High School plays Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ Nonstop for Fundraiser


A Washington state high school took a unique approach to raising money for a good cause. Until students raised $500 for a Ghana school, Justin Bieber’s song Baby repeatedly played in between periods and during lunch.

“Oh my God, my head is about to explode right now,” Tenino High School student Zack Chamberlain told KING 5 News.

Luckily, the school reached its goal. As of Tuesday, Connor Stakelin, 17, who is the president of the student government, says the school has raised $962. The school is now continuing the fundraiser in hopes of raising $1,200.

“That is the goal and anymore we raise would just be better for them,” Connor told USA TODAY Network.

The high school got the idea from Tenino Elementary School Principal Dave Ford. The money raised will go toward iCrossover International Academy in Ghana, with the goal of providing 254 orphans there enough food and school supplies for the month of April.

Watch video below:

  • Mrs.BIEBER

    Thats a good and smart idea.hope you guys raise more!.

    • Kidrauhl

      I would have been dancing along #Baby

  • Diana beliber forever

    Cool idea amazing hope you guys raise a lot I love you Justin so so so much

  • Hannah Bieber

    Awwww that was a great idea and im glad they played justins song to help :)

  • Belieber

    Cool idea. Hope they raise a lot for such a good cause (:

  • Anna

    Guys, this is mocking Justin by making people pay to stop his music being played. Sends a very negative message and encourages bullying.

    • MellyBieber

      @Anna I agree, I mean the cause is great and its really sweet what they’re but choose someone else or do something else

    • Daphne

      yeah but no one wants to hear the same song over and over and over all day anyway

      • Lauranda

        So you should know nobody well some don’t wanna hear Jelena on and on is like is better than hearing about their music more then anything.


      I agree with your opinion , because action prepared this high school was prepared in order to humiliate of Justin Bieber under the pretext of collection money for Ghana .

    • MiaBieber

      It’s as if they think aww how cute, but actually they put justin’s song to make them suffer.

    • Birk

      I have to agree with you as well. This was not meant as a good act, even though it was for a good cause, it was still a lousy thing to do.

  • nicki

    That is really sweet. That is really cool. I hope they raised the rest for the orphans. Good luck. And that is a smart idea. Luv u Justin.

  • Yesenia

    In a way I can say it was a great idea and i hope that those orphans get more than they need and that they get the education they need and want. but at the same time it’s putting Justin’s song in a position where those beliebers that were at that high school not want to listen to the song again because It was overly repeatedly and it could have gotten annoying were It could end up bieber losing a few beliebers but I am still saying that it was a great idea. Those orphans we’ll finally get the life experience and school education they need to keep going in life. Always keep your head up god has a purpose for you and I know for a fact you will reach it.

  • Daphne

    Lol my school did this by breaking down the goal into smaller ones and each time we reached one of the smaller ones the song changed, they used baby, call me maybe and what makes you beautiful among a few others lmfao

  • Lauranda

    I wounder why he have so many views.

  • City

    Lol my school was the first to do this lat year. You can Google it. It was in Chicago


    Ouch …

  • Maddi Bieber

    Some of you guys don’t even relise that this is not a good thing. Giving money to a charity for an exchange of stopping Justin’s music, it encourages bullying because that’s what the teachers are doing… FUCKING DISRESPECTFUL SCHOOL THEY ARE!!!

  • Cassie

    What a good idea…see there’s still hope in justin..people out there stil love him…we still do..yaay now lets bring justin back on track now..lets make a hit album and earn more beliebers!

  • Sarah Bieber

    I’m sorry but this school is mocking Justin dont you people get it? They will keep playing the song until the money is raised. Which means that people pay to stop the school from playing his songs.

  • M

    There’s nothing wrong with what they done. It doesn’t matter what music it is, hearing the exact same song played non-stop would annoy anyone, no matter what the song is

  • Boy beliebers

    Our school does the same thing to raise the money for a cancer society or for other kids for there school they think it’s ignoring to hear it everyday except for me