“Justin Bieber doesn’t have to be a Role Model” – Says Will.I.Am

Justin & Will.I.am

Justin & Will.I.am

Will.I.Am has suggested that Justin Bieber is under a lot of pressure as he struggle with growing up in front of the world, and doesn’t blame him for their controversial behavior.

He told The Sun newspaper’s TV Magazine:

Part of the reason that I feel Justin Bieber has had a hard time growing up is because the spotlight and magnifying glass is on him.

It’s really not important that pop stars are role models. There are no rules on how a pop star should act.

Do you agree with Will.I.Am Beliebers?

In other news, Justin has confirmed a new collabo with Will.I.Am.

Bieber-William collabo

  • Jessie

    I totally agree. Even though he still is a role model since he taught us to reach for our dreams and never give up

  • Belieber

    Yes, I agree with Will I.am. But Justin is still is still our role model tho

  • Talani

    He’s right. There no rule in saying that celebs have to be role models.

  • Talani

    There’s not rule that celebs have to be role models.

  • Myah

    I agree u don’t see anyone talking about lady Gaga’s outfits.

  • julie

    Yeah but the jb runs around talking about making a change..”help change the world” his instragram says. he knows nothing about it. He can be who he wants just own it. I HATE the fact that he in anyway thinks he is inspirational.

  • Hannah Bieber

    Yes i agree.hes so supportive <3 i wish haters would under stand

  • Mrs.BIEBER

    I agree with what will said.popstars dont have to be role models and there isnt a rule on how popstars should act.i think they should be them selves and do what ever they want.u only live once and u only live to smile :)

  • Noor

    justin is our role modle , but a do agree with Will.I.Am


    I agree

  • sarah gee

    um actually yeah he does do you think its right for little kids who are fans to be watching the crap he does and then what happens is they end up doin the same crap because of him he needs to stop and think about those little kids and especially jasmine and jackson i dont want them growing up to end up like theyre excuse for a brother im sorry justin but you need to stop and take responsibility i dont see you having a family with a son or daughter because of the way you act please enough of this showing off crap you aint gonna get no where in life doing that crap except getting urself in trouble and in jail…. i dont want to see that happen to you i care alot about you and want whats best for you and those sweet children jaz and jax please promise us please be the stronger person not the stuborn outlaw promise us youll change your ways and be the right person we love you so much i love you more than seleena i wouldnt leave you id stay with you and keep you close id hold you and be there for you and if we got into a nasty fight i wouldnt leave cuz i care about you your my world and if i lost you id probably couldnt live with myself justin please stop im scared i love you

  • nicki

    I agree.

  • #1belieber

    Justin’s a role model to us tho. But it doesn’t mean beliebers are out there doing the same stuff that he does. We watch how he handles the mistakes he makes. Ya know, how to grow after screwing up.