Justin Bieber Low-Key Birthday in Bahamas with Friends & Family (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber in Bahamas

Turning 20 is a milestone most people like to celebrate with a huge party, plenty of booze and wild, outrageous behavior.

But it seems Justin may have chosen to ring in 20th year with a slightly more low-key affair. He celebrated his birthday in the Bahamas with his closest friends and family.

According to reports, Justin spent thousands to fly his friends and family to a secluded beach resort on the Caribbean island of Eleuthera, where five-star resort villas cost a reported $4,275 a night, to celebrate turning 20 on March 1st.

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Justin was joined by his mom Pattie Mallette, his father Jeremy Bieber, and close friends, including Alfredo, rappers Khalil, Maejor Ali and Lil Za, at the villas, which are lavished with butlers, private pools, and full kitchens.

  • deadandbroken

    wow it feels like as if yesterday he was 16 and doing his hair flip..now he’s 20..they grow up so fast… TT.TT

  • hannah bieber

    Awww I’m glad he had fun.I just can’t believe he’s already 20.he grew up so fast :(

  • Belieber

    im glad he had fun

  • Laura

    Nice pretty sky.

  • Aulani

    Aww, hope Justin invited his dancers to his party and to Bahamas.

  • lambor500S

    The best way to celebrate anything is to take a nice trip somewhere with close friends and family. Enjoy, have fun you deserve it justin.
    Much Love!

  • SamanthaLuvsJustin

    Where are Ryan & Chaz?

    • Aulani

      iKR. I don’t see his siblings.

      • Emily

        Both his siblings and Ryan where there.

  • nicki

    Awww that is really sweet to take his friends with him. Hope u have the best 20th birthday ever. My birthday is in 2 weeks. Luv you Justin.

  • tabitha.morales

    U guys r trippin the pics r awesome either like it or not …………hoes

  • Justin’s girlfriend Samantha

    I Love you Justin I’m hurt &upset but not mad because but I Love you let me know if you don’t want to be friends &boyfriend&girlfriend ok plz call me after school

  • kikusqua 64

    Justin has’re pretty ‘big guy and I hope you will be successful and make clear what you want in life: D hih and otherwise the power of love and hope once you come to Slovakia

  • Aulani

    Justin is still amazing and so adorable.

  • belieber

    I hope he TURNED UP while he was there

  • Diana beliber forever

    Cool Justin I hope you had a amazing day I love you Justin so so so much beliber forever and ever

  • beliebtionar

    That where he was I was a little worried :(