Justin Bieber and Fans in Toronto Last Night – March 25

Justin Bieber and Fans in Toronto March 25 4

Justin meeting his Toronto fans.

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  • Belieber

    He’s so cute <3

  • Hannah Bieber

    Awww their so lucky <3

    • Talani

      Wonder if Justin ever calls Selena at times or he just texts her.

  • Diana beliber forever

    Awww I hope you had fun I love you you Justin so so so much

  • Talani

    Aww, what a sweet guy. All celebs have fans. That doesn’t mean they have to role models.

  • nicki

    March the 25th was my birthday. Have fun. Luv you. ♥

    • Talani

      I’m wondering if Justin ever stops by or sees Selena when he can.

  • thareen bieber

    sooo damn lucky they all are…!! love u justin!!

  • ragini

    Yup they are all too lucky to meet him i wish he comes to india too. ..india also has a lot of beliebers dying to meet him

    • Talani

      I wonder if Justin ever tells Selena he loves her or he texts her and says I love you Selena.

    • ZEBA(#IndianBelieber)

      I swear! Whn iz he ever gona think about his Indian Beliebers?! Even v r crazyyy dying here to meet him! Oh GOD when is my prayer gona work!? :'(

  • Jala

    OMG!! He’s soooooo cute!!!


    It looks like hes tired and doesnt get enough sleep :(
    Justin (MY prince :))
    You have to get enough sleep,i know ur really busy working in the studio and all that but take a day off just to relax and sleep for a while or sleep for about 3-5mins it helps alot.I LOVE YOU XOXOX :)


    it looks like justin is soooooooooooooo tired i love you justin but get some sleep okay