Video: Justin Bieber & Nick Demoura at Laura Marie Dance Academy!


Justin Bieber and his choreographer Nick Demoura at Laura Marie Dance Academy in Texas.

@lauramariedanceacademy: Justine Bieber at Laura Marie Dance Academy! Proud to have a great artist and dancer together with choreographer Nick Demoura!

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WATCH VIDEO: Justin & Nick Demoura dancing to ‘That Hold On Tight.

  • Belieber 4ever!!


  • Belieber

    Justin looks hot <3

  • Maddi

    Why does it say “Justine Bieber”
    Haha wtf it’s Justin bieber not justine bieber

  • Damon

    Why is his shirt always off lmao

    • Lauranda

      To get his fans attention.

  • hannah bieber

    Justin sure loves being shirtless lol and why did they say Justine bieber?? Its justin bieber u idiots -.-

  • nicki

    He sure loves being shirtless. I luv it, that’s ok. Have fun. Luv u. Why did they say Justine. Lol.

  • Diana beliber forever

    He looks cute and by the way is Justin not not Justine they sure are idiots I love you Justin so so so much

  • Belieber

    And its Justin not Justine lol

    • Tahani

      He’s smoking hot.

      • Tahani

        He’s amazing dancer. I’m guessing justin and Selena wants to keep things private and not share what they do with there friends and there family. It’s not like there going to say okay family were engaged

  • believer forever britches

    Why did she say Justine it’s Justin looks soooooooooooooooooooooo hot shirtless I love to see his abs

  • Lmao

    He don’t have abs anymore …(

  • Tahani

    There so adorable together

  • BriannaHines

    I’m not gonna fall for the pic it could be fake the tattoo’s,the hair & abs could be I watched a makeup tutorial on how to look like Justin biber on u tube

  • BriannaHines

    I think it desperate for attention to have your shirt off always

    • Tahani

      No he’s not. He’s one of the hottest guy ever

      • Tahani

        He’s smoking hot.

  • Tahani

    Can’t believe Justin and Selena were in Austin together

  • Tahani

    Aww Can’t believe Justin and Selena were holding hands

  • Tahani

    Justin in a suit. He just looks hot in amazing suit

  • Tahani

    He just looks hot shirtless. And so adorable

  • Tahani

    Wonder what made them decide to hangout together. That Justin and Selena decide to text or call each other.

  • aina

    i don’t know why, but, it seems like justin dance better than nick.