Justin Bieber Cemberut? Twitter Account Hacked by Indonesian

Justin Bieber cemberut Twitter Hacked indonesian

It looks like Justin Bieber was hacked today on Twitter.

His account sent out several messages reading “Justin Bieber Cemberut?” earlier today. The messages also had a link which led to an authorization page for ShootingStarPro.

Justin Bieber Cemberut? According to Google Translate, Cemberut is an Indonesian word meaning Sullen or Grumpy. It’s a popular hashtag, too, to indicate sad photos.

The longer message,“Senyuman merupakan hal kecil yang dapat membuat hidup ini menjadi lebih mudah” translates too: “Smile is the little things that can make life easier.”

Justin caught the strange tweets within 15 minutes and had them all deleted. He also apologized to his fans and told them not to click on any of the links because they might contain a virus.


Shortly thereafter, Justin wrote: “All good now. We handled it.”

During the chaos, both “Justin Bieber Cemberut” and “#JustinsPasswordIsProbably” trended across the United States.

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