Judge: “Justin Bieber’s Urinating in Jail Video Must be Edited Before Released To Public – He Has Right to Privacy”

Miami Judge RUling Justin Bieber Case DUI

A Florida judge ruled Tuesday (March4) that two of five video clips depicting Justin at a Miami Beach Police station in January showing his genitalia during a urine test MUST BE EDITED to protect his privacy.

Miami-Dade County Judge William Altfield said in court:

Mr. Bieber’s right to privacy is paramount. He has not lost his right to privacy, and that is what is important here.

The judge will allow the release of five remaining video clips — taken after he was arrested in Miami Beach — once a technician has blackened “sensitive” images from the footage.

According to NBC NEWS, of the 5 clips reviewed by Miami-Dade County Judge William Altfield, one shows Justin walking behind a partition, where he “appears to be urinating.” But the partition “appears to block” Justin’s activity.

In another clip, a police officer hands Justin Bieber a cup and he stands behind a partition and “it is apparent that he is providing a urine sample.” When he gives the cup back to the officer, the partition does not completely block him and “possibly” reveals his genitals.

The other three clips show Justin walking in and out of his cell.

Judge Altfield’s ruling states:

The Court finds that there exists a right to privacy as it relates to the exposure and dissemination of the defendant’s genitalia. As such, any images that depict or appear to depict the defendant’s genitalia shall be restricted from disclosure.

No date has been given when the urinating videos will be released by the court (after editing).

Another hearing has been scheduled for March 11, 2014.


WATCH the Courtroom VIDEO: A Miami judge ruled that pictures showing Justin Bieber urinating in a jail must be edited before they can be released to the news media. Judge William Altfield says Justin Bieber has a right to privacy. (March 4)

WATCH FULL courtroom VIDEO (22 minutes):

  • Ashley

    He has a right to priavacy yet they post private videos of his jail time if he wasn’t justin bieber they never would be posted


      Yes I I agree with you .

      • deadandbroken

        totally agree I dont recall them posting and taking pics of my dads tattoos when he was arrested.

      • boy belieber

        I agreed with u with that this is retarted he should have privately

    • cate b

      Exactly. This whole case is shameful and the shame is on America. They are bullying Justin and no-one is paying for it. They should pay damages to Justin for all the shit they pile up against him.

  • Jujubee1996

    Jeez this is just awful…poor Justin why the f*ck do they have to release a video of him peeing that’s just ridiculous…I just feel awful for Justin. I can’t imagine how he must be feeling…

  • Aulani

    Justin has every right to privacy. The media doesn’t have to know everything he does.

  • Aulani

    Are they serious. He has every right to his privacy.

  • Aulani

    Are they stupid to release any videos of Justin using the bathroom what idiots.

  • zari

    Why can’t they just give him a break?!

  • Belieber

    He has every right to privacy

  • Nicole

    This is Sooo stupid. justin has every right to have his privacy. Poor justin

  • believer forever britches

    They are stupid justin needs his privacy what their going to show him using the bathroom they just need to shut the fuck up and they said that is next hearing is March 11 I love you justin soooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • ivan

    Today on the TV gossip shows like extra they made fun of his pics showing how phony they are since he has appeared on those shows in the past. This is something they have not done to any other celebrity. If Harry of One Direction was in the same shoes, they probably would be speaking out against it but not Justin-this is shameful! Why don’t they go for the videos and pics of Khalil who was arrested with him for the same thing? Because he’s not famous enough? Because he’s black?

    • Aulani

      Every other rapper or artist has tats. So what are they gangsters. The media says things out of context. And not even true.

    • Jujubee1996

      Jeez it has nothing to do with being black, quit playing the race card!!!! They are doing this pure because he’s JB and not because he’s white or black!!!! Poor Justin stay strong, love you

      • deadandbroken

        ok seriously the race card is bs. knock it off its because he’s Justin Bieber and has a whole ton of money. Race had nothing to do with it.

    • cate b

      Because they are not humans anymore. These media people are beasty animals to me, who prey on celebrities like Justin. I feel bad for him and I wishI could tell him how much I hate what they do to him even though I have my own problems and live 1000s of miles away from him.

  • Aulani

    Besides the Media and tabloids are very Perverted.

  • BriannaHines

    Wow :(

  • hannah bieber

    yea he has the right to privacy but yet they still release it ??? why didn’t they do that to other celebrities that got arrested??? oh that’s right bcuzz Justin bieber is the biggest celebrity and they want to pick on him right ??? seriously they did enough.. why cant they just mind their own business and leave the poor guy alone . I wonder how Justin feels about this

  • nicki

    Listen paparazzi. He now have the rights to privacy. That means no cameras in his face and drama including rumors. And he is also “NOT GUILTY”.

    • Aulani

      I like to refer the paps as vicious cobras., since they do get aggressive. Besides they act like kids. And there psychos.

  • tabitha.morales

    Hey guys listen @ least give JB some credit ….After all he is 20 yrs old .If I was a cop I would cut him some slack & have his privacy .tbh he is better than eminem…(:

  • ivan

    Access Hollywood, Extra, and Entertainment Tonight ridiculed Justin over his pics pointing out his slight pimples and discolored fingernails probably gotten in the finger printing or by some dye. There are shows he has appeared non yet they ridiculed him-shows how phony the hosts really are including those dumb blond bimbos. The only one I respect is Mary Hart of ET who has always been nice.

    • Vicki

      Well said Ivan I did not even think about the finger print dye and I agreed with you ET last night were very childish in their comments

    • Aulani

      That’s because there perverted and idiots. Like they are any better. Justin doesn’t need to be ridicule. Or picked on. Marie and Mario are idiot. Especially Marie. She’s a dumb bimbo. And not that pretty.

  • ivan

    Name one celebrity that had their arrest videos and pics released as requested by the media and sold to them beyond a mere mug shot. I can’t think of one. Maybe Michael jackson came close.

  • Yiashyra

    This is disgusting. Justin has every right of privacy just like the rest of us. Just because he is famous doesn’t give you the right to invade and infringe on his rights. The media makes me sick!! UGGGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aulani

    Justin is amazing guy. He’s so incredible artist.

  • joyce

    Remember those who sang hallelujah to Jesus are the same people that crucified him forgetting all the good things He did. This shows how cruel this world is. But Justin just remember that God does not give us loads we cannot carry. God is with you through this trial moments, trust in him to put all your enemies to shame. Just take and be alright for your beliebers.

  • joyce

    Don’t let them kill your dreams. Keep living your life and live to fulfil your dreams. God will see you through this rough road.

  • amyheart

    stop freaking out and just pray to God he can do anything

  • bieberfever#1

    Seriously???!!! you had to reveal it to the public? He needs more privacy like far out!

  • Bethany

    He has a right to privacy then don’t release the video or pictures of him in jail, they have no respect for him this is his punishment for making a mistake

  • lambor500S

    It’s only one thing that does not make any sense. Why is the judge negotiating with the media to get these pictures expose to the world. Everyone knows how the media is including judges. I don”t see how he is willing to ok the release of the video clips. Very poor judgement on his part. When he could just simply say NO! There will be no video footage release of Justin Bieber to anyone.