Justin Bieber DONE with Tattoos After Getting Another Sleeve!

Justin Bieber tattoo right sleeve

Justin getting new right sleeve tatts and showing it off!

Justin Bieber is DONE with tattoos? He announced on Tuesday (March 25) that he’s taking a break from the chair after completing the partial sleeves on his arms.

He shared photos of a huge of new tattoos early on Tuesday morning. A new sleeve consisting of a cartoon boom box, a grinning face and what looks like a Mario Brothers ghost, an Korean mask to go along with previous pieces that included the word “Trust” and a court jester, is what’s finally quenching his thirst for ink.

He wrote: “Done with tats 4 a while.. Where I wanna be..”

Justin Bieber Right Sleeve tatts

Are you happy that he’s done with tattoos? Or were you hoping for some more tatts?

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