Harry Styles’s BFF James Corden Compares 1D & Justin Bieber

Harry Styles kissing his bff James Corden (left), Justin Bieber (right).

Harry Styles kissing his bff James Corden (left), Justin Bieber (right).

It’s no surprise that comedian James Corden would always side with his One Direction bromance buddy Harry Styles if push came to shove… However, in a recent interview, nobody pushed James to compare 1D to Justin Bieber, but he went ahead and did it anyway!

Speaking to The Sun’s TV Biz, James said One Direction handles ‘mistakes’ better than Justin Bieber.

I can’t imagine what the world is like for them! But I’ll tell you what, you’ve only got to look over the water at a certain Mr Justin Bieber to realize quite how together they [One Direction] are.

They are still unbelievably young, and they are going to do stuff and going to make mistakes, the same way that anyone else does.

What do you expect? But it’s not whether you make mistakes, it’s how you respond to them.

Whenever they make mistakes, they’ve always said, “I’m really sorry about that, I won’t do it again.”

What you don’t want is people going, “Screw you. I’m the man around here!!”. That’s what Bieber seems to do.

Do you think Justin should learn a few lessons from Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam?

  • rb

    Damn, the man isn’t doing anything wrong but making music and here comes another POS celebrity trying to make it big off of Justin relevance. James Corden must have watched the VH1 episode Mar 20, 2014 the “fabulous life of Justin Bieber,” quote: “everything Justin Bieber touches’ does turn too gold.” He is looking for gold by bashing Justin.

  • Jaela Bieber / Mrs. Bieber

    Justin handels them the same he makes videos to his fans saying sorry. Plus One Driection is older than JB. So what do you aspect????????

  • Birk

    1D is not on the same level as Justin Bieber when it comes to world wide media coverage. As big as 1D fan base is, the world’s media does not report on every single move that they do like they always do with Justin. TMZ in particular rarely goes a few days without a story on Justin, and has inside informants who regularly sell pictures, videos and stories to them about Justin, they don’t even waste their time with 1D. To put it in simple terms, Justin is pure gold to the tabloids and media, which is why he is always being reported on with stories, most of the time it is B.S. rumors and allegations. IF 1D was subjected to the same type of world wide media coverage, they would not be able to handle it either.

    • Maddi Bieber

      I agree, that is such a good point! One direction don’t have it as bad as Justin has it

    • Alexandra Bieber

      That is so accurate. One Direction have it easy and Justin has it much harder than they do

    • thareen bieber

      your damn right abt this..! 1D dsnt has the same way justin has…m dam sure that if thay had the same way as justin has his reputataion being spoilt….thay would nt be able to handle it either….!!

      • HaylieDrewSwag

        you make a really good point there

  • Talani

    Poor Justin he always gets dissed.


    Justin Bieber’s better than 1D !

  • Belieber4EVER!!!

    No i don’t think Justin should be like one direction. I mean, I love him becoz u know its HIM. I don’t want him to be anyone else

  • chaz

    Well, world is crazy about the band..I mean world is not crazy bout any 1/5th of 1D …Justin is a solo artist …n Justin was in his teenage not in 20+ ..so plz….n dont compare him with 1D…Justin is a way better

  • chaz

    And media posts a lot of fake rumours . We even dont know the truth …why will he apologize for rumours



  • michelle

    this guys gotta be kidding! justin had never done something wrong to him and now he’s looking for some excuse to tell that 1D is better

  • nicki

    Wow. I don’t agree, I like One Direction but that doesn’t mean that Justin should take that advice when Justin make mistakes. Everyone is different.

  • Mahnoor

    STFU Justin’s a solo artist, main focus of the limelight.He’s always under way more scrutinizing gazes than 1D.F-cking BS,bruh. They have each other to keep themselves together(So Liam’s said), to cover up ones ratty behaviour -.- Justin doesn’t have any.Do you have not seen Louis’s shitty attitude or how Liam and Zayn hate the media and bash it.For God’s sake they don’t even interact with fans XD Things are different for them.

  • Jo

    Justin needs nothing!!! He’s very better than 1D and he’s alone.. 1D are 5 guys… If they were alone, they couldn’t do anything….Justin is alone and he did it much better!! Not form X-Factor but of the AVON theatre in Toronto!!

  • ivan

    I know practically every negative report on Bieber posted in the media since 2012. Most of the incidents were by others such as friends and security so he got the bad publicity. For example, while Justin was on tour, Lil Twist was involved in various incidents using his cars. One he was caught with pot in his car, another time he was involved in an incident in which a pap got killed, then a girl accused him of abusing her, he crashed the front of his car once on a wall or pole, He, with Za, threw parties in his house with loud noise and drugs-all this while Justin was away yet TMZ gave him bad publicity over all that.

  • ivan

    continued: then we have his bodyguards: at least 6 incidents involved just Hugo going overboard with photographers causing Justin to also get bad publicity including law suits against him. Justin did do a few stupid things such as going to strip clubs a few times but much bad publicity was because of others or was exaggerated such as the Anne Frank thing.

    • Belieber

      I know. Whatever Hugo does something to the photographers, it makes justin get bad publicity. And also with the Anne Frank thing, he just said “She seems like a nice girl, i hope she would of been a belieber” or something like that and everybody made a big deal over that. Chill out.

    • Talani

      Seriously, isn’t Justin friends with 1D.

      • Belieber

        He was friends with Nial and Zayn. But i don’t know about now.

  • ivan

    As for I.D. where are the reports and criticizem on their smoking and one or two using pot,their having a stripper at Harry’s birthday party, Their trying to get into a club in England and refused, their drinking alcohol, their tattoos, their cursing at paps, the attempt by one to punch a pap and missing hitting a fan, using the ‘F’ word and so on?

  • Xavier bieber

    Plus harry was kissing a guy in the photo anyway thats gay. As a belieber justin is the best artist on the planet most people well haters disagree.but they all know its true justin wasn’t made he was found :) I love my idol #ProudBelieber justin does makes mistakes though why cause hes human

  • Xavier bieber

    Noo just noo justin doesn’t need advice from them lmao

  • Belieber

    1D has it easier cuz they dont have to deal with shit almost everyday from tabloids. Justin has to.

  • Nona

    They are not on the same level as Justin, hell no! Justin is a lot better, he is more talented and more famous. What? Should Justin learn from them? Nooooo, they should learn from him.

  • Noor

    the spotlioght is always on justin , catching his every move , so he has no privacy at all. As for one direction nobody bothers and talk about them so no one knows what are they doing or what is going on in there life .besides one direction are not even close to justin’s level on worldwide bases so STOPPP comparing them to justin .

    • ivan

      TMZ and Perez Hilton ignore One Direction and criticize Justin for anything, for example, Perez criticizes his tattoos but says nothing bad about Those of the One Direction kids which don’t look as good. The rest of the media does the same thing. Also, two of the guys used cursed worlds on tweeter toward paps who were annoying; imagine if Justin did that!

  • skeptical

    “What you don’t want is people going, ‘Screw you. I’m the man around here!!’. That’s what Bieber seems to do.”

    I REALLY don’t like 1D, but this is kind of true. I wish he’d go back to his old self, the one that remembered to stay humble and not take things for granted.

  • Hannah bieber

    Ummmmm no I love one direction but they are nothing compared to justin.yea he made tons of mistakes but come on like they haven’t either. Justin was discovered not made !!!!! He didn’t need all that X factor,American idol,etc buzz he became famous on his own.he didn’t need people to decide if he was talented or not .

  • ivan

    Keep in mind the media has damaged Justin’s reputation by only talking about his mistakes. He donated over 4 million dollars in clothing for poor kids in London; where were the reports in the media on that? He raised 3 million for the Phillippines; no mention of that and so on. But they report One Direction when they do good charitable work.

  • lambor500S

    Justin picture looks like he is looking at Harry Styles kissing that guy and saying. What the hell! Lol


    Nothing in this world will be better than Justin, not even 1D. He made mistakes but come to think of it, he is a human being, he made mistakes every single time just like us, 1D is nothing if you compare to Justin and also media only see his mistakes but not the good things he has done.

    ok I’m done….


    Nothing in this world will be better than Justin, not even 1D. He made mistakes but come to think of it, he is a human being, he made mistakes every single time just like us, 1D is nothing if you compare to Justin and also media only see his mistakes but not the good things he has done
    I’m done….

  • Kaylie Bieber

    UGH god damit Can they just they justin alone he has his own life he doesnt need to be compared to anyone or by anyone! Justin is perfect!

  • bieberfever#1

    Justin is justin and one direction is one direction, when justin makes mistakes the media starts making up rumours and he doesn’t say anything at about it unless it gets too far. When one direction find outs they have rumours about them they have a rant about it on twitter, and plus justin goes through a lot more then them, they wouldn’t understand it in his position

  • OfficialMrs.Bieber

    Oh Please all of them combined is half the man Justin is and they’re older! He handles things just fine, and he apologizes to us. I Love You Justin<3