Justin Bieber DONE with Tattoos After Getting Another Sleeve!

Justin Bieber tattoo right sleeve

Justin getting new right sleeve tatts and showing it off!

Justin Bieber is DONE with tattoos? He announced on Tuesday (March 25) that he’s taking a break from the chair after completing the partial sleeves on his arms.

He shared photos of a huge of new tattoos early on Tuesday morning. A new sleeve consisting of a cartoon boom box, a grinning face and what looks like a Mario Brothers ghost, an Korean mask to go along with previous pieces that included the word “Trust” and a court jester, is what’s finally quenching his thirst for ink.

He wrote: “Done with tats 4 a while.. Where I wanna be..”

Justin Bieber Right Sleeve tatts

Are you happy that he’s done with tattoos? Or were you hoping for some more tatts?

  • Belieber

    I love his new sleeve. i think the tattoos are really creative. im just glad he’s taking a break from them for a lil’.

    • Fact

      They are disgusting, just think when he is 60 and has all this pre teen nonsense all over him. “Believe” etc. When his career crashes he will look terrible.

      • Azaria

        That is the single stupidest response to tattoos in history. “They’ll look bad when you’re 60″, who cares? Do you think he won’t be happy to look at his arm and remember a good time in his life when he was in better health? Nobody looks good when they’re to the point their tattoos look bad. Your only concerns at that age are did you take your meds and are the kids coming over this weekend.

    • krista fondnazio

      i agree why the hell did he get another damn ass sleeve his tats are gonna be there for the rest of his sexy life u can’y ever get em removed what assho9le told him to get all them damn tats anyway the ones on his leg shit are bad

  • Averie

    i’m happy that he’s done with tattoos for a while. I think his new sleeve is cool. But i just think he has way too many. He has over 20. I’m not hating on him for that. I’m a belieber and i would never hate on him for having too many tattoos. Some of them are really cool.

  • Belieber

    It’s cute An all but that’s to much , to many tattoos but il always be here to support yhu justin I love yhu

  • lambor500S

    Ok we will see Justin

    aka (David Beckham Jr)

    Much love!

  • dchopsey

    Done for awhile. How many days in awhile? Can never understand WHY any body would tattoo themselves. Our bodies are temples of the Holy Ghost. If you read the Bible you will come to understand THAT. Also in the Book of Leviticus; read Chapter 19, verses 26-31, then maybe people will understand my point. In fact, I wonder how many Christians even know about what is in this Book of the Bible. Will support Justin. GOD bless you Justin.

    • lauren

      i agree but the bible says to not mark ourselves with pagan marks. i like his tattoos at first but now he has overdone them he has way too many. i am very glad he is taking a break. :) and yes are bodies are temples of god. what he does with his is fine depending on what he marks himself with.
      i am a christian, and i believe jesus died on the cross for my sins. and that he is Gods son.

  • Kaylie Bieber

    I LOVE THEM!!!

    • Talani

      Guys with tats are hot.

    • Talani

      He even looks hot shirtless. Very hot.

  • nicki

    Today is my “Birthday”. That sleeve is really cool. I luv all of them. Luv you Justin.

  • Mrs.BIEBER

    I does look sexy with tattoos but i its enough.if he gets any more nearly his hole body will be coverd in tattoos.love his tatts though :)

    • Talani

      Wonder what his mom And Selena think of the tats.

    • Talani

      Reports say that Justin and Selena are planning to get married. Highly unlikely. They have to much at stake to get engaged.

  • Shivanna

    I love all Justin’s tattoos but glad that he is taking a break a lil

  • Miss Emma bieber

    I love you new tattoos that are all amazing I love it so much Justin bieber baby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jennifer


  • Lauranda

    I hope so but still if he done for a while that means he still going to put more tattoo’s to finish up his left arm.

  • BelieberDude96

    I think his new (half-) sleeve looks awesome! I always like his tattoos; they look great on him. I’m glad he’s taking a break for a bit, though. Only time shall tell how long that lasts for! If he gets more I wouldn’t complain, unless he starts going for a full-body type thing (that’s a bit too far, but it’s his body after all). ;)

    I’d love to get a few of the tattoos like he has one day.

  • Xavier bieber

    Im happy with both of his sleeves and happy hes taking a break from tatts for awhile

  • skeptical

    I liked his first sleeve a lot (minus the eye). This sleeve seemed less thought out though :/

  • Hannah bieber

    I like all of his tattoos but im glad hes taking a break from them.I mean bcuzz it was too much


    i don’t like justin getting a news tattoo!!! but still love him!!

  • Belieber4EVER!!!

    Those tattoos are HOT! but I am glad hes taking a break from it :)

  • Diana beliber forever

    I love all of his tattoos I guess it’s up to him if he wants to take a break from getting tattoos I love you Justin so so so much

  • Liliana

    Iam happy that he is done with tattoos, I love you so much Justin.


    Tattoos’re stupid !!!

    • krista fondnazio

      yeah especially sleeves i love him without them how the hell do u get sleeves removed

  • thareen bieber

    awesome tattz…!! love them..!!

  • ragini

    God ! I luv justin ….he looks so cool with those tattos on…he has d most sexiest clothes on forever(by a die hard indian belieber)

  • Ally

    zayummmmmmmmm <3 goregous love him so much

  • Noor

    i love his new tattoos on his sleeve , but i’m glad he is taking a break from tatts . luv u justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SamanthaLuvsJustin

    I’m glad that Justin’s done with tats! I wish that he didn’t have sleeves though. I remember he said he wouldn’t get sleeves, he lied! Or maybe just forgot… I still love him though.

  • Turkey2turkey

    If u don’t like them shut the f up and leave my cousin alone gosh I went to his one day and he just started talking about people judging him and all this crap if u don’t like his sleves shut up ur hurting him

  • Azaria

    I can’t even take the time out to respond to each individual that likes to bash on tattoos. It’s understandable that some people don’t like them, they’re obviously not for everyone. Don’t be throwing God and the bible at everyone when it is completely irrelevant to the situation. They are not a pagan thing, clearly you don’t even know what pagans are if you’re calling it that. I’ll assume you instantly associate it with Satanism, which is a pagan religion, but it’s not the only one. Wicca is also a pagan religion and it’s a far more friendly religion than ones that use the bible to make people feel bad. Justin loves God, which is clear by the tattoo of a cross on his chest. God loves all his children and will forgive anyone of their sins, but Justin has not committed any by tattooing his body. It frustrates me how people are so stuck up in their ways they can’t get with the 21st century. If you want to follow every passage of the bible to a T you need to go live with the Amish, cos they’re about the only people who follow all the passages you’re throwing at everyone else.

  • Fuck justin bieber

    I’m glad hes taking a break from tatoos, that guy is obsessed with getting pointless tats. He has more tatoos on his body than the cigarets in his mouth. Although I doubt the break will last longer than two weeks. Incoming butthurt fangirls coming through!

  • BabyGirl Belieber

    Bieber looks sexyy with all those tats <3 and he always will be sexyy