Here’s Justin Bieber’s First Tweet Ever!

Twitter turns 8 years old today and to mark the anniversary, lets take a trip down memory lane with the first ever tweets from Justin and fellow celebs. Notice Justin and Taylor Swift used to be besties! She even mentioned Justin on her very first tweet!

Amazing Twitter Facts you didnt know!

Justin Bieber First Tweet

Katy Perry First Tweet

Taylor Swift First Tweet

Selena Gomez First Tweet

Rihanna First Tweet

Do you have Twitter account? What was your first tweet? Use this link to discover your “first tweet”.

  1. Mrs.BIEBER#1
  2. Hannah bieber
    • Belieber
  3. Liliana
  4. here for selena
  5. nicki
  6. Talani
  7. Talani
  8. Justice Drew Beebs Lover
  9. Turkey2turkey
  10. Joseline

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