Hottest Justin Bieber’s IG Photo Yet

Justin Bieber Best Instagram Photoshoot

Justin posted photoshoot pics on his Instagram account that took place in Toronto CANADA (March 20). It’s unclear what project he’s currently working on, maybe a music video?? Checkout more HOT pics below!

@justinbieber: ♛ he did it again

Justin Bieber Hot Photoshoot

@justinbieber: Gotcha girlfriend at my crib watchin netflix

Justin Bieber Photoshoot Instagram Toronto


  • SamanthaLuvsJustin

    I like the other pics better than the first one. The post for the second one is kinda cute, “Gotcha girlfriend at my crib watchin netflix” I can’t wait to hear his new song “Banger”, I hope it’s not as dirty as it sounds. I hope it’s like Austin Mahone’s “Banga Banga” cuz it only has a little bit of innuendo

    • Susie

      Agreed 100 percent!!

    • Shay

      Bru hill nah that is my boo my baby daddy

  • Turkey2turkey

    God zammmmmm is so f*cking sexy comment if u agree I u don’t agree u must be cra cra lol

  • lilmissdope

    SEXY>3 :D omg he is sooo perf

    • Fact

      He is a drug addict, not exactly perfect.

      • Talani

        Oh my goodness smoking hot. @fact, he’s not a drug addict you moron

      • Belieber

        @facts no he’s not. just leave!

      • Kris fondnazio

        Quit sayin shit about my baby he is not a drug addict

      • boo

        leave him alone and no he’s not……. but damm justin u is bom though

      • mrs.biebs

        i think u r seeing his pic closing ur eyes babe @fact n pls stop ur bloody mouth btw..

  • lilmissdope

    he so sexy haters can go fck themselves cuz at the end ov the day whos famous? whos making there pearents oroud? whos bloody swimming in money not u fucking hatters….:)

  • lambor500S

    The pics look great JB!
    But, you need to stop teasing your female Beliebers like this.
    Ms. Gomez you lucky lady!

    Much love!

    • Talani

      Justin is so hot. I would love to hear his new songs.

  • Belieber

    Sexy! ;)

  • Patti

    Aaawwww vanilla ice!

    • Talani

      Oh my goodness, he’s super hot and adorable

    • Talani

      He’s look good shirtless. Hottie

  • nicki




  • Catrin

    its so unfair to expect Justin to grow up he’ll say HOW CAN I with all you losers harassing me if the media harassed me I would say to hell with it and say Im gonna do what I like Justin you’ll look back and say why did I let the media make money off me live your life Justin who cares what the losers think

  • Catrin

    Justin is determined enough to just I don’t care about the losers who write about me get a life

  • Mrs.BIEBER#1

    Holy shit ;)
    He looks so sexy!!!!!
    If only i was his age :( he’ll never date an 11year old
    P.s im nearly 12 but theres still like 8 years between us :(.
    Y God,y!

  • Emily

    The pics was taken by Ryan Butler, apparently :o).

    • Belieber

      ryan butler takes good pics!

  • mrs.bieber

    Hott hot

  • Talani

    Him and Selena are so good together. Very amazing couple

  • Talani

    I’m just so in love with jelena.

  • Tanisha


  • here for selena

    Justin please help selena!!!! Instagram photo alert please help her get back on track.

  • Kidrauhl♥

    O.M.G So Sexy ♥

  • here for selena

    Your gf is getting a lot of hate for the one photo SHE posted this morning :(

  • elisa


  • Belieber for life

    This is an amazing birthday treat Justin is so hot.

  • hannah bieber

    omg hes so hot !!!!!!!!!!!! ugh Justin your killing me !!!!!!! and I cant wait to find out what music video it is

  • boo

    Omg people for once can you haters leave him alone!!!! he’s just a 20 year old who made mistakes everyone act’s like if u people never made mistakes before…. well u guys are lucky that people don’t stock u because justin is watched every day by weirdos then a second he makes a mistake everyone knows and he’s been through a lout so before u guys put something mean how would you like it if someone told u all the mean comments stuff they put on hear but anyway justin omg u is so so hot O:-)

  • belieber

    HE SO SEXY IT DON’T MAKE NO FU-KING SENSE his lips always look full, plump, and juicy

  • Nicole

    OMG Justin is look Super Sexy!!!!!!!! #ToMuchSexyness. Justin is Killing Me Right Now!!!!!!!.. Love You Justin <3

  • nandra

    His .. amazing hot ..

  • Tabitha.Morales

    SELFIES?! OMG!!!!!!! luv u babe
    I meeeeeeeeeen it

  • Selena

    When he go back to ATL?

  • Marion

    Oh Justin for godsake enough tattoos ! Just imagine your skin wrinkled at 70 years old: will these tattoos look good ? Our skin is so beautiful. Stop hurting it with ink !!! Please !!! Arms is enough. No more chests ‘ tattoos please ! But I guess it’s already too late :-( Looking more and more trash and less and less sexy :-(