Justin Bieber NOT Hooking Up With ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Karlie Redd


Justin Bieber has allegedly gone after Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Karlie Redd!

MediaTakeOut claims to have an “extremely reliable source” spilling information to them that Karlie has been visiting Justin in his Atlanta home for a pit stop quickie.

The gossip site says that the Love & Hip Hop reality star has been spotted going inside the mansion during the wee hours of the night and leaving just a couple hours later, suggesting Karlie got “tooted and booted” [Translation: Justin has sex with her and then kicks her out the house].

Via MediaTakeout:

She’s been visiting Justin Bieber in his Atlanta home.

Redd was spotted entering the singer’s house at 1 a.m. with Justin and his entourage. And she left just 2 hours later. She musta got nutted, gutted, tooted then BOOTED!!!

But is this nonsense seriously true? Nope!

RumorFix reached out to Karlie denies the claims: “Although I am a fan of Justin’s music, we are NOT dating, nor have we ever hooked up. All allegations of a relationship between he and I are completely untrue.”

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