Justin Bieber NOT Hooking Up With ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Karlie Redd


Justin Bieber has allegedly gone after Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Karlie Redd!

MediaTakeOut claims to have an “extremely reliable source” spilling information to them that Karlie has been visiting Justin in his Atlanta home for a pit stop quickie.

The gossip site says that the Love & Hip Hop reality star has been spotted going inside the mansion during the wee hours of the night and leaving just a couple hours later, suggesting Karlie got “tooted and booted” [Translation: Justin has sex with her and then kicks her out the house].

Via MediaTakeout:

She’s been visiting Justin Bieber in his Atlanta home.

Redd was spotted entering the singer’s house at 1 a.m. with Justin and his entourage. And she left just 2 hours later. She musta got nutted, gutted, tooted then BOOTED!!!

But is this nonsense seriously true? Nope!

RumorFix reached out to Karlie denies the claims: “Although I am a fan of Justin’s music, we are NOT dating, nor have we ever hooked up. All allegations of a relationship between he and I are completely untrue.”

31 thoughts on “Justin Bieber NOT Hooking Up With ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Karlie Redd

    1. braveheartxoxd

      well that was kind of rude and pathetic. U call her a dump and barely know her. I would hate to see what u would do if they DID go out.

  1. ivan

    Its a lie; he did not hook up with her. Every time he’s seen with a girl gossip sites think he’s having an affair. They are just friends of him or his friends.

  2. Mrs.BIEBER

    Hes dating selena now:)
    And it was obvious it wasnt true,ok so justin did alot of stupid things and thats normal for a 20 year old boy with alot of money.but we learn from r mistakes and we all know hes not stupid enough to do this too and y would he, hes a nice,loving and caring guy.I LUV U JUSTIN


    the gossip site is stupid and why would justin have sex with her hes not that dum to do that sh*t and we all konw that justin still loves selena and selena loves him and i heat when sites think that justin is hooking up with girls when he loves selena they just make dum shit up to make his fans mad anf if she went to justins house then is forbecause they are firends

  4. Birk

    This woman is even older than Pattie. I think we all know Justin likes older girls but not that old!… LOL


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