Happy 20th Birthday Justin Bieber. Watch Beliebers Wishing JB Bday! (VIDEO)

happy 20th birthday justin bieber march-1

OMG.. we still cant believe Justin is turning 20 today; March 1st.

Justin Bieber 20 Birthday

Justin blows out 20th birthday candles

Happy 20th Birthday Justin!

Justin Bieber was born on March 1st, 1994 at 12:56 pm on a Tuesday in London, Ontario, Canada in St. Joseph’s Hospital on the 2nd floor.

Watch beliebers from around the world wishing jB birthday in the video below via @AcademyofBieber:

With the help of hundreds of beliebers, our fellow @AcademyofBieber managed to make this video specially for Justin for his 20th birthday on the 1st March 2014! This birthday dedication consists of clips of Justin as a child, his music videos, birthday videos and also photos of beliebers from every corner of the world!

The videomade with the intention to let Justin know that his beliebers are always standing by his side through thick and thin, and we believe that this is something that every single belieber wants to let him know.

We hope every fans that watches this will remember how much Justin means to you, and if you are moved by what the beliebers on this video say, do feel free to share this video with your friends and family through whatever means!

Everyone… wish Justin a happy birthday.

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