Justin Bieber #1 Celebrity That Shows Real Commitment & Fans Interaction on Twitter


Justin Bieber may not be the most followed celebrity on twitter, but according to Vice.com, he’s currently the only celeb that shows “real commitment” and fans engagement on Twitter with over 26,000 tweets. Checkout the article below:

Interesting Facts about Twitter.

via Vice:

Considering the way the most popular musician accounts use Twitter, it seems a disavowal of its very spirit. Many of them can barely even be considered users of Twitter in any meaningful sense. They’re merely glitzy squatters who’ve propped up a sign on a digital storefront and come around every now and again to gawk at the line waiting outside.

Consider Adele, the 21st most popular account, with nearly 20 million followers. She’s tweeted a grand total of 206 times. 29th place Eminem: 328 times; 34th Lil Wayne: 945; 40th Drake: 1,531. 57th place Christina Aguilera: 596. Beyoncé has deigned to tweet to her 13.3 million followers 8 times, while Kanye West has dropped 66 pearls of wisdom on his 10.3 million. On the other end of the spectrum, 30th place Nicki Minaj has cleared 26,000.

In the top ten, the number of tweets grows somewhat, but with only Justin Bieber showing any real commitment to actually using Twitter with his 26,400 tweets. By comparison, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake all fall between 2-5,000 tweets. All of their accounts were started in either 2008 or 2009. That’s a rough estimate of between 1-2 tweets per day, which may sound like a lot to people who aren’t regular users, but it certainly doesn’t represent the type of daily engagement Twitter would like to see among its user base. It seems strange then to tout the most prominent users of a product when they can barely even be bothered to use it themselves. It would be like a cable provider promoting its most popular channels that broadcast ten seconds of programming a day.

  • Justin Bieber

    :) <3

  • Belieber

    We have the best connection. Justin & Beliebers :)

  • Hannah bieber

    Wow he has more followers than of them mentioned haha. It’s official we have the best idol ever and we are the best fan base ever :) <3

    • Sbongile

      Bieber rockz y cnt they jst accept it

  • ivan

    He has more followers than anyone really. Katty Perry brought hers. Notice Justin gets much more tweeter traffic than she does; that proves what i said. An website that monitors tweeter indicated he has more real followers than anyone. He also leads in his instagram account. And he’s supposed to be fading?

  • Biebs

    Jeliebers is unbreakable we are what gives strength to Justin

  • Bbb

    Actually half of his twitter followers are fake .

    • stringbiebs

      So? The point is he interactions with his fans the most

    • Sbongile

      Nop datz nt true bieber iz da best

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        im wit u gurl!!!

    • Birk

      Fake like you?

  • nicki

    Justin always shows real commitment to his fans and engagement. Because he luv us and we luv him, he believes in us and we believe in him. Luv you Justin. ♥

  • ragini

    Yipee !justin has most loyal group of fans on earth n he is damn true to ‘em…i luv u justin (by a die hard indian belieber)

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      Aye I’m an Indian belieber too :)

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        me tooo…..

  • nandra

    I love him so much .. I do follow him, its already 3 years but he never following back..but even so I ytry my best to make him notice..

    Actually I made twitter and instagram only to see his daily activity … I love Justin so much and I proud to be Beliebers ..

    • belieberforevs

      me tooooo!!:3

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    It seemz lyk thr ar more beliebers than more rihannas ;bieber ìz da best in da world so lyk it or nt he’s here 2 stay!y33pe

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    There not fake there still people who made that acc

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    im so in love with my booboo:3 (for all you non pros,,IT MEANS JUSTIN!!!!)

  • Birk

    The answer is simple. Justin Bieber is the youngest person in that top 10 Twitter list. It’s younger people who use social media more, and Justin is in that demographic that uses social media on a regular basis. Plus he loves interacting with his Beliebers and vice versa.