Justin Bieber Calls Selena Gomez ‘Most Elegant Princess in the World’

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez oscar party 2014

Justin Bieber seems to still have his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez on his mind while checking out the coverage from the 2014 Academy Awards last night.

Justin posted a photo of Selena on his Instagram page and called her the “most elegant princess in the world.”

The photo he posted was of Selena at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party last night. If you remember, JELENA made their first appearances together as couple at the same party back in 2011.

Jelena Oscar party 2011

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Fanity Fair Oscar Party 2011

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Justin Bieber’s message to Selena Gomez?

Do you think they should get back together?

  • Madison

    NO! They should never get back together!!

    • tabitha.morales

      BITCH WHO R U TALKING 2 SAYING NO ……………………………..GET A LIFE …………………………………………..SLUT

    • Honey

      They should

    • Asdfghjkl

      JELENA (‘:

    • pam

      Yes! Absolutely! They are so beautiful together! He needs to take some time to get himself a little more grounded,so they can give each other the love they both so want and deserve! My husband and I dated for 11 yrs with lots of ups and downs, but we were and are in love 31 yrs later! We both had to grow up!!!!!!

      • cate b

        Wow, what a nice comment! I’m divorced but I agree with you 100%. Also, nice to see there are other people out there loving and caring about Justin who are over 30:)

    • merna

      no they must get back together

  • Gabrijela

    I love his smile but she’s not good to him xoxo

  • Rebecca Bieber


  • Rebecca Bieber


  • Rebecca Bieber


    • belieber

      pls grow up, he can date Selena if he want

  • Mia

    They should and will get back together.JELENA 4EVER.

    • belieber


      • Aulani

        They were so cute together.

  • Rebecca Bieber


    • for real?

      are you serious? he is going to have a girlfriend whether you like it or not and it is not the same thing as fan vs girlfriend. WOW you need to seek help child

    • MiaBieber

      Really? Sure he loves us no doubt, but that doesnt mean he cant date anyone. Geez you’re so childish.

  • Belieber

    NO !! They shouldn’t he to good for her

    • Bieber1994

      They should she made him happy and brought out the best in him don’t ya think?

  • Belieber

    It’s kinda wierd Caz I thought he’s Instagram was *bizzle * and on the picture it says justin bieber huh

    • Rebecca Bieber

      @ I know right :) Let’s be friends >3

    • belieber

      check his twitter ;)

      • Aulani

        Justin is amazing and just adorable

    • Ja’Tera Bryant

      He changed his name back ever think of that

    • stringbiebs

      He changed it back weeks ago

    • Daphne

      He changed it back a long time ago tho…

  • Rebecca Bieber

    @Belieber hi :) and i agree with you 100% he is to good for her Justin will not get back with her she hurt him to much i wanna see justin happy cause if he’s happy im happy im proud to be a belieber and to call Justin my idol every single day,…….. Belieber for 4 years since 2010

    • Ja’Tera Bryant

      Umm ever think that selena makes him happy she obviously does if his still posting picsof her say that she is an elegant princess and if you think you bashing selenais good with justin its not.

    • Jennifer

      Rebecca Bieber I liked what you sayed and I agree with you.

  • Brianna Bieber

    No, I think Justin shouldnt get back with Selena. One, she didnt treat him right(Well she did when they first started going out but then didnt).
    Two, HE can do better, and find a girl that cares for him, and isnt just gonna go out with him because of the money.
    Three, just NO!

    • Rebecca Bieber

      Brianna i agree with you

    • #1beliber

      I agree with you Briana. She left when he needed her the most. And that was totally unfair. I hope he meets some one better. Some one who’ll love him for real. And not just on the romance side.

  • Smilesometimes

    As long as justin is happy

  • Brianna hines

    I agree with Rebecca Justin loves his Beliebers RUMORS are stupid I luv JUSTIN BIEBER ….:)

  • Averie

    i think its so sweet of justin to call her that. I love selena gomez. She’s so pretty and she’s my other idol so i don’t see why most of us beliebers hate on her for breaking justin’s heart. I don’t know about you but i have been over that for a long time now. I’m one to forgive and forget. I think justin and selana should get back together. They were so cute together! i’m a jelena shipper and i always will be one. But honestly i just want justin to be happy no matter what he decides. If he’s happy then i’m happy for him <3

    • Ja’Tera Bryant

      I agree justin and selena was a good couple and you so called belibers saying that you hate her and dispise her is not right i just want justin to be happy i love justin and selena together or not

  • Brianna hines

    I think the media fools people I think the only reason people care is because JUSTINS a celebrity

  • Belieber

    no i dont think they should get back togather

  • zari

    He really loves her!!! And I love them together as well! They are sooo cute together.They should really get back together

  • joyce

    Sometimes u can’t control your heart. I know Justin loves Selena so much and truly they decide to come back together I guess we have no choice but to accept after all, it’s his happiness we are all looking for and if selena can make him happy, so be it. But.

    • Aulani

      There my favorite topic.

  • Brianna hines

    I think the media is talking because he’s single now… what a perfect time change his reputation Justin bieber single is a juicy topic to the media

  • Brianna hines

    Whatca trying to say. brianna bieber

  • joyce

    I say but because she was not fair to him. Apart from beliebers, the world turned against him and the one person he loves the most turned her back on him to deal with all those bad moments alone. She couldn’t even offer a hand instead she gave him an ultimatum to go to rehab. She couldn’t fight all the elements for him just because her camp thinks Justin is bad influence on her as if she is a saint. I wont judge her but she didn’t treat him fairly in my opinion.

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    ♥why are you guy being to mean to her , do you know shes the one that make him smile.. and i know you dont want him to get hurt again and im too but i want him to be happy see is beautiful smile . if she make him happy let him be happy♥

    • merna

      i love to see them together again thats their choice

  • joyce

    If she is Justin’s happiness then beliebers, accept her as your sister-in-law. I hope this time she will be mature enough to make her own decision and fight for what she wants and not allow people to dictate or manipulate her decision if they come back together again.

  • rb

    The power of Justin Biebers words: Instagram Went Down, And It Might Have Been Justin Bieber’s Fault: Billions of women in the world are wishing Justin Bieber raves about Selena Gomez: She’s An ‘Elegant Princess’ said those words too them.

  • Brianna hines

    I watched the vanity fair last night no SELENA GOMEZ RUMOR ….RUMOR ….RUMOR :(

  • Jessi

    guys its probably another trick to see how many of his beliebers would stay after everything going on with justin, and even if they are together it never lasts so theres no point of having a relationship on and off cause once you get older and wanna get married are you going to get divorced every weekend and get married all over again? like i personally think its another test causee i think he wants to see if his beliebers would stay after the arrest and jelena.

    • for real?

      that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. You honestly think if he calls someone elegant is a TEST? really? grow up. and just because he called someone elegant or beautiful does not indicate they are dating. He is allowed to have an opinion about someone.

  • Kay E

    Wow, none of yall are real fans if yall can’t accept who he wants to be with, I like him better with Selena than anyone else cause she has more class. You guys should support him.

    • haley

      bitch excuse u just because we hate on Selena doesn’t mean where not real Beliebers and were Beliebers not fans even if we hate on his gfs were still beliebers so bitch think before u speak i hate Selena Gomez she hurt Justin in broke his heart

  • Belieberforevs

    They should get back together.it depends

  • elisa

    just a rumor.

  • Emily

    U know what fair enough if he wants to be with her its just that there together , not together , together , not together I mean make up ur mind! But saying that there not going to last if they couldn’t suppot eachother and cope earlier on. Then there sure is no way there going to make it now.