what he’s produced as a musician, the fact is that the potential is (or was) there but is quickly overlooked when he appears on camera with a smug grin saying things like, “I don’t have to listen to you.”

I think his behavior as of late is the result of many things: the pressure of fame at a young age, the fear of judgement and ridicule, and the fact that he is a sassy little brat that needs to be put in timeout. With all of this working against him, no one is talking about, thinking about, or celebrating him as an artist. He has become a ridiculous joke.

As hipster/indie culture becomes more absorbed by the mainstream, it seems the music typically classified as pop music has ironically become more and more unpopular. I think this has a lot to do with the extravagance and the gimmicks that have come to be associated with popular music, on an artist level as well as an industry level. Sometimes the showiness is intentional and is a necessary part of the art itself. But sometimes it completely detracts from the real, raw talent. And isn’t it the talent that makes music what it is? Maybe it’s never truly existed, but I wish we could find a way back to that simplicity. To the place where talent and artistry is celebrated first, and the gimmicks take a back seat. I’d like to see a pop music industry that looks like that.

  • Belieber

    I agree. I think talent should be showed throught, and not just forgotten because of all the media.

    • skeptical

      I definitely agree with you, but Justin has become his own worst enemy. He wants his talent to shine, but at this point, he’s the one preventing that from happening.

  • Hannah bieber

    I agree with this person.people need to realize how great of an artist he is and the talent.although I do think that fame has taken over him

  • Talani

    Justin is super talented and such a hottie.

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    Yes I agree.The radio stations and the music industry seem to not take hin seriously anymore. HOW could they forget all his amazing talent??? Only his die hard Fans really recognize his talent…thats what it seems like nowadays

  • nicki

    Justin is a talented kid and a good artist of singing well, playing several instruments, and at writing music and lyrics. But they didn’t have to call him a sassy little brat and a arrogant little butthole, I didn’t like that part. Luv you Justin.

  • BriannaHines


  • ivan

    When someone does not like a person or organization, they do not speak well of such; they would only talk about the bad and ignore the good. That’s the case with haters of Justin. This writer does not know of much of the good Justin does and his comments show he saw only the bad parts of the deposition presented by TMZ ignoring the arrogant way and the stupid questions of the lawyer and the fact Justin was mostly calmed and well behaved.

    • rb

      I agree!

  • Dana Martin



    Yeah I agree to

  • lambor500S

    People are still judging Justin by that deposition video that was put together by the media outlets only showing the part when Justin was getting frustrated with the questions that did not have anything to do with the case. And this was not the entire video. The media left out intentionally the part were Justin was just answering questions no ignorance nor being arrogant. Justin, has always been a smart and talented person and that will never change. He will continue going forward with his successful career. Not many music celebrities can perform all over the world and sell out huge venues especially out of the country like Justin can. The only person that has achieve this goal was Michael Jackson. Much love JB!


    Justin Biebrer behaves well just many scoundrels dreams in order to annihilate him because he’s a thorn in their side .

  • ivone

    It has become blatantly obvious that the media is out to get him. No matter what he does they are always trying to make him look bad. We all have a right to defend ourselves when we are being attacked!! Show the whole video not just the parts that TMZ allows for us to see. OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pop culture

      But i don’t think you’re understanding WHY he’s being attacked. It’s not because they are haters or that they are jealous. It’s because they are sick and tired of the pop music. No one ever takes pop music seriously. No doubt that Justin has it hard, if he was a rock n roller or a rapper or did a different type of music he wouldn’t get this much criticsm. Look at the kind of music he sings. That is my whole point. In order for him to get credit and respect he wants he will have to rise above and go beyond. Keep his act clean and people may start changing their minds and start taking him seriously.

      • Birk

        Justin Bieber has not made pop music since the release of “Believe” album. He has moved on to R&B and hip hop music since the release of Music Mondays. So that type of behavior you are talking about is not only welcomed but celebrated in hip hop. Having criminal records or gang ties is what hip hop fans look up to with their idols. Justin has neither a criminal record or gang ties, but is experiencing growing up on his own terms, with all the troubles that go along with it being magnified times ten by all the media attention. There are plenty of teens & young adults who do worse and learn from their mistakes. Justin Bieber is by no means the worst acting young adult of all time. He may be the most successful and famous person to have grown up with the media watching his every move however.

  • Mrs.BIEBER#1

    People hate on Justin all the time not knowing how hard it is for him(if they do know hard it is and still hate on him then there assholes)
    He started really young and still is young and its just to much presure on him all at once.I do think fame has got to him a little bit but its not his fualt.And justin is probably one of the talented people i know,he doesnt deserve all that crap from stupid stalkers and haters.hes a good guy and always will be :) I LOVE YOU JUSTIN

  • Pop culture

    I agree with this blogger. The thing about pop culture is that no one takes them seriously. The pop industry life span for thus artists is about 6 years give or take. They are looked at as just a puppet by their money hungry music producers. If you think Justin Bieber has it bad, the New kids on the block had it much much worse than Justin did. The only difference was there was no social media. The new kids were the laughing stock that only generated a bunch of 12 year old girls that only liked them for their looks. As the years went on it got easier, for the rest of the pop artists. Eventually the new kids did gain their respect and were looked at as respectable artists after they proved themselves that they can sing and write music as well as play instruments. Then came BSB and Jesse Mccartney. I must say Jesse Mccartney is a true form of a music artist. He is the ONLY one that sang live and able to make his music real, Jesse Mccartney did not get into all kinds of trouble like Justin Bieber did. Jesse had good head on his shoulder, because of that the society respected him. If only Justin followed the path of Jesse Mccartney he would have gotten much more praises than having his music being over looked. I will admit in the beginning some of his songs were catchy, then all the trouble he went through got in the way of what was important. I have people in their mid to late 20’s at my job that would remember who Jesse Mccarthey was and how awesome of a music artist he was they were even excited that he’s making music again. i ever rarely hear anything about Justin Bieber. In the ending note i Do however believe that after the Jesse Mccartney Crazed people got tired of pop culture, they wanted real music. So in a way i am not surprised by the least bit of all the back lash Justin is getting.

    • Birk

      However, there has never been anyone like Justin Bieber before. No other teenager in history has ever climbed so high and become as wealthy as Justin has in such a short amount of time. There was never a social media born superstar before Justin either, nor has any child or teen grown up with the entire world watching and reporting on their every move before him as well. Justin Bieber is a trailblazer, so you can’t compare him to previous acts, for the simple fact that Justin lives in this current social media world that didn’t exist back in the day. It’s not easy carrying that mantle of being the first social media born superstar and being the most reported on celebrity on the planet. Justin is doing the best that he can for a 20 year old that has no one to compare himself to or use as an example on how to handle this level of global recognition and media coverage. Nobody else has to put up with what Justin has to put up with on a daily basis.

  • dchopsey

    TOTALLY AGREE. This blog was well expressed. Justin is the most talented but people look pass that because of the acts. I agree that Justin is at times acting like a spoiled brat but beliebers look pass that. We know he is growing up and is searching for himself. He felt that as his fans grew, his music had to grow up too. I will support Justin and stand by him. That is what WE BELIEBERS do.