Justin Bieber New Tattoo Banksy’s Graffiti of Little Girl – Right Arm

Justin Bieber Right Arm tattoo

Justin posted a snap of his latest ink to Twitter, but deleted the tweet just seconds after posting. Still, never underestimate how fast Beliebers can move; the photo already has over 25,000 likes on Shots.me.

While before, much of Justin’s ink was concentrated on his left forearm — including an angel that looks an awful lot like Selena Gomez — it looks like he has finally started filling up his right arm, too! The tattoo resembles a famous piece by iconic street artist Banksy, showing a little girl letting go of a balloon. “Don’t let your dreams float away,” reads Justin’s caption. Check it out (above)!

Getting nee tatt!

Getting new tatt in a studio!

The ink looks super-fresh — you can even see the tape residue from where it would’ve been bandaged before.

Banksy balloon

Banksy is one of the most well-known street artist in the world. Some pieces of his urban graffiti art, with its distinctive stencil style, reportedly have sold at auction for as much as $500,000.

  • Tahani

    Justin must love getting tats.

    • QUEEN Belieber

      I think so!!

  • Tahani

    He’s so adorable. He’s very sweet on her.

  • Tahani

    I really hope they end up together.

  • Belieber

    It looks cool, i guess.

  • Belieber

    Oh… I just realized I looked at the tattoo the wrong way. It looked weird when I just looked at it, so i just tilt my head to the side and it looks good now. Lol.

    • Belieber

      Hahahah same here I google it LOLZ ;)

  • Diana Garrido

    He looks very hot i love all of his tattos i love you Justin so so so much



  • Krista

    Yes another tattoo!That is so cute!I love it. ut not as much as I love Justin! I love nothing as much as I love Justin!

  • Tahani

    He loves getting tats.

  • Tahani

    He’s very sweet on her.

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    Ohh my another…Stop…Luv u Bieby but enough is enough…
    Not Impressed
    : /

    • amyheart

      you cant tell him what to do your not pattie

  • Nicole

    I Love it. :) it looks Good

  • nicki

    I luv that tattoo. It looks hot. All of his tattoos looks hot on him. Luv you JB. ♥

  • rb

    His new tattoo is defiantly a message that I can best guess: Selena & Justin’s dream of them being together for life; “Don’t let your dreams float away,” Justin captions to his fans. Also from Selena’s song; “Love Will Remember.”
    1. I think Selena’s team is holding her back. I think Justin’s manager Scooter Braun should be her manager. Right now she’s explosive, and she needs a better management team.
    2. Justin is behaving himself.

  • Hannah Bieber

    Awwww nice I like it:)


    i love that tat its soooooooooooooo cute and i love you justin bieber

  • ivan

    His tattoos have meaning; this one is a famous drawing by an artist. Just hope he does stop some time with the tattoos and keep them small and out of his face.

  • Banksy

    What an insult to banskys art.

    • Birk

      Would you still complain if it was Bansky himself who did this tattoo?

      • Bansky

        If you knew anything about bansky he wouldn’t tattoo justin.

  • Terrible

    With all your money you couldn’t get a decent tattoo artist? Looks nothing like bansky’s work.

  • lambor500S

    Love the tattoos especially the tiger
    Justin aka (David Beckham Jr.)

    Much love!

  • julie

    sorry the dress the tattoo artist did sucks. its misshaped at the corner and has a blob for folds.

  • Birk

    Why oh why is Justin trying to mess up his body like this? I mean now he is starting on the other arm, what happens once that arm is full too? I hope does not tattoo his neck next like Chris Brown did. This tattoo is awful!! He seems to be trying to cope with stress by going through with the pain of getting tattoos which he stated before he does not like.

  • Sarah

    Justinbieber looks cute with that tattoo I love you justinbieber im your bigest fan

  • Sarah

    I love jb so much I got all of his cds

  • harsh

    its cool jb……………

  • abhay

    i love it jb

  • Unknown


    • justinbiebers#1fan sarah

      Well you ain’t a jb fan don’t say a rong thing or you will get fuckd up by a real jb fan and do you know who that jb fan is me we all like it so if you don’t like it go somewere else

  • Mc

    wow! another tattoo,I wonder where his gonna put his next tattoo..now that he has lots of tattoo on his body.

  • princess

    oh ! justin atleast leave ur one hand free … ur left hand looks cool but not another .. imagine his both hands compeletly black . ..i wish i could stop him . he is gud the way he is . selena is his gf , she should say him about it … she always watch him getting messed .. and nw getting tat. thats only thng i dont like about her .tatoos r cool upto limit in my sense …. rest god knws .. i lv him the way he is .

  • ruso

    justinn <3 my favourite <3 my cuty boy <3 new tatoo is good :)) i like it :)))