Justin Bieber Hit up a Club in Montreal & Having Private Party, report says

Justin Bieber Arriving in Montreal with friends March 29 3

Justin was spotted arriving at Buonanotte nightclub last night (March29) on St Laurent Street in Montreal CANADA with his entourage where they partied for an hour and a half. According to the DailyMail, Justin left at 3am after inviting three female clubbers to join him in his room for a private party.

Justin tried to maintain a low profile in his red baseball cap and sunglasses but he was instantly spotted by fans. Pics in the gallery below:

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 4.24.27 PM

Why Justin Bieber was in Montreal is not clear but the fact that Miley Cyrus played the Bell Centre last night has sparked frenzied speculation.

But according to reports, Miley Cyrus was not at Buonanotte with Justin.

Catch up. I’m too far ahead.  The younger generation gets it ♛

@justinbieber: Catch up. I’m too far ahead. The younger generation gets it ♛

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