Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Sexy ‘Dirty Dancing’ Against the Wall (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Dirty Dancing in Studio Texas 6

Ever since Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reunited in Texas last week, fans have been desperately wondering: Are they or aren’t they?

Well, on Monday (March 10), just hours after videos from his heated deposition surfaced online, Justin Bieber all but confirmed that they were, in fact, more than friends.

Screen Shot

Justin shared a video on Instagram of the two rehearsing a rather erotic dance in front of wall of mirrors, as John Legend’s “Ordinary People” served as the soundtrack to their waltz.

That same weekend, Justin dedicated a song to Selena at the Scooter Braun Projects Sunday Funday Showcase during the 2014 SXSW Festival in Austin.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Justin and Selena seductively dancing together?

Are they totally back together?

Watch video below:


    I very glad that Selena&Justin are together !

    • Wapapet

      this is better , than doing doing drugs ..

      • Ashutosh Sharma (kurkura)

        after drugs he do also this

      • Tahani

        Like you people know any better. It’s just dancing idiots

    • Tahani

      I can watch this like a thousand time. They just look so cute together

      • me

        omB they are way to cute!! love them so much and totally looked like they were kissing when he picked her up:)

      • kam cool

        tat called kids gone wild

    • belieber66

      omg i am so happy :`)

      • maulik

        I happy for it……….jelena..
        :-) :-) :-)

    • DeNaya Bizzle

      Look, Im happy But SELENA Broke his .< ~ Love Bizzle <3 <3 Im a Belieber, I jusr don't wanna see him hurt :) I Love Justin Just no the things he does!! :( Hope he gets his life together…..

      • Tahani

        His mom even think they will get married

  • schouft sylviane

    j aime beaucoup je trouve qu ils forment un couple adorable justin danse comme un dieu c st un regal pour les yeux

  • Codie

    I’m so happy. Justin has always loved Selena and they are good for each other. Selena loves him and he loves her. U smile, I smile… :)

    • AtuL

      :-) :-*

  • Rebekkah

    If I’m being honest, I’m sick of everything, the constant shading, the constant lies, the constant secrets, everything.

    Selena left, and who was there for Justin? Beliebers, we always have been and always will be, of course he will pick Selena over us, why? because we’re his second coice, as much as it pains me to say this, its true, i’ve been there for Justin for many years, and he’s forgotten us.

    We’ve lost our common denominator, we’ve lost Kidrauhl.

    • Belieber 4ever!!

      You are over reacting, you know Justin also has a life. I know what you said about selena leaving is true, but that cant be helped. Justin and Selena and cute toghter and I think selena can help him get back on track with some issues. He didn’t pick Selena over us, he loves us and he always will. But just because of that you cant expect him to stay single, he has a life too. If you love him so much then let him lead that life, let him be happy. and Justin did not forget us, he never will.


        I agree with you

      • Lagy G

        Lovely. It’s better if someone can pull him up and bring him back to the line.

      • KO KO

        i agree with you. justin is my life. seeing him with selena makes me happy. he has a right to go out with whoever he wants to. seeing him smile makes me smile to. ☺ #BELIEBER

    • Gabrijela

      No :O Justin needs to have a girlfriend omg he didn’t left us and he’ll never do that!!!! He is just normal 20 yea old boy,damn..yoi should know that

      • Tahani

        Where do these crackheads come up with these stories. Unless they pull stories out of there asses.

      • Tahani

        It makes me love them even more.

    • fan

      constant shading how? by your delusions? he loves his fans but he has a right to have a life and a relationship, Sure beliebers were there for him but it’s not the same as having someone close to you. Get it over your head that you’ll end up with Justin. It will never be and he WILL get married one day and it won’t be you!.

    • OMB

      We are here for his music, real beliebers support jelena

      • fan

        what do you mean he doesn’t know? are you an idiot? i think Justin would KNOW if someone is using him. He is NOT 10 years old. Please grow up because you sound like an idiot everytime you open your childish mouth

      • KC Bieber

        what makes you an expert OMB? do you know Selena Personally? do you know Justin personally? the answer is obviously NO! where do you come up with this stuff about Selena anyway. The internet? the media? the rag magazines? what makes you think those stuff are real? you are really immature go read a book or something

      • Tahani

        Justin can’t be single forever. I highly doubt that him or Selena would ever date a fan. Since they are pretty much Stalkers or pyschotic.

    • breanna nichole

      i sooooo agree.. this is sad

    • DeNaya Bizzle

      True Rebekkah,
      We Try and try but he wont understand She said (Braggingly) “I shouldn’t have dated a toddler” He is a selfish, arrogant teen now…….
      ~ #FORGOTTEN!!

      • Tahani

        Are you naive. Your his Fans not his girlfriend or in his circle. Get over it and build a bridge loser

    • Tahani

      I’m sure Justin doesn’t anyone telling or giving advice on his love life. I’m sure he wants to keep that private.

    • Tahani

      After watching the video of them dancing. I love Selena even more.

  • Asdfghjkl


  • Asdfghjkl

  • Belieber

    Yay love them both !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • freddyj

    I don’t belive this! sincerly speaking these two are supposed to be done!.How the hell’dd she come back after leaving you in all that troubles?you were totally messed up justin,where was she?now she back and you let her,not cool buh its your life tho

  • lokita jerkin :)

    Too bad he deleted it because of the hate :/ smh it’s a shame that some beliebers are so immature . And Selena had a shots account and also deleted it because of the stupid hate that she gets :/ smh . To all of you who think this is ok it’s not . You guys need to apologize for you’re behavior because this whole hating on justins relationships have got to STOP !!

  • Sarah Bieber

    I’m glad they’re happy, but those videos were a bit unnecessary

    • Tabitha.Morales

      they were amazing ………….. no lie

  • Jujubee1996

    I think it’s great if they are really back together. But maybe it’s just me but I find it very interesting that every time Justin gets in a media sh*tstorm that images or videos of Selena pop up….just after the deposition vid this pops up, very peculiar I would say…maybe it’s a pr stunt….I just don’t know what to think….if it’s really true that they are back together than that’s great because they make an adorable couple….but don’t use your relationship as a pr thing because eventually it will come bite you back in the a$$….and your fans won’t believe anything you say anymore… Because you don’t want to be asked about Selena and then you go and post this vid….Justin make up your mind!!!

  • TrueBieber Babe

    Very nice dance routine. I wonder if Nick choreographed this for them. Or were they just free styling? Whatever the case, they look like they are enjoying themselves. I don’t want strangers telling me how to run my live and I am sure Justin doesn’t want that either. Even though we are #Beliebers, we cannot dedicate how he lives his life. If you like this music, then stay connected to him, if you don’t like this music, then move on to an artist whose music you like. As for me and my family, we are and will forever to #Beliebers.

    • Tahani

      I’m sure Selena doesn’t want anyone telling her how to run her life

      • magui

        44534531 bvfgvftcvsdf

  • Gemini21

    Ok I’ll be honest I never liked Selena (nothing to do with her being with Justin I was never a fan of her from the start) but you can see Justin loves her, he wouldn’t be back with her if he didn’t so if she makes him happy then I’m happy for him. Despite all the drama he still gets back with her and that shows he still loves her and isn’t ready to give up. And even though some beliebers think Justin has forgotten about us (hey even I thought it at one point) he clearly hasn’t, he’s just finding his way in life and trying to sort out the mess he’s in, it’s all down papparazzi for making things seem worse than what that are.

  • Justice Drew Beebs Lover

    Love them!! Im so Overjoyed!!!
    Their kids are gonna be Cuties!

    • Tahani

      There not kids. There young adults

      • Kris fondnazio

        What the f is her smutty ass doin with him fuc**ing her she should be a stripper

      • Belieber

        She wasn’t referring to selena and justin as kids. She was saying that their kids are gonna be cute.

  • zari

    I didn’t watch the video yet..but I can tell its very dirty! :D;)

    • Tahani

      It’s not like Justin is going to tell his fans. I just proposed to Selena and she said yes .

  • zari

    The first video is sooooo sexy!!!

  • Innah

    Omfg this is so sexy!

  • Kaitlyn


  • Nicole

    Awwww I love justin and Selena together they are Sooo adorable together <3 :)

  • MiaBieber

    Hope he’s doing better now. He needed a bit of happiness.

    • Tahani

      They love each other so much. I do hope one day they will get engaged

  • essie j

    shes gonna hurt him again i love him but he’s an idiot she’s just using him and he’s gonna be heartbroken again.

    • fan

      shut up Justin is 20 year old grown man capable making his own decision. grow up

  • yaneris

    justin waho not kissed but whatever I’ll still belive da Selos that :(

  • nicki

    All she is gonna do is hurt his sweet little heart. And he going to keep falling for it. But that’s him whether they date or not. All she doing is using him. But I am still a belieber.

    • fan

      you think every girl Justin dates is using him. Stop being jealous

  • ♥belieber&jelenator♥

    omg im shaking and crying

    • hqh


  • Beliber_Girl

    Him and Selena being together will probably bring him back on the line.

  • hqh

    Im so happy hes surround himself with the people who love him and treat him like regular person and not superstar. Im just sick of his fans acting like they know whats best for him they never really know what went down and when just shows off his love for selena its wrong, why exactly. hes a teenager and in love let him be

  • Akshya

    OMB!! I couldnt breath seeing the pics and then the Video! I lay dead on the Ground! Im a Jelenator! Jelena Forever <3

  • belieber4life

    LOVE seeing them together! Having fun. Breaking up/ getting back together, etc… is normal for ppl their age. And No One except for the two of them know what happens between then. I don’t like seeing him hurt, but we don’t Know that he wasn’t at fault either. He isn’t perfect, No one is. Being that age and trying to make a relationship work is hard, plus they’ve got the entire world watching every move they make! If they are meant to be, they’ll figure it out. If they aren’t, then at least they Tried! And as of now, I don’t see how anyone can look at these two and Not see how in love they are. Let them be :-)

  • Mehak

    i thnk he posted ths video becoz he wanted to tell people that he was acting and was said to behave rude in deposition video becoz people r putting hate on him …… if u look at that video u will see justin hates hearing selenas name but hear he showed hw much he luv her ….. so i feel he is just justifying his behaviour in deposition video . or i am thnking tooo much …. its just intimacy

  • nandra

    I love them both together again .. but they will hurt each other again …