Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Getting Married, No Blessing from Selena’s Mom – Rumor Says


“Justin and Selena Are Getting Married,” blares a headline in Life & Style Magazine, which claims JELENA are ready and planning to get married.

Of course, the tabloid has no specific wedding details — like when or where — just a series of quotes filled with tons of speculation.

“Justin source” tells the Life & Style mag:

They think they’re Romeo and Juliet. The harder people try to keep them part, the more they want to be together.

The couple are now planning to get married. They’re completely crazy about each other ever since their reunion in Texas! Plus, it’s no secret that Justin’s excited to get married.

Justin has always told her he’d love to marry her. They both act on impulse — he’d marry her in a heartbeat, and I can totally see her running off with him.

But Selena’s family wouldn’t exactly give their blessing. Her mom would flip out if a wedding happened. She’d make Selena get an annulment.

NOT TRUE. A source close to JELENA tells Gossip Cop the marriage claim is “absolutely false.”

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
  • Lizzy Bieber

    They probably will get married one day. To bad I wanted to be that girl he fell in love with but I’m glad he’s happy with her.

  • nermine

    i dont love her she do a lot of bad things to our idol but if justin love her i will just repect her i can’t love her i dont know why thats it no more beliebers forever dont love selena

    • Talani

      Pls justin has far way to much on his plate to mess it up.

      • idk

        you can say that again

    • lover of Beiber

      So not true.Justin is .not marrying Saleena.

  • Noor

    he will marry her one way or another , if not now in the future . i’m really happy for them both . belieber forever <3

  • here for selena

    I love u justin!!!!!!!

    • Talani

      You can tell Justin truly loves Selena.

  • nicki


  • belieber

    no please, i dont want him to marry that slut

    • Talani

      She’s not a slut. No one truly knows what she goes through everyday.

      • belieberforevs

        i know!!! right?? shes no slut!!

    • Talani

      She’s not a slut.

    • beliebtionar

      That was not nice ..Selena is not a slut ..she is a princess from above..


        phhhhh yeah right
        if anything shess rude



    • Kris fondnazio

      I totally agree with u if he marries her slutty ass belibers are screwed

  • ivone

    It will happen if not sooner then later. Both are old enough they DO NOT need anyone’s approval. They belong together!!!!!!!!!!

    • Talani

      Yeah they are. There more focus on there jobs.

  • Awkorauhl

    There to youn for marriage first of all. Secondly I think there taking things slow. They just got back from brutal relationship so why would they just drop everything and get married. Of coarse it’s false.

  • Talani

    Tabloids are full of shit. Just full of shit.

  • Talani

    There baby is there career. Though I don’t think Justin wants to be single forever.

  • Talani

    Besides the media always makes up lies

  • Talani

    Justin and Selena aren’t exactly going to say okay were engaged.

  • nigga blieber

    plz hahahahahaha thosew two married pllllzzzz ppl like those two will stay together again plz they will prob break up and never speak again ever duuuuuuhhh think about it ppl they will break up after having a kid
    hahahahaha like that marige is going to end up well ha!!!!!!!!!!!!/:)

  • rez

    they never going to say anything they are not giving the media any thing to talk about plus this is a rumor. also some gossip sites say selena has a ring on her engagement finger. with out knowing that she always have rings in her fingers.

  • Freddyj

    LOL these kids won’t cease to amaze me!.,this means they gonna be married for better for worse,for richer and for poorer,for sickness and in good health till they finally get bored and split up like everyone else!.#ContractWedding

  • Belieber

    False. The media is always seems to lie about them. Its annoying.

  • lambor500S

    It may not be any time soon. But, one day they will be married.

    I will just say my Congrats early!
    Much love to the both of you!

  • Hannah Bieber

    Someday they will get married. They were meant to be with eachother <3

  • believer forever britches

    One day Justin and selena are going to get married in the future but wouldn’t love to see Justin in a black suit justin would look soooooooooooooooooooooo sexy in a suit love you jb

  • amyheart

    only gos knows whos meant not you and justin could end up with someone different! him and sel wont last

  • Talani

    That’s true but there more focus on there careers.

  • Sel

    Cut that FOCUS ON THERE CAREER nonsense. Justin wealth is above and beyond what you will ever see, and reports from Forbes and other financial outlets states that he can retire today and he will still keep making money off of his endorsements and investments. Justin will take care of Selena, he will not let her fall.

    • Talani

      Um hello there careers are way to important to them. To mess that up

    • Talani

      Uh hello they have way to much on there plate to screw it up. There not stupid.

  • Lol

    @nick ur mama u stupid hater get a boyfriend and stop being in denial about everything JELENA been observing that u support justin with that miami whore do u even know that gal do ur research SHE Z NOTHING BT A USED UP WHORE and i mean chantel who u support justin with and she is in a group of gals who sleep with celebs when they are in miami and u want him to be with someone lyk thatFUCK U NICK U Wh0ORE AS WELL GET A LIFE

  • Lauranda

    Well if they say those things that’s not even true it could happen latter on in their future so if they going to get married im going to say good luck with that.

  • Talani

    It’s not like There team is going to say ok. Jelena get engaged.

  • ivan

    Taylor Swift will walk Selena to the altar and austin Mahone will walk Justin to the priest: Scooter.

  • Biebs

    If Justin is happy me too



  • Liliana

    I think they are to young to get married. I love you so much Justin with all my heart.

  • karla beiber

    First of all those two will never get married to eachother because

    A. Selena uses Justin for Fame to gain her own Career.


    B. She has a secret on and off Boyfriend in the U.K. name Nate.

    It’s all in ExposingSMG She’s a B_TCH

    • Mariah

      i totally Agree!!! Karla