Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez at Xtreme Lazer Tag Texas

Justin & Selena at the Xtreme Lazer Tag in Texas

Justin & Selena at the Xtreme Lazer Tag in Texas

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reportedly spent Saturday afternoon playing laser tag.

Marketing manager Ruben Elias said Justin and Selena had never been at La Plaza Mall Friday, where their rumored appearance caused a mob that forced police to shut down the mall. Selena was in town to perform at the State Farm Arena (March8) as part of BorderFest.

The manager said Justin & Selena dropped into Xtreme Lazer Tag around 2 p.m. and asked if he would close the place for them. He agreed and they along with an entourage of about eight other people, played for about an hour and a half.

Elias said:

They seemed really happy.

Justin is really fun. He won the game and he came to the counter like “I won! I won!”

He comes to the counter and says “I want a candy” and we’re like “How many do you want?” and he’s like “All of them”.

They were really nice people. I was so afraid of what happened yesterday at the mall… but it was really nice, very calm.

The group dropped $649.50 — on JUSTIN’s credit card. Ordinary rates are $9 an hour, but Elias said they would ordinarily not close on a Saturday. The laser tag operator didn’t name a price, but let Justin pay what they decided.

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On Friday, the pair had breakfast at Don Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant at McColl Road and were later spotted at Perfumeria de la Versailles on South Main Street. Around 7 p.m. they went to Dance Studio near 10th Street and Jackson Avenue.

  • Lauranda

    Can we just see and hear about music not these annoying couple that I have never seen and hear about it in my life.

  • Lauranda

    Ok face I don’t get it if they not originally close then why in the hell JB meet her up in Texas like they back on again as a couple and First of all Selena went to rehab over JB addiction an it look like she wanna be back with him are they stupid or something.


    As long as Justin is happy.. :)

  • Mrs.BIEBER

    Leave them alone morans how could u say ur a belieber if ur sayin mean things.and they went to play lazer tag guys not on a date.they just wanted to hang out together and why is it such a big deal? I mean yea that is his ex but that doesnt mean that its bad to hang out together now.sheesh people just take a chill pill.I LOVE U JUSTIN!!XD

  • lambor500S

    Going forward I hope they have alot more getaways plan to enjoy themselves away from their work and especially the media.
    Take care you 2 wonderful people
    Much love to both!

  • Belieber

    As long as Justin’s happy … I’m happy

  • hannah bieber

    Awww well I’m glad justin had fun :)

  • nicki

    I hope they are just friends.

  • essie j

    she’s gonna be break his heart again and i on’t want that

    • this is getting old

      Shut up already about not wanting Justin’s heart to be broken again. He is not a child he is a 20 year old grown man that is capable of taking care of himself. Besides who says they can’t be friends? YOU? it is none of your effin buisness child

      • Becca Bieber


  • Joyce Senft

    So so happy for u two,too bad u have to hide every time u want to go out!!! Come to Canada to small town Saskatchewan, will make sure u have the best of time, Love u Both

  • Nicole

    I’m glad that justin had an amazing time there :) I Love you justin Sooo much <3

  • BriannaHines

    Lazer tag grow up…I thought Selena had a new neon shoe line

  • Tahani

    There my favorite couple

  • BriannaHines

    I think the media feels Beliebers are stupid and can’t
    Catch on to rumors, identity theft, & computer hatchers

  • Tahani

    There so adorable

  • Priyanka Bieber

    So happy to see Justin & Selena together! I’ll pray to God for them to become boyfriend & girlfriend again!

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    aww thats cute of Justin to rent the place out for them to play

  • Tahani

    Aww poor Justin I feel sorry for him. When they asked him about Selena

  • Tahani

    It must get annoying for justin when the Stalkrazzi ask him. They are the most perverted guys ever.

  • Claire

    I am so happy and I really hope they get back together. They both are miserable without each other. And notice he got himself into loads of trouble with Chantel Jeffrey but when he’s with Selena they just have good clean fun. They are meant to be and I hope they get back together. Much love Justin.

    • Tahani

      That they are. She has her girls and of course her family. He has his boys to Hangout with. And his of course his darling siblings. Those proscuters should have never asked justin about Selena. Justin is very protective of Selena. I’m sure he wants to keep that private between him had Selena.

  • Jay

    They’re both idiots. If a relationship fails, it fails for a reason. And they both don’t seem the type to want to change who they are for the other as they both have their own separate lives so yeah, they’re stupid. They both needs to move on but clearly one of them is holding on too tightly and I think it’s him, especially if she went to rehab to try to get over him. He needs to move on and find somebody new. He needs a fresh start and that means letting go of EVERYTHING that has caused him grief in the past, including this relationship. Change isn’t an option in cases like this, it’s NECESSARY and HEALTHY. Yes, being broken-hearted sucks but you know what cures that? NEW LOVE.

    • this is getting old

      blah blah blah do you really think they care what you think? besides there is no proof that they are actually dating and last time i checked it is not a crime to remain friends after a breakup. If Justin still wants Selena in his life as a FRIEND then who to say?

  • Nikki Appu beliebers

    doesn’t selena luk like a duck????!!!!! Lolllllll!!!! At first sight itself i felt dat…. Really…

  • Diana beliber forever

    Aww cute I hope they had a good time I love you Guys so so so much beliber forever and ever

  • Princesa do Bieber

    amos vcs lindoos

  • BelieberIsForever <3