Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez at Xtreme Lazer Tag Texas

Justin & Selena at the Xtreme Lazer Tag in Texas

Justin & Selena at the Xtreme Lazer Tag in Texas

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reportedly spent Saturday afternoon playing laser tag.

Marketing manager Ruben Elias said Justin and Selena had never been at La Plaza Mall Friday, where their rumored appearance caused a mob that forced police to shut down the mall. Selena was in town to perform at the State Farm Arena (March8) as part of BorderFest.

The manager said Justin & Selena dropped into Xtreme Lazer Tag around 2 p.m. and asked if he would close the place for them. He agreed and they along with an entourage of about eight other people, played for about an hour and a half.

Elias said:

They seemed really happy.

Justin is really fun. He won the game and he came to the counter like “I won! I won!”

He comes to the counter and says “I want a candy” and we’re like “How many do you want?” and he’s like “All of them”.

They were really nice people. I was so afraid of what happened yesterday at the mall… but it was really nice, very calm.

The group dropped $649.50 — on JUSTIN’s credit card. Ordinary rates are $9 an hour, but Elias said they would ordinarily not close on a Saturday. The laser tag operator didn’t name a price, but let Justin pay what they decided.

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On Friday, the pair had breakfast at Don Pepe’s Mexican Restaurant at McColl Road and were later spotted at Perfumeria de la Versailles on South Main Street. Around 7 p.m. they went to Dance Studio near 10th Street and Jackson Avenue.

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