Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Getting Married, No Blessing from Selena’s Mom – Rumor Says


“Justin and Selena Are Getting Married,” blares a headline in Life & Style Magazine, which claims JELENA are ready and planning to get married.

Of course, the tabloid has no specific wedding details — like when or where — just a series of quotes filled with tons of speculation.

“Justin source” tells the Life & Style mag:

They think they’re Romeo and Juliet. The harder people try to keep them part, the more they want to be together.

The couple are now planning to get married. They’re completely crazy about each other ever since their reunion in Texas! Plus, it’s no secret that Justin’s excited to get married.

Justin has always told her he’d love to marry her. They both act on impulse — he’d marry her in a heartbeat, and I can totally see her running off with him.

But Selena’s family wouldn’t exactly give their blessing. Her mom would flip out if a wedding happened. She’d make Selena get an annulment.

NOT TRUE. A source close to JELENA tells Gossip Cop the marriage claim is “absolutely false.”

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